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Volume 3, Number 3
May 2006

Notes From The Editor
Denise Wells
Happy Mother's Day, ladies! And to the gentlemen of our readership, a great big hello to you also! It's only my second full month and already great things are happening. There have been a couple of exciting changes for the Newsletter and for me. First of all, the AB has now graciously approved my heading up your Newsletter, and I'm looking forward to bringing you an informative, helpful newsletter each month. The second item is the counties featured in the Site Spotlights section of the News will also be spotlighted on the main page of the USGenWeb Project for one month.

I invite our subscribers to voice their opinions to me about what else they would like to see in their Newsletter. This is a Newsletter about your hard work. Let me know how I can help. Denise Wells

Notes From The N.C.
Linda Haas Davenport
Site Spotlights:
The Newsletter Committee is featuring at least one Site Spotlight County in the News each month. This Spotlight county will be displayed (and linked to) on the National Page for a month and then moved to a page featuring all the Spotlighted counties. If you have a county in your state that deserves to be recognized, or if you feel your own county deserves to be recognized, please contact the News editor, Denise Wells at

Coming Up:
The Annual Election is fast approaching. Elsewhere in the Newsletter, the Election Committee has posted a list of Advisory Board seats that will be open. Nominations will be accepted from June 1st through about June 15th. I encourage each of you to think seriously about volunteering to serve on the AB or to nominate someone you feel will represent you well.

Be Informed:
The majority of you are not subscribed to your Regional list or to the Project's Discuss list, and I'm sad to say most of you do not vote each year. I've been told so many times - "CCs just want to be left alone to do their web pages. They don't want to be bothered with politics." If you feel this way then the very best thing you can do is to make an informed decision about who will represent you on the Advisory Board. You can learn more about the candidates for your region if you subscribe to your Regional list and the Discuss list for the months of June and July. Subbing information can be found at: and election information, nominees and candidates' campaign pages can be found on the Election Committee's website. If you are unfamiliar with the activities of the Advisory Board, the minutes of the AB are posted at and the AB's discussions are archived at (type in BOARD in the box). Until next time ...

Linda Haas Davenport
USGenWeb Project National Coordinator

Notes From The E.C.
Important Reminder from the USGenWeb Election Committee

The National 2006 Election will begin 1 June 2006 with the acceptance of nominations for open Advisory Board seats. Please visit and bookmark the National 2006 Election web pages your one-stop shop for election information on open seats, nominees, candidates, and results. Please take a minute to read the election FAQ where you will find a great deal of helpful information.

In order to participate as a voter in the election, you must be properly registered with the EC no later than 31 May 2006. If you were a USGenWeb Member on 1 February 2004, or received a password in the last election, you are probably already registered. If you are a new member, or if you have changed project participation or email address, you are encouraged to reregister immediately! Registrations will only be accepted through 31 May 2006. After that, the voter lists will be frozen for the duration of the election, per EC Procedures

The EC encourages everyone to participate and vote! Make your voice count!

In other news, the EC welcomed three new members to the committee: LaRae Hasley-Books, Christy Fisher, and Ellen Pack, bringing the committee to full staff. The EC elected Ellen Pack as Chairperson. Shirley Cullum remains as Publicist-Secretary. Both officer terms end 31 December 2006.

Site Spotlights
Annette Bame Peebles
Hyde County, NC
A brief visit to the site reveals the years of work that have gone into making it what it is. John McGowan and Kay Midgett Sheppard are the co-coordinators. Here are a few words from Nola, one of the ASC for NC: "The CC, John McGowan, keeps in contact with all the people on the mailing list on a regular basis and promptly responds to any and all requests for help. More importantly, he and Kay, his co-CC, truly work at transcribing every available record they can get their hands on. They don't simply ask others to submit data, they work at it. Kay almost single-handedly bought and transcribed all the death records. Both of them have Hyde Co. roots and John still lives in Hyde Co. John is active with the local Genealogical Society and subsequently is able to get a lot of support whenever someone has a question. If John does not know the answer, he will seek to find another researcher who does. I honestly think they represent what is best about the USGenWeb. Their devotion is to and for the researchers, first and foremost. They did not take a county to be a CC with the USGenWeb. They would have done the same fine job, without any affiliation, but are also proud active supporters of the USGenWeb. I first found their web page before I even knew what the USGenWeb was. Since I was working on a line that passed through Hyde Co., I asked if I might be listed on their Surname page. Not only was my listing posted promptly, John made the extra effort to contact a number of people personally that he knew might have additional information. With their help, I was able to add many names and a lot of information to my own personal database."

