The USGenWeb Election Committee is an official standing committee of the USGenWeb Advisory Board.
It is not affiliated with any other election, voting or campaign project or committee.

Fourth Quarter 2003 Report of the Election Committee

TO: USGenWeb Advisory Board
FROM: USGenWeb Election Committee
SUBJECT: 2003 Fourth Quarter Report
DATE: 1 January 2004
The USGenWeb Election Committee respectfully submits the following 2003 4rd Quarter Report.

October 2003 -

October 6 - A slate of new EC volunteers was submitted to the NC, for placement on the AB agenda. An adjusted slate was later submitted, and accepted. On 13 October new EC members Deb Haines, Nola Duffy, and Greta Thompson were welcomed to the Committee. New members Tina Vickery, Marcia Kuel, and R. Marie Mickalunas were welcomed on October 24, the delay due to their participation as voters or candidates in a WIGenWeb SC Election being conducted by the EC during that period. Tina Vickery was elected WIGenWeb SC.

October 12 - With the RW Lists2 server down for an indefinite period, the EC accepted the generous offer of Holly Timm to use the old ESC List on Holly was unsubbed, and the EC Chair took over as list admin. This closed and private list was used until Lists2 was operational again. The ESC List was returned to Holly, with thanks from the EC.

October 16 - A list of Recommended Changes to the EC Procedures was presented to the AB for consideration. The EC Chair accepted the invitation of the NC to participate on the Board List in the discussions. The changes were eventually authorized by the AB. Preparations were begun to implement the new procedures, including the development of a new db and system with the technical assistance of Larry Stephens.

30 October - EC member Bettie Wood announced to the EC her intent to voluntarily resign from the committee on 31 December, due to her service as an AB Rep.

November 2003 -

November 12 - Marie Mickalunas resigned from the EC due to a personal situation. The EC put out a new Call for volunteers for EC Archives Rep, and replacements for Bettie and Marie.

November 19 - Upon request of the state, the EC began conducting an SC election for MDGenWeb. MD CC and voter Cyndie Enfinger was unsubscribed from the EC List until the conclusion of the election. Shari Handley was re-elected.

December 2003 -

December 11 - A new Slate of replacement EC members was presented to the AB. On 20 December the slate was accepted by the AB, and the EC welcomed Mike St. Clair and Shirley Cullum. The EC Archives seat remains open, as there were no volunteers.

December 13 - Ellen Pack was elected EC Chair for 2004.

December 15 - Tina Vickery was elected EC Pub/Sec for 2004.

December 31 - EC members Joy Fisher, Marti Graham, and Bob Chada were unsubscribed from EC List, due to the expiration of their terms. Bettie Woods was unsubscribed due to her announced resignation. The EC extends many thanks and deep appreciation to all, for their fine service to the Project.

Respectfully submitted,
The USGenWeb Election Committee

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