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Second Quarter Report of the Election Committee 2006

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb 
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee 
DATE: July 5, 2006

APRIL 2006

Pub/Sec Shirley Cullum took the chair temporarily after the resignation of Lori Thornton.

The newsletter was mailed, and all bounces were worked.

New Members LaRae Hasley-Books, Christy Fisher, and Ellen Pack were confirmed by the AB.  They were subbed to the EC list on April 12.

The EC elected Ellen Pack as chair for the remainder of the year.  Shirley Cullum remained Pub/Sec.

The EC Web site was revamped on April 23rd.  In anticipation of the upcoming election, new election pages were constructed and uploaded.

MAY 2006

May 4 - Training began on handling nominations.

7 May - Format changes were made on the Registered List to accommodate the new Special Project Representative position that eliminated the Archives and Tombstone Representative positions.

15 May - The membership list containing 2279 names was uploaded for the May newsletter.  There were 118 bounces, a number higher than the EC finds acceptable.  Extra effort was made to make corrections.

22 May - Testing began on the nomination form. 

JUNE 2006

1 June - The nomination period opened.  Due to a technical glitch of unknown origin, occasionally the EC did not receive that portion of the nomination containing the name of the nominator.  The EC apologizes to those nominators the EC was unable to contact.

6 June - The EC regretfully accepted the resignation of EC member LaRae Halsey-Brooks.

13 June - Early in the morning the EC learned that the nomination form had closed 24 hours early.  The EC does not have access to the server that houses the form, so a note was quickly dispatched to all USGenWeb list informing members to send nominations privately to two EC members.  Several new nominations came in throughout the day, and all were processed.  The EC regrets the inconvenience to the members.  The EC also would like to take this opportunity to point out that technical difficulties out of our control are good reasons why members should not wait until the last minute to submit nominations, to notify the EC if they do not receive a password, or to vote.

Durning the nomination period, the EC processed 132 nominations, the second highest number of nominations since the SEC was formed.  The record stands at 140 in 2003.

19 June - The final ballot was certified by the EC, and submitted to Larry for set-up. 


National Coordinator
One Year Term Ending 31 August 2007

Scott Burrow
Paulette Carpenter
Bill Oliver

Representative At Large
To complete Two Year Term Ending 8/31/2007

Bobbie Dunn
Michael A. Peterson
Fred Smoot

NENC County Coordinator Representative
To complete Two Year Term Ending 8/31/2007

Debra Beheler
Jan Cortez
[Sandra Quinn - Withdrew June 28]

NENC County Coordinator Representative
Two Year Term Ending 8/31/2008

Alice Allen
[Lorraine Newsome - withdrew June 27]
Jeff Scism

NWPL County Coordinator Representative
Two Year Term Ending  8/31/2008

Jason Mendenhall
Greta Thompson

SEMA State Coordinator Representative
Two Year Term Ending 8/31/2008

Darrel Bell
Paul Buckley
Mari Byers
Heather DeGeorge
Freddie Spradlin

SEMA County Coordinator Representative
Two Year Term Ending 8/31/2008

Donna Allen
Linda Blum-Barton

SWSC State Coordinator Representative
Two Year Term Ending 8/31/2008

Larry Flesher (unopposed)

SWSC County Coordinator Representative
Two Year Term Ending 8/31/2008

Don Kelly
Phyllis Rippee

19 June - The membership list containing 2203 names was sent for uploading for the June newsletter.  There were 69 bounces, a figure much better than last month.  However, it was noted that there were an excessive number of members who did not receive newsletters, but who should have.  The EC is investigating the situation.

30 June - The EC notified the project that due to technical difficulties beyond EC control, passwords would not be sent out on schedule, and voting would not begin on 1 July.  The date voting would begin would be announced as soon as it was known.

Respectfully submitted, 
USGenWeb Election Committee

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