Gregg County, TX
The Gregg County website is an excellent resource for genealogy research. Elaine Martin and Sharon Pierce are the co-coordinators. Here are a few words from Shirley, one of the ASCs of TX: "The site is continually being updated with new information. Gregg County has been selected as the TXGenWeb County of the Month three times and is in the TXGenWeb Hall of Fame. That honor has only been awarded to 8 counties out of the 254 Texas County websites."

Researching Obituaries
Anne J. Mitchell - Records Reporter
If you are looking for an obituary, the Internet is a great place to start your search. There are many different websites where you can find an obituary before you contact a volunteer to do a lookup. I recommend that you search for some background information before looking for an obituary. Basic information, such as date and location may be found on the Internet. Be sure to check the Social Security Death Index.

Rootsweb's Social Security Index:

For more information about obituaries, see The USGenWeb Archives Obituary Project. The Project volunteers do not perform lookups. However, there are some useful tips for finding obituaries. In addition, there is a link to help locate an obituary lookup volunteer.

Here is a list of great websites compiled by Rootsweb to search for an obituary.

If you find an obituary on any website that is archived (no longer available or available for a fee), there are a few things you can do: ask a volunteer to look it up for you; contact your local library and pay a small fee for a photocopy; or contact your local library with an interlibrary loan (ILL) request.

You will need a library card to make an ILL request. For newspaper items, you usually need the name of the newspaper, the date and the page number. You might get lucky and find a reference to this information on the Internet. For more information about the ILL, visit the American Library Association Interlibrary Loan link

Find a library in your area:

Researching an older obituary can be more challenging. Most older obituaries are not available on the Internet unless they were submitted. Your local library may be the best option. The library will have older newspapers on microfilm that can be searched independently or by a librarian.

Many newspapers have archives on their website. The name and address of a newspaper can be located in the Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media. The Gale Directory can be found in the reference section of your local library.

Also see the Rootsweb's article "Searching the Web for Volunteers"

Focus on Special Projects - The Genealogical Events Project
Daryl Lytton - Assistant Editor
Continuing our tour of the USGenWeb Special Projects, The Genealogical Events Project is found at and is about conferences, seminars, and fairs, etc. Here to tell you about it is Project Coordinator Kathy Stokes Hudson...

When I have taken to genealogical seminars, fairs etc, I often hear people say they wish they had known of a seminar, fair or meeting that had been held. Societies often have very limited funds and their events may only be known by word of mouth to their surrounding counties. Because I support the good work of societies, I felt they needed another avenue to place their event in the public's eye. Since my businesses demand much of my attention, I cannot afford the time to join societies and work on their projects. Consequently, I felt the best way I could help them was to request a website be made available at The USGenWeb Project. There is no cost to the society. I spend a little of my time to post their event, and it can then be viewed by many people.

The Genealogy Events website started with a section for each state in the United States. I then added national events such as: FGS (Federation of Genealogists), NGS (National Genealogical Society), AAHGS (Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society), etc. By attending the national events I obtain future information about national events sometimes two years ahead of the scheduled conference. Posting the national events as far in advance as possible gives many the opportunity to plan early to attend a conference in a particulat location or during a certain month or year.

When I was contacted by other countries wanting to post to the website, I found it necessary to expand the Genealogy Events page to offer more than the United States' events. This section is called "Outside of the United States."

Because I am unable to visit each USGenWeb state and county, many people do not know of this service; therefore, their state and county events are not posted to the USGenWeb Genealogy Events Project. The USGenWeb Genealogy Events Project has almost 100,000 visits a month, and societies are missing possible attendees. I encourage societies not to post their events at the last minute.. Many researching in a county or state that is holding an event but live in another state would like to attend. Often they must schedule their vacation to coincide with the event.

I would appreciate you letting your local society know where they can find the USGenWeb Genealogy Events Project, or send an email to me regarding the details of their event, Kathy Stokes Hudson,

Prose & Poetry
Family Skeleton
The Smith family was proud of their family tradition. Their ancestors had come to America on the Mayflower. Their line had included senators, pastors, and Wall Street wizards.

They decided to compile a family history, a legacy for the children. They hired a fine author. Only one problem arose: how to handle that great-uncle who was executed in the electric chair. But the author said not to worry, he could handle that section of history tactfully.

When the book appeared, the family turned to the section on Uncle George. There, they read, "George Smith occupied a chair of applied electronics at an important government institution, was attached to his position by the strongest of ties. His death came as a real shock."

Got humorous or serious genealogy stories, prose or poetry? We want to read it! Send it to for consideration for publication in the News.


The views expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributors, including newsletter staff, and are not necessarily those of the USGenWeb Project.


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Editor: Denise Wells
Assistant Editor: Daryl Lytton
Copy Editor: Morgan Johnson
Site Spotlights: Annette Bame Peebles
Records Reporter: Anne J. Mitchell


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