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003a-Oversight: Editing Member Records

Project Coordinators (SCs, PCs, SFMs) as well as EC Members can now access Oversight (the EC Dataset) and view, download, and submit edits to their project or regional Membership Reports directly.

Go to <> and click the Oversight button.

Enter your assigned password. This is not the same password you might have set as a user of the registration system. To request your Oversight password, contact the EC Chair or Dataset Manager.

Get Spreadsheet

Click See My State or Region or EC Area
If you coordinate more than one State or Special Project, and/or you have more than one assigned region as a member of the EC, the next page will have a separate button for each project and/or region. Click the button for the project/region you want to review or update to see that Membership Report.

The online report is sortable. Any column that shows a small up/down arrow at the right of the header cell can be sorted. Just click on it. To sort on two columns, hold down the shift key while clicking both header cells in priority order.

On the Report, there are three links to the left of a member's name:

A member entry appearing on the report that is grayed out means that position has not been approved. Check the "Project Title/URL" box on the member record to see what is needed for the site to be approved, e.g. the site is missing a USGW logo, a link to, CC name and/or e-mail contact.

To copy the Membership Report to your own computer, open your spreadsheet program, highlight the Membership Report in your browser window, and copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) to your spreadsheet program.

Editing A Member's Personal Data

Add a Postion or Change an Existing Position

Adding a Member

Removing a Member

If you are removing a member from your project only, you can use the "Del(ete) link on the Member Report to remove one or all of their positions in your Project. If the member is deceased, has informed you s/he wants to resign from all of USGenWeb, or you have other information regarding the removal, that information should be entered in the "Notes-SC" box on the member's record.

Reminder Flag

You can flag a record as a reminder that something still needs to be checked or verified on that record. Click the "Remember" button at the top of the member's page. That member's entries will be highlighted in red the next time you view your Member Report. However, it will be highlighted for all PCs and EC Members so please indicate why you have flagged the record in the "Notes-SC" box so other coordinators will know the flag is for you, not them.

Admin Review


Role Definitions:

SCState Coordinator for XXGenWeb.
ASCAsst. to the State Coordinator of XXGenWeb.
Co-SC One of two or more individuals who share responsibility for XXGenWeb Project.
CC County Coordinator. Maintains a county website for XXGenWeb. Also those independent cities which maintain records independently of state or county government.
ACC Asst. to the County Coordinator.
Co-CC One of two or more individuals who share responsibility for a county website.
TC Town Coordinator. Maintains a website devoted to a particular city or town for XXGenWeb.
LC Local Coordinator (State Special Project). Maintains a website devoted to a sub-project of XXGenWeb other than a county or town site, e.g. ethnic, migration, historical, military, etc.
PC National Coordinator for a recognized Special Project.
SFM State File Manager for the State Archives Project (SPAR SA).
FM County File Manager for the State Archives Project (SPAR SA).
LPC Local Project Coordinator. Maintains a website for a recognized Special Project other than the State Archives Project. Sites may be for a state, county, a geographic or historical region, a particular time period; or whatever organizational heirarchy is used by the special project.



In Oversight, national Special Projects are designated as Regions.

State Projects:

Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin

Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming

Alabama, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah

Archives and Sub-Projects:

SPAR SA - State Archives
SPAR CC - Court Cases
SPAR CI - Census Images
SPAR MP - Digital Map Project
SPAR OB - Obituary Project
SPAR PP - Pension Project (Military)
SPAR SC - Special Collections
SPAR WD - Marriage Records

Other Special Projects:

SPIP AA - African American Griots
SPIP GE - Genealogical Events
SPIP KZ - Kidz Project
SPIP LN - Lineage Project
SPIP TP - Tombstone Project


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