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Second Report of the Election Committee

USGenWeb Election Committee
Report # 2
June 11, 2001

The Following Report is submitted to the Advisory Board of the USGenWeb Project:

The Election Committee announced the opening of nominations and also the URL of the Election Committee's web page. The nomination procedure is being handled as follows:

Nominations are being sent to the Chair. The Chair in turn is forwarding the nomination to the Regional Teams. The Regional Teams will determine if the nominee wishes to accept the nomination. If the nominee accepts then the Regional Teams are verifying that the nominee has served in their position for a period of 12 months as of July 1, 2001 and that the position they have served in qualifies for the position they were nominated for. If the Regional Team determines that the nominee wants to run and is qualified the nominee's name is placed on the Election Web site.

The nomination period closes June 18, 2001 at midnight. The deadline for responses is June 20, 2001. The final ballot must be completed by June 24, 2001 so that a final test of the voter software can be run.

In the Election Committee's last report it was reported that the Election Software would be hosted by Mr. Kettmann. However, due to some technical difficulties Mr. Kettmann had to withdraw his offer. The Chair approached Mr. Larry Stephens of the University of Indiana and asked if he would be willing to host the software. Mr. Stephens agreed. At this time the voter software has been forwarded to Mr. Stephens and he is working with Michael Anderson (the author of the voting software) to get the software set up and ready for the EC to run a final test.

All EC members have been busy trying to finalize the voter's list. There have been some problems with State Coordinators and Archive Managers not furnishing the lists of names for their volunteers. The EC members have been visiting as many state sites as possible to collect names that have not been forwarded to us. However, the EC is afraid that not all volunteers' names will be collected in time for the final voter list to be uploaded to the server. The Chair posted a message stating this on the ALL and the Discuss lists in hopes that volunteers will contact an EC member.

Due to the problem stated above the Chair approached Mr. Stephens and asked if he would make available an announcement list. He agreed. The EC will upload all of the names we have available to the list and send an announcement to each individual about the Election and the Election Web Page. If the list can be uploaded in time the announcement will also contain information about nominations. Thru the use of this list we hope to be able to verify e-mail addresses, volunteer's names and positions and to have as accurate a voter list as possible by July 1, 2001.

Linda Haas Davenport
Chair, USGenWeb Project Election Committee

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