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The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributors and newsletter staff, and do not necessarily reflect the official views and opinions of the USGenWeb Project.


© 2007. Permission to reprint articles from the USGenWeb Newsletter is granted unless specifically stated otherwise and provided that a copy of the citing newsletter or publication is forwarded to the Managing Editor at, the name of the author of such article is stated, followed by the statement: Previously published in the USGenWeb Newsletter, October 2007, Volume 4, Number 7.

The USGenWeb Project News
Volume 4, Number 7
October 2007

Editor Resigns

Denise Wells has resigned as Editor of the Newsletter citing personal commitments and lack of time. Denise has done a bang-up job and the Newsletter staff is sorry to see her go. Thanks, Denise, for an outstanding job this past couple of years. We all wish you the very best.


Be a Contributor to the Newsletter

The Newsletter Committee can't do everything by itself. To make this Newsletter a useful tool and source of information for Project members, we need help from a lot of people. Do you keep up with the latest news in the genealogy community? Have you run across a website that can help us with our sites or help us find information to put on our sites? Do you have a favorite bit of genealogy humor? Are you willing to write a "how to" tutorial on a subject you know a lot about? (For example, the next issue will contain a tutorial on how to use google maps. A request has gone out for someone to do a tutorial on how to set up and use thumbnails). And, the list goes on. Can/will you help? Send your comments, suggestions, links, etc. to the Editor:


Election Committee Seeking Volunteers

Many who have served on the USGW Election Committee say it's the best committee they have ever been on. They work hard and they play hard. In the process they learn a lot about the project, past and present, the resources of particular states, and important project issues. EC members share recipes and virtual treats, talk about pets and pet peeves, fly paper airplanes, agree and agree to disagree. They cheer...

Full article:


Project News

Annual Election
The annual elections are over (thank goodness!!) and the new AB is up and running. To find out who is representing you check out the list on the National Site at Your AB representatives always want to hear from you.

Page Banners
For those of you who have your sites on RootsWeb - your site may have acquired a banner across the top. The AB is negotiating with The Generations Network ( about the banners. You can keep up with what's going on by joining your Regional e-mail list. Don't know your region or how to join? Go here: and scroll down to Regional Lists.

Project Help Website
Did you know there's a Project Help e-mail list and a Help page ( for Project members? Notice the categories that don't yet have an article? Are these something you know something about? Query the list if you have a website problem or question. Join if you're willing to help by sharing your own knowledge and experience. To subscribe, email
(Don't forget to type Subscribe in the subject line).


Other News of Interest

National Archives Digitized Records Projects
There are millions of records at the National Archive that are not available outside of Washington, D.C. (or NARA's Regional offices) and the price of copies from NARA has skyrocketed in the last year or so. The good news is that two different groups have entered into an agreement with NARA to digitize NARA's holdings. Check out the news releases: Footnote - and NARA/LDS -

Family Histories Going Online
This news release came out in Aug 2007. It's included here because the first of the family histories are on-line at the BYU site.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- Thousands of published family histories, city and county histories, historic city directories, and related records are coming to the Internet. The Allen County Public Library (ACPL) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library, and FamilySearch's Family History Library in Salt Lake City announced the joint project today. When complete, it will be the most comprehensive collection of city and county histories on the Web-and access will be free at Check out the news release: ?PAGE=Press/2007-8-15_Local_Histories_Online.asp.


Website Search Engines

Although many of our site visitors can be classified as Senior Citizens who are willing to spend the time to thoroughly browse a website, a large number of our visitors are of the Hit & Run variety - wanting to quickly find out if their ancestor's name is on the site. If you don't already have a site search engine you might think about adding one to your site. Here's a few freebie suggestions to check out: Fast Find; Pico; FusioNBot

Have a search engine to recommend? Send it along to:


Some Links of Interest

The Online Books Page has links to legitimate (not illegally) available on-line.

Google Books
According to Google the books that are out of print can be used on a website as long as the watermark isn't removed.

US Post Offices
Jim Forte (a stamp collector) has the largest available on-line national post office list. List of post offices is always a great addition to a county site.

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