The USGenWeb Election Committee is an official
standing committee of the USGenWeb Advisory Board.
It is not affiliated with any other election, voting or campaign project or committee.

USGenWeb National Election 2014

Announcements and What's New

Election Committee Members - 2014

Table of Contents

Member's Records & Registration Forms

About Registration and Who Is Eligible to Vote?

Advisory Board History Current EC Members

Previous Elections

List Update Status Pages - 2012

Election Committee Procedures

National Membership Mailing List

Election Committee Manual

Election Committee Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

How to Volunteer!

The Election Committee of the USGenWeb Project is a non-partisan standing sub-committee charged with managing national polls and elections for the USGenWeb Project;  providing a secure voting system; maintaining an up-to-date and accurate list of all members; and providing Volunteers with information about elections and candidates. Contact Gayle Triller, USGenWeb Project Election Dataset Manager, with questions and concerns.


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