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NENC - Northeast/North Central

NWPL - Northwest Plains

SEMA - Southeast/Mid-Atlantic

SWSC - Southwest/South Central

Special Projects


Election Committee Procedures Article IV, Sec B:

The EC shall be responsible for maintaining a Project wide Membership List.

1. Such Membership List shall be updated on a continuing basis through the following:

  1. Using the data from the Member Update Form submitted by appropriate local leadership, updates will be made to the membership records by appropriate EC  leadership.

  2. Solicitation of the appropriate local leadership or appointed contact person for updates to the State or Special Project's membership list on a quarterly or as needed basis.

  3. Maintaining a site and means for the appropriate local leadership or appointed contact person within each state and special project to notify the EC of changes within their membership.

  4. Maintaining a site and means for members to register, change, or delete their own personal membership information.

  5. Other such means as the EC shall deem necessary from time to time. 

2.  Use of the Membership List:

  1. The Membership List may be used for broadcast mailings from time to time as necessary to notify the entire membership of items of interest to the whole membership.

  2. Other such uses as may be deemed necessary and appropriate by the Advisory Board or Election Committee.