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Fourth Quarter 2004 Report of the Election Committee

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: December 31, 2004


The Membership List containing 2211 names was uploaded at the end of September, for the October Newsletter. There were slightly over 40 bounces.

Voting on the RAL Poll began. Passwords were sent to 2130 registered members on September 29. There were approximately 40 bounces.

The Results were released on October 11.
Charles Barnum 19
Scott Burow 53
Jason Mendenhall 14
Betsy Mills 76
Phylis Rippee 50
Mike St. Clair 64
Sharon Tabor 30
Denise Wells 38
Total votes: 344

 October 5

The EC was contacted by the ME SC regarding conducting a SC election for that state. The EC agreed to conduct the election, and on October 6, EC Member Tina Vickery, a ME volunteer and voter, was unsubbed from the EC List until the conclusion of that election.


The EC began fourth quarter updates. Due to a combination of vacant EC seats and non-responding SCs, the EC completed updating 16 states by visiting each county individually, within those states, and compiling fresh member lists. Departing members were notified they had been removed from the Registered lists, and new members were encouraged to register.

October 30

New EC members Laura Blair, John Jackson, D. Joshua Taylor, John Slaughter, and Lorraine Newsome were welcomed to the committee. The EC regretfully accepted the early resignation of newly confirmed member Mari Byers, who withdrew for personal reasons.

November 1

The EC prepared an updated membership list to send to Larry for the Nov/Dec Newsletter, which eventually was sent to 2191 members.

November 10

The ME SC election concluded. Tina Vickery was elected new SC of MEGenWeb. Tina was re-subbed to the EC list.

The EC temporarily adjourned during Thanksgiving week, Nov. 21-27, so our members could enjoy time with family and friends.

December 15

In accordance with EC Procedures, Shari Handley and Cyndie Enfinger conducted elections to elect new EC officers for the year 2005. The EC congratulates Chair-elect Tina Vickery, and Pub/Sec-elect Deb Haines.

December 9 The EC regretfully accepted the resignation of John Slaughter, who left for personal reasons.

A personal note from the departing EC Chair:

I have very much enjoyed these past two busy but very interesting years with the Election Committee. My hat is off to every EC member for his dedication and hard work which, along with an incredible sense of humor, has seen the committee through some hectic and occasionally difficult times.

No one person can create a successful EC; nor can fifteen individual members. This is a committee that thrives on teamwork. The members have functioned as one unit, always going the extra mile to see a job to its successful conclusion. I am very proud to have been a member of this team, and I would like to personally thank each and every member who served. I would also like to personally thank Larry Stephens for his tremendous support and assistance to the committee, and to me personally. It's been a joy, and I know I am leaving the EC in very good hands.
- Ellen Pack

Respectfully submitted,
USGenWeb Election Committee

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