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Volume 1, Number 7

September 2004

Isaiah Harrison, National Coordinator and Editor
Today I get to say good-bye as National Coordinator for The USGenWeb Project and good-bye as editor of the USGenWeb News. I leave looking forward to having more time to devote to my personal genealogy and to my county site. Happily, I leave confident in the ability and dedication of our new National Coordinator, Shari Handley, and our new newsletter editor, Sharon Rhodes. Shari has an excellent set of goals and a forward-looking attitude for the project. Sharon has exciting ideas for evolving and improving the newsletter.

I have a few "thank yous."

To Ellen Pack and the entire Election Committee for a job well done—over and over again—and they just get better at it each time. This committee works very hard, but manages to have a great deal of fun while doing their work. It is a wonderful example of what a committee in a volunteer project should be.

If the EC is the bride on the top of the USGenWeb wedding cake, the groom must be Larry Stevens. Larry, who is not a member of this project, selflessly volunteers his time and provides access to the computer at Indiana University to run our elections and distribute our newsletter. Thank you, Larry.

To Roger Swafford, for his excellent advice as Parliamentarian and his dedicated leadership of the Bylaws Revision Committee. For two years he has expertly steered the committee through the morass of our bylaws and the wide-ranging opinions on how to improve them.

To Mike Jarvis and Julie McGrew-Ayres for our wonderful new website. I am still receiving compliments and the site has been up for over a month. Mike and Julie moved our site into the 21st century.

To Tina Vickery for her valiant leadership of the DISCUSS list and her effort to create an environment where all project members will feel comfortable participating.

To Greta Thompson for her essential work as Copy Editor for this newsletter and valued contribution as Board Secretary.

To everyone who has offered counsel, support and criticism -- some on a one-time and others on a regular basis. Your input was tremendously valuable.

To RootsWeb for providing the lists and webspace that make much of this project possible.

To all the people who have served as members of the Advisory Board over the last two years. It has certainly been a love-hate relationship, but in the end I believe we managed to lead this project in the right direction

But most of all, I want to thank the ordinary members of this project—Local Coordinators and File Managers, Look-up Volunteers and Transcribers. You are the people who make the project such a success. When the National Coordinator receives a thank you letter from a visitor saying in glowing terms how great this project is, it is you they are thanking. When a researcher finds a long lost cousin, or makes a connection to a great-great grandfather, or breaks down that nagging brick wall, it is because of your efforts to transcribe data, format files in html, scan and convert photos, maintain query pages and mailing lists.

Thank you all for the wonderful work you do and thank you for the opportunity to be your leader.

Shari Handley, National Coordinator-Elect
I want to say what an enormous privilege and honor it is to be trusted with the National Coordinatorship of The USGenWeb Project. I am humbled by the amount of support you have given me. With this mandate, I look forward to helping build in our volunteers a sense of unity and pride in USGenWeb Project membership, as well as an atmosphere where this pride and unity lead to a desire to strive for excellence while still having a whole lot of fun.

I would like to thank each of the voters for exercising their duty and privilege to vote. I'd also like to thank all the candidates for demonstrating a deep concern for our wonderful project by their willingness to serve. To those who have been elected, congratulations! I look forward to working with each of you, as well as the continuing AB members, to make The USGenWeb Project even greater. Finally, my deepest appreciation to the EC - every single one of its members worked hard and with great professionalism - and to Larry Stephens for the invaluable help.

You, the USGenWeb voters, have sent a message with your votes. You've said, loud and clear, that the POSITIVE message of teamwork, cooperation, camaraderie, peace and fun among us has resonated with you. You believe, as I do, that these principles will lead to excellence and prosperity for our project. Making this vision a reality will take a commitment from all of us. I know I can continue to count on your support, because I know that you believe, as I do, that the best days of The USGenWeb Project are ahead of us!

Thank you again for your support!

Ellen Pack, Election Committee Chair
The USGenWeb Election Committee is pleased to announce the results of the run-off portion of the National Election 2004.

Northeast/North Central (NENC) County Coordinator
Representative Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
Scott Burow 62 - 49.600%
Jan Cortez 63 - 50.400%
Total Votes: 125
The EC declares Jan Cortez winner.

Southeast/Mid-Atlantic (SEMA) County Coordinator
Representative Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
Linda Blum-Barton 115 - 62.842%
Fred Smoot 68 - 37.158%
Total Votes: 183
The EC declares Linda Blum-Barton winner.

Southwest/South Central (SWSC) County Coordinator
Representative Two Year Term Ending 8/31/06
David Morgan 64 - 50.794%
Phyllis Rippee 62 - 49.206%
Total Votes: 126
The EC declares David Morgan winner.

With this posting, the EC declares the USGenWeb National Election 2004 closed. The results are posted on the EC website.

For more information about the election and winners in other races completed in July, go to the Election Committee National Election 2004 web page

The EC would like to extend sincere appreciation to all candidates and voters, and especially to Larry Stephens for his invaluable assistance!

If you have questions please contact EC Chair, Ellen Pack

Roger Swafford, BRC - Chair
The Bylaws Revision Committee (BRC) has openings for three replacement members. Interested members, please contact the National Coordinator: or Committee Chair: Current proceedings involve further review of articles and sections pending resubmission of the committee report to the AB.

Sharon Rhodes, USGenWebNEWS Editor
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Sharon Rhodes, Editor
Thank you for the opportunity to act as USGenWebNEWS Editor. I became interested in the USGenWeb about 5 years ago. My first volunteer position was as CC for Floyd County, Iowa where I am still volunteering as ACC. I believe history is very important and am thankful to be a part of a great group of volunteers who work hard at making history freely accessible. If you would like to contribute to the USGenWebNews please email me at

"Genealogy. An account of one’s descent from an ancestor who did not particularly care to trace his own."
Ambrose Bierce (1842–1914), U.S. author. The Columbia World of Quotations. 1996.

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