USGenWeb National Election - 2017

Because Member Registration was unavailable while the EC software was being updated, the cut-off date for updating registrations for the 2017 election has been extended until 28 Jun 2017. The EC will make every attempt to process and verify both new or updated registrations before voting begins on July 1st. However, the EC may not have time to verify registration changes submitted at the last minute, so please help us to help you by submitting any additions or changes to your membership record as soon as possible.


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The USGenWeb Project, Free Genealogy Online The Election Committee of the USGenWeb Project is a non-partisan standing committee charged with managing national polls and elections for the Project; providing a secure voting system; maintaining an up-to-date and accurate list of all members; and providing Volunteers with information about elections and candidates. It is not affiliated with any other election, voting, or campaign project or committee. Contact , EC Chair, or your regional EC Representative with questions and concerns.