The USGenWeb Election Committee is an Official Committee of the USGenWeb Project.
It is not affiliated with any other election, voting or campaign project or committee.

About the National Membership Mailing List
This Read-Only list of the USGenWeb Project is used to distribute the USGenWeb Newsletter, and when necessary to notify members of information about the National Election.

The Election Committee will usually send about 4 notices per year via the state and project mail lists and/or individual notices.

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1. To remind Members of the importance of Registration in order to vote; instructions on how to Register; instructions on how members may check to see if they are Registered. Sent in April each year.

2. To announce the opening of nominations. Sent in late May each year

3. To send out voting passwords. Sent during the first week of July or when a special election has been called by the AB. The password that you use for the online Registration site is not the same password that you will use to vote in elections. Please set your SPAM filter to accept: <>

3. To announce the results of the election occurring usually the first week in August each year; to announce information about a run-off election, should it be necessary.

4. To announce the results of the Run-Off election, if there is one.

All verified members will receive the Newletter mailings, unless the member contacts the Election Committee and requests not to receive it.

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All verified members will receive all EC announcement mailings.

If you did not receive a mailing and feel you should have, please contact the EC Member Representative for your area.

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