The USGenWeb Election Committee is an Official Committee of the USGenWeb Project.
It is not affiliated with any other election, voting or campaign project or committee.

Second Quarter Report of the Election Committee 2007

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: July 08, 2007


April 14 - Election Committee Members, Martha Graham, Everette Carr and Jo Branch volunteered to assist with a Special Election for NJ State Coordinator.

April 16 - A letter was sent out to all appropriate mailing lists inviting members to update their records using the online Registration forms. Responses were immediate.

April 16 - The April Newsletter was sent out. The 15 members that have opted out of receiving the newsletter *did* receive the newsletter. This error within the new system was corrected.

Only 5 bounces occurred with the April Newsletter. Of those, 3 were recognized as repeat bounces. A search by Election Committee members located new email addys for the other 2 bounces.

April 19 - The online dataset has received 73 hits from members.

May 12 - A major push of EC members has been going on during this quarter to get all states and projects updated.
Name changes: 3
Email changes or alternates added: 57
New members: 129
A project position added or removed: 68
Removed from projects: 73
Newsletter bounces: 10

May 14 - An EC Manual, Part I has been put together for EC members to use as part of their training and work on the Election Committee. Part I has been emailed to all EC members, plus Scott Burow (NC) and George Waller (AB) for proofing. Part II (Working with the Online Dataset) is in the process of being put together.

June 1 - 19th: The committee received nominations for positions open in the 2007 Elections and verified the nominees' eligibility.

June: During this month, a comparison was made of all records in the online dataset and verified information from Election Committee members. A number of duplicate entries were located and removed. These duplications were due to re-registering by the member. To keep this from occurring in the future, the wording on the Registration page is being re-written.

Respectfully submitted,
B. Jo Branch, Chair
USGenWeb Election Committee

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