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Third Quarter Report of the Election Committee 2009

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: October 7, 2009

Voting for the National Elections started on July 1, 2009. On 04 Jul 2009 it was discovered to the Amendment was left off the ballot. The National Elections were halted. The Registrar corrected the problem immediately. A message was broadcast project-wide immediately. The election was restarted. Also on July 4, 2009 it was discovered that the Amendment stated Pass, Fail, or No Opinion. The Registrar corrected the problem on July 4th. There were 22 votes reset, and the election continued through July 31st.

August 03, 2009 Christina Palmer welcomed Tina Vickery back. Tina was unsubbed due running for an office in the National Election.

August 03, 2009 Christina Kurimski our chair married & is now Christina Palmer. Congratulations!

The National Election results were announced on 03 Aug 2009 at 5:37 PM

The Eligible Voters overall 1516
# of voting members: 407 (26.847%)
National Coordinator: One Year Term Ending 31 August 2010
Sherri Bradley: 267 (66.750%)
Don Kelly: 133 (33.250%)
The EC declares Sherri Bradley the winner.
National Representative (RAL): Two year term ending 31 August 2011
Daryl Lytton: 90 (22.785%)
Tina Vickery: 304 (76.962%)
The EC declares Tina Vickery the winner.
Special Projects: Two Year Term Ending 31 August 2011
Cyndie Enfinger: 107 ( 100%)
The EC declares Cyndie Enfinger the winner.
NENC CC: Two Year Term Ending 31 August 2011
Joe Markovich: 118 (100.000%)
The EC declares Joe Markovich the winner.
NENC SC: Two Year Term Ending 31 August 2011
Dale Grimms: 12 (100.000%):
The EC declares Dale Grimms the winner.
NWPL CC: Two Year Term Ending 31 August 2011
Colleen Pustola: 54 (61.364%)
Darilee Bednar: 34(38.636%)
The EC declares Colleen Pustola the winner.
NWPL SC: Two Year Term Ending 31 August 2011
Gail Kilgore: 9 (100.000%)
The EC declares Gail Kilgore the winner.
SEMA CC: Two Year Term Ending 31 August 2011
Jeff Kemp: 102 (68.000 %)
Laverne Tornow: 48 (32.000%)
The EC declares Jeff Kemp the winner.
SWSC CC: One Year Term Ending 31 August 2010
Charles Barnum: 36 (36.364%)
W. David Samuelson: 83 (83.838%)
The EC declares W. David Samuelson the winner.
SWSC CC (2 Year): Two Year Term Ending 31 August 2011
Linda Lewis: 107 (100.000%)
The EC declares Linda Lewis the winner.
Amendment To the Bylaws:
For: 226 (55.528%)
Against: 155 (38.0384 %)
The EC declares the amendment has failed.
August 18, 2009 Jo Branch temp volunteer left from the EC.
Sherri Bradley was subbed on Sep. 1, 2009 as the new National Coordinator.
Welcome Sherri!
Unregistered members-519
Email updates-17
Removed-52 names on the removed list however some of them still have projects

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Hatton, Secretary/Publicist
USGenWeb Election Committee

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