The USGenWeb Election Committee is an Official Committee of the USGenWeb Project.
It is not affiliated with any other election, voting or campaign project or committee.

First Quarter Report of the Election Committee 2007

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: April 15, 2007


12/28/06 - With the consensus of the EC, Ellen Pack was appointed to a temporary advisory position as Database Consultant. The EC felt that this temporary position was important to the continuity of the implementation of the online registration database.

12/30/06 - Testing of the database began, with only two testers: the EC chair and the Database consultant.
As problems were encountered, they sent to Larry Stephens for evaluation and correction.

01/01/07 -All EC members began sending out first requests to their regions for updates to the membership lists.

01/26/07 - The final testing stages of the new database began today. Mock registrants were entered, and then sent through the EC mailing list using SOP.


02/24/07 - Final corrections were made to the database for uploading to the server.

02/26/07 - Final testing began today using the MSGW as our "guinea pigs". Registrations were worked as though each was real-time.


03/16/07 - Today the dataset went "live". A big day for the EC as we would now be able to see and work with the dataset in real-time. New members began receiving an invitation to register to vote using the online dataset. Through
the Newsletter, members that were already in the dataset were notified that they could now edit and update their records online. There has been a good response from those who have used the dataset to view their records.

04/06/07 - Ellen Pack left the EC as temporary advisor.

04/09/07-04/12/07 - Entries and updates to individual records began in earnest. A slight problem was discovered, but was quickly fixed by the dataset programmer, Larry Stephens. Mr. Stephens made a programming change that would send out an automatic message to all newly added members.

Respectfully submitted,
B. Jo Branch, Chair
USGenWeb Election Committee

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