The USGenWeb Election Committee is an official standing committee of the USGenWeb Advisory Board.
It is not affiliated with any other election, voting or campaign project or committee.

First Quarter 2003 Report of the Election Committee

USGenWeb Election Committee

April 21, 2003

The USGenWeb Election Committee respectfully submits the following Quarterly Report to the USGenWeb Advisory Board, for the period 1 January - 31 March, 2003.

January, 2003 -

On 31 December 2002, EC members with expired terms were unsubbed from the Elections list.

On 14 January the AB confirmed new NENC EC members Kimberly Taylor Morgan, and Jan Cortez. Jan Cortez immediately resigned as AB Rep to the EC.

In early January the EC forwarded to the Advisory Board a count (only) of voters by state, per AB request of 30 December, 2002.

The EC Chair was invited to temporarily join the BRC to participate in discussion re Elections and Election Committee issues.

On 25 January 2003, Karen Mitchell was welcomed to the EC as AB Rep, replacing Jan Cortez.

February 2003 -

With the resignation of EC Archives Member David Morgan, W. David Samuelsen was confirmed as the replacement EC Archives member.

The EC began a search for voting software to handle Polls and SC elections. The EC Chair accepted a generous invitation to monitor the IAGenWeb election this coming June 9 through 21 to observe an Iowa election in progress, using their software.

On 26 Feb 2003, EC members Bettie Wood, Jan Cortez, and Richard Pettys were temporarily unsubscribed from EC list in anticipation of the EC possibly conducting a GA SC Recall Election.

March 2003 -

Nominations began for SC election in MNGenWeb. On 19 March, the EC declared Terri Shipp the new MNGenWeb State Coordinator.

A poll was conducted of NCGenWeb volunteers, per AB request.

Preparation began for SEMA Poll for CC Rep seat. EC member Bettie Wood became a nominee, and was relieved of her EC duties of collecting voter lists for SEMA states.

A request from the AB to freeze the GA Voter list pending a GA SC Recall Election, and subsequent AB discussion regarding which GA voter list to use, necessitated a postponement of the SEMA Poll.

On 26 March, preparations began for NWPL SC Rep poll, per AB request. Having received no nominations at first, the nomination period was extended.

The Chair would like to compliment the committee members for their extra effort pitching in for relieved members, and for harvesting lists from those states where the SC did not respond, in order to accomplish our goals.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Pack
Chair, Election Committee USGenWeb Project.

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