USGenWeb Election Results - 2021

Total Members 1088
Registered to Vote 740 (68.02%)
Passwords Sent 128 (17.30%)
Eligible National Coord 740 Voted: 112 (15.14%)
Eligible Rep at Large 740 Voted: 102 (13.78%)
Eligible Special Projects 94 Voted: 28 (29.79%)
Eligible NENC CC 239 Voted: 36 (15.06%)
Eligible NWPL CC 151 Voted: 36 (23.84%)
Eligible NWPL SC 20 Voted: 14 (70.00%)
Eligible SEMA CC 248 Voted: 38 (15.32%)
Eligible SWSC CC 192 Voted: 44 (22.92%)


National Coordinator

Linda K. Lewis (100.00%)


Representative at Large

Taneya Koonce (100.00%)


Special Projects Representative

Rebecca Maloney (100.00%)


NENC County Coordinator Representative

Dale Cook (100.00%)


SEMA County Coordinator Representative

Trish Elliott-Kashima (100.00%)


NWPL County Coordinator Representative

Martha Graham (100.00%)


NWPL State Coordinator Representative

David Gochenour (100.00%)


SWSC County Coordinator Representative, 2yr Term

Doreen Harunaga-Ewing (100.00%)


SWSC County Coordinator Representative, 1yr Term

Mary Alice Schwanke (100.00%)


Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Shall Article XI. LOCAL PROJECTS, Section C. be amended to remove the requirement for an area devoted to queries?
Yes:   93 (89.42%)
No:     11 (10.58%)

Shall Article XII. STATE PROJECTS, Section B. be amended to remove the requirement of a link to the WorldGenWeb Project?
Yes:   100 (93.46%)
No:         7   (6.54%)


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