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Second Quarter 2004 Report of the Election Committee

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: July 2, 2004

The USGenWeb Election Committee respectfully submits the following Quarterly Report to the USGenWeb Advisory Board, for the period 1 April - 30 June, 2004.


The EC continued to receive Registrations, both new and updated, via the Registration Form. The EC issued the second quarter call for updated lists.

On 13 April Jason Felihkatubbe, Mike St.Clair, and Dennis Muncrief were released from their responsibilities on the EC due to personal situations that prevented them from actively participating. A call for temporary Helpers was sent out on all USGW Lists, and on April 24-25 the EC welcomed Helpers Annette Bame Peebles, Barbra Chambers, and Susan Morris.

The Newsletter mailing of 25 April produced approximately 120 bounces, down somewhat from the previous month.


After unsuccessful attempts to locate updated Email addresses, the EC removed 38 members from the registered and membership lists for excessive bounces for at least two consecutive months. While the EC regrets having to remove any member from our rolls, the removals indicate that the new EC procedures implemented last fall are working as they should. Non-active and unreachable members are being identified, resulting in more accurate and meaningful lists, and a more effective committee. The EC welcomes updated information about all removed individuals, and will be happy to return their names to the lists once we are able to communicate with them and verify their current membership.

The May Newsletter was mailed on May 27. "Permanent error" type bounces were down to only 47, a dramatic decrease. The EC feels the decrease may be attributed to the registration system. (During the month of May the EC received and processed over 200 registrations, most containing updated information.)

Notice of the opening of nominations was sent to all USGW national lists on 31 May. A reminder was sent on 12 June.


The Registered and Membership lists were frozen in accordance with EC Procedures. Nominations officially opened. The EC received and processed 73 nominations during the two week period ending 14 June. There were no challenges.

On 16 June the ballot was finalized and sent to Larry Stephens. Slated candidates:

National Coordinator - One Year Term Ending 8/31/05
Charles Barnum
Shari Handley
Don Kelly
Karen Mitchell
Richard White

Tombstone Representative - Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
Kathi Jones-Hudson (unopposed)

NorthEast/North Central CC Representative - Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
Scott Burow
Jan Cortez
Sandra Newman Sanchez

Northwest Plains CC Representative - Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
Alice Allen
Darilee Bednar

SouthEast/Mid-Atlantic SC Representative - One year Replacement Term Ending 8/31/05
Sherri Hall
Angie Rayfield

SouthEast/Mid-Atlantic CC Representative - Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
Linda Blum-Barton
Kati Hestand
Elva Morgan
Fred Smoot
Sharon Tabor

SouthWest/South-Central SC Representative - Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
Larry Flesher - unopposed

SouthWest/South-Central CC Representative - Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
David Morgan
Phyllis Rippee
Mike St. Clair

In mid-June, the EC began formal preparations to conduct three SC elections for the states of GA, MA, and ND.

In late June the national voting form was set up and tested successfully.

On 30 June approximately 2208 passwords were sent out. There were 67 bounces citing permanent errors, a marked decrease from previous years. The EC began attempting to locate corrected addresses on those members, and will resend passwords when possible.

Respectfully submitted,
The USGenWeb Election Committee


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