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Volume 2, Number 3
April 2005

A REMINDER . . . .
Shari Handley - National Coordinator
The logo contest is underway! We invite your ideas and designs for a new USGenWeb logo. For more information about the contest, please see

Shari Handley - National Coordinator
USGenWeb gets some very positive press in Nancy Hendrickson's article, "The Web's Greatest Hits" in the February 2005 issue of Family Tree Magazine:

USGenWeb <> If American genealogy were a swanky hotel, USGenWeb would surely occupy the presidential suite. The free, all-volunteer Web site houses marriage, obituary and tombstone transcriptions; church records; census images; and much more. You can search all these resources by clicking the links under Search Engines on the home page. In 2000, the Special Collections Projects (Click on Projects) started, with scanned images of out-of-print books journals, family letters, and photographs. The heart of USGenWeb though, is the network of state, county-level pages that allow researchers to post queries and connect with anyone climbing the same family tree or prowling the same locales. As reader Phyllis Stehm explains, "You can't beat the USGenWeb for finding people in an area who really know it and can help you with possible sources to check."

Congratulations to each and every USGenWeb volunteer! Your dedication to the concept of free-access, grass-roots, online genealogy has given The USGenWeb Project a wonderful reputation as The Place to Go for free information and advice from friendly, knowledgeable, neighborly people. We should all be very proud of what we've accomplished so far, and excited about what we look forward to accomplishing in the future.

Shari Handley
National Coordinator - The USGenWeb Project

Tina Vickery - Election Committee
In order to receive a voting password for USGenWeb national level elections and polls you must be registered with the EC (Election Committee.) To receive a voting password for the USGenWeb National Election, you must be registered no later than 31 May, 2005. If you have previously registered and your registration (i.e., email address, participation within the project, etc.) has not changed, you do not need to re-register. If you have questions about your registration, please contact your Elections Committee representative prior to submitting a new registration.

If you were a member of USGenWeb on or before 1 February 2004 and your name was submitted to the EC by your State or Project leadership, you were automatically registered. If you are unsure of your registration status, you may ask your area EC Representative, or you may submit a Registration form.

Members joining USGenWeb or those who have taken on additional roles will not be automatically registered, and must register themselves. Example: You were a CC in a particular state. You resigned that county, and now have a county in another state. To ensure you will receive a voting password for that region, you must inform the EC that you have changed states.

If you are currently registered but do not wish to receive a voting password, or if you leave the Project entirely, please contact an EC Representative to have your name removed from the Registered List.

The EC has an online registration form:

To learn who to contact on the EC, go to:

Please bookmark the EC website for the latest Election and Registration news:

***Registration information is confidential to the Election Committee, and will not be shared with Project leadership or other members. It is used only to send voting passwords. Do not depend on your SC or other project leadership to see that you are registered, or that appropriate changes are made.

Thank you,
The USGenWeb Election Committee

Roger Swafford - Bylaws Revision Committee Chair
The BRC has reported out to the National Coordinator and submitted six recommended amendments to the bylaws for membership consideration. I wish to extend my personal thanks to all who served on the BRC. To view the recommended amendments visit


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