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Volume 3, Number 4
June 2006

Denise Wells

Happy Father's Day to all our gentlemen subscribers with children! Hope you had a great weekend.

I would like to personally thank each person who has written to me and my staff, telling us how much you are enjoying the Newsletter. I am surprised and thrilled each time I hear from a different Project Member. Fantastic articles from our membership are coming in each week, and we are excited about the wonderful response from state and county coordinators, as well as special project members. These submissions will enable us to bring valuable news to the entire project.

Each state or county may have a special project upon which they are quietly working away, and they don't realize how it impacts the research of so many others. It is clear to me that you are all working on that project out of love. Every day I hear stories of additions to county, state and special project sites.

You know, it reminds me of the story of a man walking along the ocean after a storm washed thousands of starfish up on the beach. The starfish were dying. He began picking up one starfish at a time and throwing it back into the ocean. When he was asked what he was doing he replied, "Putting these starfish back in the ocean." The second man said, "You can't make a difference, there are thousands of them here." The man reached down, picked up another starfish and threw it back into the ocean and replied, "Made a difference for that one!"

Keep up the great work coordinators! You are definitely making a difference, one starfish at a time! Thanks for what you do.

Linda Haas Davenport

For many members of the USGenWeb Project, the words "Annual Election" cause their eyes to glaze over, and they prepare themselves to ignore the "politics" for the month of July. Yet, the people elected to serve on the Advisory Board can have a tremendous impact on each one of us individually.

The Advisory Board, although limited in authority, is charged with solving the problems that arise in the Project and establishing operating procedures for things not specifically covered in the Project's bylaws. It is the Advisory Board that sets the procedures for the removal of a state coordinator, sets the procedures that govern how a grievance will be handled (among other things) and establishes the guidelines that cover what we can and cannot do with our individual websites.

If you normally do not vote, I encourage you this year to take the time to become informed about the candidates for your region, National Coordinator and Representative-at-Large and vote for the people you feel will best represent you. Don't leave such an important decision in someone else's hands.

The nomination period has ended, and the annual election runs the full month of July so you have ample time to get to know the candidates. Visit the EC's 2006 election site You will find a list of candidates and a link to the candidates' campaign page.

Join your regional e-mail list, and the Project's Discuss list ( Ask questions of the candidates, or read what the candidates and others have to say. Review the different Project's lists by spending a little time browsing the list archives. If the representative for your area, the NC or RAL candidates currently hold a position in the Project (current AB member or SC) review the archives of Board-L, ABChat and the State Coordinator's lists. Visit the candidates' websites and see what kind of job they do. Ask other people what they know about the candidate.

Please vote.

Until next time ...
Linda Haas Davenport
USGenWeb Project National Coordinator

Important Reminder from the USGenWeb Election Committee

Voting will begin in the USGenWeb National Election on Saturday, July 1, 2006. All registered USGenWeb members will receive a voting password that will contain instructions on voting. Please allow two to three days to receive the password.

If you do not receive a password, contact your EC Representative at, and please include your full name, the state(s)/project(s) in which you volunteer, and your positions within those projects, e.g., CC, SC, FM, etc.

Voting will continue through the month of July. Please visit the EC web pages for announcements and pertinent information on the positions, and the candidates.

[Ed. Note: The EC "Meet the Candidates" page is located at]

Annette Bame Peebles
Montgomery County, IN

Was one of your relatives a grayed-haired settler in Montgomery County, Indiana? Karen Zach and Jeff Scism co-host the site. Here are a few words from Pat Mount (Coordinator for Henry and Scott Counties, Indiana)...

The site contains about 8,000 pages. They keep the site updated with donated information in a timely fashion. I just thought that they, and their volunteers, deserved some recognition for a job well done. If you are looking for "pretty," this is obviously not the site. However, if you are looking for amount of free information readily available and would be difficult to beat this site!

Alachua County, FL

Jim Powell, Jr. hosts this site. Here are a few words from Laverne Hammock Tornow (Coordinator for Pasco County, Florida; Co-Coordinator for Citrus, Orange and Pinellas Counties, Florida)...

It is a wonderful model for the rest of us to try to include as much data as possible. It shows what a symbiotic relationship with County Clerks and local historical and genealogical societies can accomplish. Jim set up a program where volunteers could transcribe all of the documents in the Alachua County Clerk's office ONLINE! We logged in and selected a document, the document image loaded with a choice of resolutions, and a data entry screen appeared in the lower half of the screen. The sheer amount of information he has made available to us at NO CHARGE is phenomenal. Jim is always ready to lend a hand if you are having trouble with anything.

Focus on Special Projects - USGenWeb Archives Linage Project
Daryl Lytton -Assistant Editor

In the upcoming months, this section of the News will be featuring state and county special projects, as well as USGenWeb Special Projects. If you know of state or county special projects that deserve recognition, please write a story about it and send it to me at We will place it in line for publication in the Newsletter.

The USGenWeb Archives Linage Project is located at and here to tell us about it is Project Coordinator Freddie Spradlin...

The site was created quite some time ago by Megan and Barry Zurawicz. I've redesigned the pages several times to make them easier to maintain and to make the email addresses harder (hopefully much harder) for robots to harvest for spam purposes.

The purpose of the pages is to help connect people interested in a particular surname by having a place to post a single (earliest?) member of their surname line with date of birth or some indication of the approximate date. The place of birth OR other location would show where in the US or colonies they lived. The poster's name and email address is required with the ancestor's information. The name of a spouse can be posted with the ancestor, and the URL of any web page dealing with the ancestor can be added. Postings are separated into three categories determined by the era: before 1800, 1800-1825, and 1826-1850.

A poster can submit one posting for each unique surname in a category, and alternate spellings of the surname are posted individually. So in any category, a poster may have John Read, John Reed, and John Reid. But if he submits John Read, William Read and Joseph Read, the last one I receive is the one he'll see on the web page. Or he can post John Read Sr. in the before 1800 category, John Read Jr. in the 1800-1825 category, and John Read III in the 1826-1850 category.

I suppose the reason the singular posting policy was implemented was to prevent people from posting ALL the siblings, cousins, and ne'er-do-wells, in their line.

It's a fairly popular place; I usually get 5-10 postings each day. But like all posters, I get about the same number of removals each month due to bad email addresses, as I do new postings.

News Bulletin!
Josh Taylor
FGS/NEHG Genealogy Conference

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Prose & Poetry
What If?

If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row,
Would you be proud of them, or don't you really know?

Some strange discoveries are made in climbing family trees,
And some of them, you know, do not particularly please.
If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row,
There might be some of them, perhaps, you wouldn't care to know.

But there's another question which requires a point of view.
If you could meet your ancestors, would they be proud of you?
-- Leila Pearce, age 11

Do you have any humorous or serious genealogy stories, prose or poetry you would like to share with others? Please send them to for consideration and possible publication in the News.

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