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Fourth Quarter Report of the Election Committee 2006

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: December 31, 2006


A call for EC volunteers was issued.

October 24 - The Membership list prepared for the October Newsletter
which was sent on Oct 31. There were 119 bounces. Of those,
28 were blocked by spam filters, most by This is a
much higher figure than the EC usually sees, so the newsletter
editor was notified. Of the remaining bounces, 22 members were
removed from the lists due to chronic bounces.


November 28 - The EC submitted a slate of six new volunteers
for membership on the EC.


December 5 - The EC sent an announcement to the AB regarding EC
Technical and Administrative Upgrades that may be found (in the
interst of space) here:

On December 12 the AB approved the submitted slate, and the EC
welcomed new members:

Christine Sweet-Heart - Representative At Large - Term ending
31 December 2008.
Martha A. Crosby Graham - NENC - Term ending December 31, 2008.
Linda Ziemann - NWPL - Term ending 31 December 2008.
Everette Carr - Term ending 31 December 2008.
Linda K. Lewis - Term ending 31 December 2008
Bryant W. Walker - Special Projects - Term ending 31 December

December 15 an election for EC officers for the year 2007 was
begun. Jo (Castleberry) Branch was elected Chair, and Debbie
Gerischer was elected Sec/Pub.

On a personal note, as I leave the EC I would like to extend my
profound thanks and gratitude to the EC members for their great
work and support over the past eight months. It is always a joy and
a pleasure to work (and play) with such capable and motivated
people who give new meaning to the word dedicated. Thank you all, and
a special thank you to the new members who have stepped up to the
plate to help provide a valuable service to the Project. I leave the
EC in most capable hands.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Pack, Chair
The USGenWeb Election Committee


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