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At the time of the end of this quarter, the questions for clarification submitted to the AB is still under discussion.

First Quarter 2002 Report of the Election Committee

USGenWeb Election Committee
Report # 1
April 1, 2002

The USGenWeb Election Committee hereby respectfully submits the following Quarterly Report to the USGenWeb Advisory Board. During the period from January 1, to March 31, 2002, the following has occurred:

New replacement members were selected and seated. Marge Reid and Diane Parsons Montgomery were selected.

There was an election of the Chair of the EC. Linda Haas Davenport was elected Chair.

There was an election of the Secretary of the EC. Lorraine Sonnenberg Newsome was elected Secretary.

Work was done on getting updated voter lists from the various State Coordinators. There are still SC's that have not responded with updated lists.

Upon working on updating and revising the EC Guidelines, seven questions were formulated and forwarded to the Advisory Board for clarification.

Upon the resignation of Nathan Zipfel from the Advisory Board, a poll was held to select a replacement. The poll was held from the last of February to the beginning of March. Ginger Hayes was voted in as replacement.

Lorraine Sonnenberg Newsome

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