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Fourth Quarter Report of the Election Committee 2005

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
SUBJECT: EC REPORT Fourth Quarter, 2005

The USGenWeb Election Committee respectfully submits the following Quarterly Report to the USGenWeb Advisory Board, for the period October 1, 2005 - December 31, 2005.

October, 2005

Nola Duffy was appointed interim Sec/Pub to serve the unexpired term of
Debbie Haines following her resignation from the Election Committee. Lori Thornton was appointed to fulfill Debbie Haines’ responsibilities for the SEMA region until a new member could be seated.

Requests for fourth quarter updates were sent to all State Coordinators and follow-up reminders were sent two weeks later. Committee members worked throughout the month to update the membership list. The registered list was updated in preparation for the Special Election to elect a Special Projects Representative to the USGenWeb Advisory Board.

At the request of the USGenWeb advisory board, the Election Committee reviewed procedures and discussed changes to deal with potential voter fraud in elections.

October 15 - The Election Committee posted a call for volunteers to fill 7 positions which are currently vacant or will become vacant on December 31, 2005.

October 21 - The final voters list for the Special Project Representative Special Election was sent to Larry Stevens and notice of the election was sent to all project lists on November 22.

October 25 - Voting began to elect the Special Project Representative.

October 27 – Proposed EC procedural changes for dealing with potential voter fraud sent to USGenWeb Advisory Board.

November 2005

November 8 - The Election Committee welcomed George Waller as the newly
elected Advisory Board Representative to the Election Committee.

November 8 - Voting in Special Projects Representative Special Election
ended. The candidates were notified and the results were posted on November 9.

Special Projects Representative
Two year term ending 8/31/2007.

Enfinger 38 86.363
Barnum 6 13.636

The EC declares Cyndie Enfinger the winner.

November 28 - A slate of new EC volunteers was submitted to the NC, for
placement on the AB agenda.

December 2005

December 3 - A modified slate of new volunteers for the EC was submitted to the AB for approval. The slate was approved and on December 7 and the EC welcomed Donna Allen, Nancy Janyszeski, Jo (Castleberry) Branch, Debbie Gerischer, Betsy Mills, Winona Solomon, and Denise Wells.

On December 21, 2005, the Election Committee completed its annual election of committee officers for 2006. Lori Thornton was elected Chair and Shirley Cullum was elected Sec/Pub. George Waller was notified of the results for forwarding to the AB.

The 2005 year ended with a total of 2008 registered members with 106 new registrations during the year.

Respectfully submitted,

USGenWeb Election Committee

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