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Fourth Report of the Election Committee 2001

USGenWeb Election Committee
Report # 4
August 14, 2001

The Following Report is submitted to the Advisory Board of the USGenWeb Project:

The 2001 USGenWeb Project Elections opened on July 1, 2001 and closed at midnight CDT on July 31, 2001. During the election two candidates withdrew: George Waller from the Northeast/North Central State Coordinator Representative race and Joy Fisher from the Northwest/Plains State Coordinator Representative race.

The Election Results for each race were sent to the candidates of that race the evening of August 1, 2001. An hour later the Election Results were sent to the Advisory Board, the ALL, CC-L, State-CC and EC Announcement List. The EC Web Page was updated about the same time.

The voting results of the 2001 USGenWeb Project Regular Election are as follows:

From: Larry Stephens
Office of Risk Management
Indiana University

Election Results:

National Coordinator
Holly Timm 285
Richard Harrison 196
Phyllis Rippee 148

Teresa Lindquist 265
Richard M. Howland 185
Bill Oliver 178

Northeast/North Central State Coordinator Representative
Nathan Zipfel 8
George Waller 3

Northeast/North Central County Coordinator Representative
Robert Bremer 153
Tina Vickery 152
Lorraine Sonnenberg Newsome 116

Northwest/Plains State Coordinator Representative
Mary Ann Hetrick 8
Joy Fisher 3

Northwest/Plains County Coordinator Representative
Kathy Heidel 37
Maggie Stewart Zimmerman 37
Michael Irwin 15
Sundee Maynez 12

Southeast/Mid-Atlantic County Coordinator Representative
Ron Eason 123
Diane Montgomery Parsons 110
Tom Parker 82
Geraldine (Gerri) Newton 65
Terria Baynor 63

Southwest/South Central County Coordinator Representative
Jana Black 58
Don Tharp 39
Roger Swafford 31
Edward Hayden 25

Two seats were unopposed and declared winners by the EC:
Archives Representative Vicki Shaffer
Southeast/Mid-Atlantic State Coordinator Representative Tim Stowell

Four races did not result in a majority and the EC declared a Run-Off Election:

National Coordinator between Holly Timm and Richard Harrison
Representative at Large between Teresa Lindquist and Richard Howland
Northwest/Plains County Coordinator Representative between Kathy Heidel and Maggie Stewart Zimmerman
Southwest/South Central County Coordinator Representative between Jana Black and Don Tharp.

The Run off Election began August 3, 2001 and ended at midnight August 13, 2001 (CDT) The results of the Election were:

From: Larry Stephens
Office of Risk Management
Indiana University

Runoff election for National Coordinator (#78) 435 votes
Richard Harrison 177 (40.6896551724138%)
Holly Timm 258 (59.3103448275862%)

Runoff election for Representative-at-Large (#79) 452 votes
Richard Howland 197 (43.5840707964602%)
Teresa Lindquist 255 (56.4159292035398%)

Runoff election for Northwest/Plains County Coordinator Representative (#80) 97 votes
Kathy Heidel 62 (63.9175257731959%)
Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman 35 (36.0824742268041%)

Runoff election for Southwest/South Central County Coordinator Representative (#81) 117 votes
Jana Black 67 (57.2649572649573%)
Don Tharp 50 (42.7350427350427%)

Candidates were notified at 9:30 am CDT August 14, 2001 and an hour later the election results were sent to all of the lists and posted to the web page.

Other business that is underway:

The EC has posted a request for volunteers to replace the following members who have resigned: Kathy Heidel resigned when she became a candidate and is now a member of the AB Debbie Anderson resigned due to the pressures of her promotion at her job Bill Prokasy resigned due to his displeasure with the politics of the Project.

The EC has posted a Survey Form on the web site and is collecting responses. Within the next couple of weeks the results of the Survey will be posted to the EC Web Site.

If you should have any questions please feel free to ask.

Linda Haas Davenport

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