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Volume 2, Number 2
February 2005

Tina Vickery - Election Committee Chair
The USGenWeb Election Committee is looking for three volunteers who would like to serve on the committee.

The "job" includes developing a working relationship with Project members, SCs, and/or Archives personnel to maintain current Project Membership and Registration Lists, and to assist in all polls and elections, especially during the months of June and July when the EC hosts the USGenWeb Project's Annual Election.

Volunteers will have the satisfaction of joining an excellent team to handle a difficult and important responsibility. The following seats are currently open:

*Northeast/North Central Region - Two Year Term
January 1, 2005 - December 31, 2006.

*Archives/Special Projects - One Year Replacement Term
January 1, 2005 - December 31, 2005

*Archives/Special Projects - Two Year Term January 1,
2005 - December 31, 2006

NOTE: You do *not* have to be a member in any of the above regions or projects to be eligible to serve in a particular seat. Final determination of placement will be made by the EC.

Any member of the USGW Project who is eligible to register to vote is eligible for membership in the EC, the exception being that no Advisory Board member may serve as a working member of the EC. An EC member who is elected to national office may continue to serve on the EC until seated on the AB. Members do not have to be registered to serve.

The EC is looking for team players who will check and respond to mail daily, and recognize the confidentiality aspects of the work. This is a busy but harmonious committee, and the work is very rewarding!

If you are interested in volunteering, please send a note to: Tina Vickery with the subject line, "Volunteer EC".

Please include a brief description of your current USGW participation, including URLs of any sites you maintain, plus any other information you would like the EC to have.

Final selection and placement will be made by the EC and presented to the Advisory Board for confirmation.

More information about the EC is available:

Thank you for your time, and please consider volunteering!

Roger Swafford - Bylaws Revision Committee Chair
The BRC has approved a plan to submit six amended Bylaws Articles for membership consideration in its next report, due not later than 1 April 2005. Additional amendments to other articles may be included if time permits and a majority vote of the committee approves. One of the six articles, Composition of the Advisory Board, has been approved in final form.

Articles currently under consideration for changes include: Duties and Qualifications of the Advisory Board, Advisory Board Procedures and State Projects. Pending further consideration are Special Projects and Grievance Procedures and Appeals.

Members are encouraged to send comments to committee members via links on the committee website at or via the BRDL or Discuss lists. To view tentative amendments visit .

Sharon Rhodes - Editor
Native American Census Project
Be sure to click the "Read about Native American Enumerations" link at the top.

There is a wealth of information covering many different tribes at the Oklahoma Territory - Indian Territory USGenWeb Project site.

The NARA web site hosts an informative article by Kent Carter, Director of National Archives-Fort Worth Branch, entitled Wantabes and Outalucks: Searching for Indian Ancestors in Federal Records. The article describes federal records of Native Americans and their value for genealogy.

Local NARA facilities might hold area specific records:

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has a page of helps for genealogical research:

A DOI pdf file listing contact information for tribal leaders:


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