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Third Quarter 2001 Report of the Election Committee

USGenWeb Election Committee.
Report # 5
October 15, 2001

The Following Quarterly Report is submitted to the Advisory Board of the USGenWeb Project: The AB requested the EC to host a Poll to determine the opinions of the Project members in the SW/SC Region for a replacement for an AB member who had resigned. Just as the Poll was scheduled to get underway the server, that hosts our voting software, was attacked by a virus and the Poll had to be re-scheduled. While the University's server was down the University made the decision to upgrade their operating system. Once that was done it was found that our voting booth software was unreliable under the new operating system. Larry Stephens therefore wrote an opinion form and tallied the votes by hand. The Poll was completed with no problems and the results were sent to the AB and the Membership at Large.

During the course of the last 6 months the EC had lost 3 committee members. A request for volunteers was posted on the appropriate e-mail lists and on the EC's Web Site. After due discussion and votes the 3 new members were chosen and submitted to the AB for final approval. The AB approved the volunteers and they have now been seated on the Committee.

With the EC at full strength again the EC will be working on the following:

Determining what the problem is with the Voting Booth Software and solving the problem. Completing the work on setting up a data base that will allow Volunteers to self register for any election, allow the EC members to maintain the information in the data base and produce verification reports by State for the SCs prior to any election. During the elections and day to day operations of the EC, the EC has found some things in the ESC Guidelines that were wonderful ideas but that didn't work during the election and during day to day operations and found things that should be in the guidelines that are not. Therefore the EC will be working on revising the Guidelines to reflect these needed changes in the coming weeks. We will be formulating some working procedures to standardize the handling of nominations, self-registration and general working procedures for regional teams. The first term for part of the EC will be over Jan 1st, therefore the EC will once again be requesting volunteers during the month of December.

Linda Haas Davenport
Chair, USGenWeb Project Election Committee

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