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Volume 2, Number 1
January 2005

Shari Handley, National Coordinator
Wow! Can you believe that 2004 has come and gone already? I hope you've all had a very happy holiday season. As we buckle down and get back in the swing of things with our USGenWeb sites, here's hoping that 2005 will find The USGenWeb Project growing and prospering and continuing its fine tradition of volunteerism in the genealogical community. This Project has each and every one of you to thank for the positive way our researchers view us and for the position of respect we enjoy in online, free-access genealogy. Keep up the good work!

Please join me in welcoming Mike St. Clair as the new Advisory Board Recording Secretary, and in bidding a fond farewell to outgoing Recording Secretary Greta Thompson. Greta has done a great job as AB Secretary, and Mike will have some pretty big shoes to fill. However, I have no doubt that he will also prove to be organized, prompt, and very efficient, as Greta was.

There will be some fun coming up that you may be interested in. The Board has voted to have a poll (read more below) to find out whether you and your fellow coordinators would like to have the choice of multiple logos for your sites, or just stick to one logo for everyone. Once we've learned your preference, a logo contest will be conducted. Time to let your creativity shine through! Then, during the regular elections in July, you'll get a chance to select an official USGenWeb logo and possibly, if the poll results favored it, some alternatives.

Shari Handley
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb Project

Logo Poll
Tina Vickery Election Committee Chair
With the passage of Motion 04-24: Single or Multiple Logos, December 28, 2004, the Election Committee has been directed by the Advisory Board to ". . . conduct a poll of the membership to establish the wishes of the membership as to whether one or multiple logos should be used by the Project."

"For Polls and other appropriate elections, a period of not less than two weeks shall be provided for Registrations." [B.3.c.ii.]

You must be registered in order to vote in the poll. The Elections Committee will accept registrations for this poll from January 12, 2005 thru January 26, 2005. Please visit to register or to update your e-mail address and project participation.

The dates of the poll will be announced as soon as they are set.


The USGenWeb Project Election Committee

Hints and Helps
A new section for volunteers to offer wisdom. To contribute send an email to and include your USGenWeb volunteer information.

Mari Modlin CC: IA Hardin County, WI Crawford County, WI Dane County
Mari provides the instructions to increase text size in the Firefox browser:
"Mozilla Firefox: In the top left corner of the browser window select 'view'. A box will open. Choose 'Increase text size'."

Sharon Rhodes Editor
The New Deal program was created in the 1930s by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Several federal agencies were formed as part of the New Deal that provided work for many Americans during the Great Depression.

Emergency Conservation Work was created by congress in April 1933. Congress extended this program in June 1937 and the name Civilian Conservation Corps, or CCC, became the official agency title. In 1939 it became part of the Federal Security Agency. The program was designed to conserve timber, soil and water and offer jobs and training to unemployed young men.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, was created in May 1933 to improve conditions in the Tennessee River Basin.

The National Industrial Recovery Act, NIRA, provided the Public Works Administration and the National Recovery Administration, NRA.

The Public Works Administration (PWA), Works Progress Administration (renamed Works Projects Administration in 1939) (WPA), Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) and National Youth Administration (NYA) are explained below.

The Social Security Act contained the retirement fund, unemployment insurance and aid for dependent children.

For information about the records from these programs I contacted NARA Reference Specialist Eugene Morris.

Here is what he said:

"TVA records are kept at our Southeast Regional Archive in Eastpoint Georgia. Anyone looking for TVA records should just contact them straight away.

The PWA... known originally as the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works ..was created in 1933. The WPA was created by the merging of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (May, 1933) and the Civil Works Administration (November 1933) by Executive Order in May of 1935. The PWA and the WPA (along with the CCC and a few others) were placed under the control of the Federal Works Agency in July of 1939. The National Youth Administration began as a WPA program in 1935. In July of 1939, it was transferred to the newly-created Federal Security Agency. In September of 1942, it was transferred again to War Manpower Commission. Its functions were absorbed by that agency.

Social Security records (Record Group 47) are considered part of the Health/Human Services cluster and are not under the New Deal Era cluster.

...Indexes of locality-specific records ... would still be somewhere in the local area. Indexes of cemeteries, birth and death records, census records, court records, church archives and many more were done by the WPA but those indexes remained with the records they indexed. The local records were not copied and there are not copies of them at the National Archives. The bulk of the administrative files of the WPA are at the National Archives at College Park. is the e-mail address for our Still Pictures unit, online photos can be found at or by searching our Archival Research Catalog (ARC) at

CCC, WPA, PWA, NYA, and NRA records are all part of the New Deal cluster of records and (researchers) can write to the inquire address ( or call us at (301) 837-3480.

Personnel information for persons employed by the NYA, NRA, and PWA is non-existent. For WPA workers, at The National Personnel Records Center there is a tiny, fragmentary file listing a portion of those individuals who received employment through the United States Employment Service on WPA projects. It will list only the name of the person and the Official Project (O.P.) number of the project. For CCC enrollees, their Discharge Certificates are on file at the National Personnel Records Center. Their address is National Personnel Records Center, Civilian Personnel Records, 111 Winnebago Street, St. Louis, MO 63118-4199. You'll generally have to supply the person's name, date of birth, and there also may be privacy issues that require signed releases or proof of death and proof of relation."

Morris specializes in New Deal records and records of WWI Civilian agencies; to contact him with questions call 301-837-1993. To contact the NARA about holdings email

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