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Second Quarter 2003 Report of the Election Committee

Second Quarter 2003 Report
July 7, 2003

The USGenWeb Election Committee respectfully submits the following Quarterly Report to the USGenWeb Advisory Board, for the period 1 April - 30 June 2003.

April, 2003 -

The NWPL Poll, and GAGenWeb SC Recall election were completed.

EC members Jan Cortez and Richard Pettys were resubbed to the EC list at the conclusion of the GAGenWeb SC Recall.

EC members Kenny and JoAnn Thomas temporarily unsubbed due to moving. Unfortunately, they did not return.

EC members Jan Cortez and Richard Pettys were again unsubbed from EC list pending reconciliation of GA Voter List Situation.

Jan Cortez resigned.

AB Rep Tina Vickery was subbed to the EC List, replacing Rep. Karen Mitchell who resigned from the AB.

May, 2003 -

Two calls were made for a replacement volunteer for the EC NENC Seat vacated by Jan Cortez. There were two volunteers, but each withdrew for individual reasons. The seat was not filled.

The SEMA Poll ended.

EC members Bettie Wood and Richard Pettys were re-subbed to EC List.

A push for voter lists began, in anticipation of the upcoming National Elections.

The EC began soliciting volunteers to serve as temporary helpers during the election period, and the following helpers were subbed: David Morgan, Connie Snyder, Deb Haines, Greta Thompson, Patricia Scott, and Shirley Cullum.

Bettie Wood and Richard Harrison voluntarily unsubbed from EC list due to intended participation in the upcoming election.

Richard Pettys was permanently removed from the EC due to conflict of interest.

The last few days in May were spent preparing for nominations slated to began June 2. New EC web pages were put online that included a list and description of open Positions and eligibility requirements, an election FAQ, and tables for the nominees. Larry Stephens worked with the EC to set up the nomination form.

June, 2003 -

The Voter list was frozen in accordance with EC Guidelines, and will remain frozen until after the election, with the exception of updating email addresses and other corrections.

The opening of the Nominations period was announced, and the EC began accepting nominations.

Helpers David Morgan and Patricia Scott resigned for personal reasons.

The EC Chair was honored to accept an invitation to sit in on the IAGenWeb SC Election to observe their voting process and software.

At the close of National nominations, a record number of 140 nominations had been received and processed. One nomination was not processed when the EC was informed that the nominator was not a USGenWeb member. Three challenges were referred to the NC.

An Announcement note re the opening of the voting period was sent. Bounces were handled, and on the last day of June, a final Voter List consisting of 2356 members was sent to Larry Stephens, who began sending out passwords.

The voting period was determined to begin July 1, 2003 8:00 am CST, and end July 31, 2003. 11:59 pm CST.

The following EC seats have been declared vacant, to be filled after the Election: Kenneth and JoAnn Thomas SWSC Region, Richard Pettys SEMA Region, Jan Cortez NENC Region.

The Chair would like to express her sincere appreciation to all EC Members and Helpers for the outstanding job they did during the nomination period, and to thank all USGenWeb members for their participation.

Ellen Pack
Chair, USGenWeb Election Committee

Copyright 2003
USGenWeb Election Committe