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Volume 3, Number 5
July 2006

Notes From The Editor
Denise Wells
Our regular Site Spotlights, Records, Focus on Special Projects and Prose & Poetry sections will return next month.

Notes From The N.C.
Linda Haas Davenport
Are you one of those members who has no interest in "politics" and who doesn't vote? Are you one of those members who says "leave me alone and let me do my website?" If I say "Annual Election," will you skip this section and go on to the next? If so, this is for you and will only take a few seconds to read.

My term as NC will be over Aug. 31st and once again I'll be just a CC. The next Advisory Board will be deciding issues that will affect me as a CC (bylaw revisions, new SC and CC guidelines, etc.) and I do not want someone making decisions that will affect me as a CC, who has views and ideas radically different from mine. I bet you don't either. Spending a couple of hours once a year is a small price to pay to determine who has ideas and views that best match yours. By choosing a candidate who comes closer to your own view, you can spend the rest of the year doing what you love (or spend it ignoring "the politics" of the Project) and allow that person to represent you.

Several of the candidates have been answering questions and posting their views on two of the Project lists. This is an excellent way to determine what a particular candidate will be like as an Advisory Board member. Start at the candidates' page to find a list of candidates and a link to their campaign pages. Then visit the archives of the SWSC Regional list (usgenweb-SW) and the Discuss (usgenweb-discuss) lists. You can review the archives of these lists by visiting and clicking on the Threaded Archive link under Mailing Lists and then typing in the list name (see above). Most of the discussion has taken place in June and July.

The election runs through Aug. 4, so there is still plenty of time to make an informed decision and cast your vote. All members who registered to vote on time should have received a voting password.
Until next time ...

Linda Haas Davenport
USGenWeb Project National Coordinator

Notes From The E.C.
Important Reminder from the USGenWeb Election Committee

The National Election 2006 is underway. The delay of the start of the election has extended voting through August 4, 2006, 11:59 pm CST.

If you encountered an error when voting in the NENC CC races, please vote again. The "glitch" that caused the error has been repaired.

If you have not received a password, please contact your EC Rep immediately. but please, do not wait until the last few days of the election when the EC may not be able to help you.

In Memorandum
Fred Cox

MSGenWeb lost a valuable and long time member when Walter Fred Cox, Jr. passed away on June 11, 2006. Fred was affectionately known as "Phred" by MSGenWeb CCs. A small memorial and photo is at the bottom of the MSGenWeb home page:

Fred contributed a massive amount of information on the MS Civil War and his site is located at:

Researches can locate much useful information about the Civil War at this site. MSGenWeb will miss Fred, his work and his occasional messages in our chat sessions and on our chat mail list.

USGenWeb 10th Anniversary Message from the N.C.
Linda Haas Davenport

The year 2006 marks the 10th Anniversary of the USGenWeb Project and I have been looking back over the past 10 years. When the USGenWeb Project began, it was one of the few (if not the only) centralized locations on the Internet to find genealogy information and to post queries. Those early state and county sites began with just links to the small amount of on-line information of interest to a family historian and a query page. The only Special Project was the Archives. How far the Project has come during the past 10 years! Now there are several special projects and the state, county and special project sites of the Project not only contain links; they are now filled with information and transcribed records, with more added every day by our wonderful, dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

Ten years ago, the Internet was in its infancy. The things we take for granted today--e-mail, PCs, cell phones, digital cameras, etc., were not in the average person's world. Family historians and professional genealogists not only didn't use the Internet, most had never heard of it.

Over the past 10 years, the Internet has gone from obscurity to commonplace. As the Internet became an every day tool for millions of people, it changed the way family historians perform research. The availability of on-line, easily-accessible genealogy and historical information has fueled the phenomenal growth of Genealogy as a hobby and, I'm proud to say, the Project has been right there every step of the way.

Everywhere we look, genealogy is reported as the fastest growing hobby in the country. Now the Internet is the first stop for beginning family historians and is used extensively by experienced researchers. New "How To" genealogy books devote chapters to using the Internet, and it is a rare book that does not recommend The USGenWeb Project as one of the first places to visit.

While subscription sites have popped up everywhere on the web, The Project has continued to offer free access to its vast wealth of information. The USGenWeb Project is recognized as the premier site of free information, and the Project websites welcome well over a million visitors each day.

The Project is where it is today because of the thousands of volunteers, both past and present, who cared enough to devote, collectively, millions of hours to gathering, transcribing and uploading information.

To each and every volunteer, past and present, a heartfelt "Thank You," because you are ones who have made The Project the fabulous resource it is today.


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