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Advisory Board Minutes - December 2008


Session Opened
Appointment of Assistant Webmaster
Announcements by Grievance Committee
Christmas Recess
Motion 2008/09-06: Amend EC Procedures
Recess and Adjournment

SESSION OPEN 1 Dec 2008 by the NC
December meeting convened

AGENDA (4 Dec 2008) by the NC
New Business:
-- November Advisory Board minutes - Linda Haas Davenport;
-- Appointment of USGenWeb Project Assistant Webmaster with input of Web Manager, Jeff Kemp.
-- Discussion of Official Project mailing lists move to national server from Rootsweb.
Old Business:
-- Contact information inclusion of USGenWeb Project members on their USGenWeb Project pages.
-- Discussion/clarification and reconciliation of confusion in wording (pages, meaning sites) within the USGenWeb Project bylaw & guidelines.
-- Discussion of a requirement of an official USGenWeb Project logo on USGenWeb Project pages.
-- Discuss the findings of the Fact Finding Committee;
-- Discussion and clarification of the EC role in determining a member's eligibility to vote [Discussion opened by Chair on August 23, 2008];
-- Discussion and clarification of the role and
responsibilities of the State Coordinators in helping the Election Committee develop an up-to-date lists of members [Discussion opened by Chair on August 23, 2008];
-- Discuss a procedure / improvement for how the Advisory Board presents and follows an agenda; [Special rule note on this item: SECTION IV. ORDER OF BUSINESS. ];
-- Following Parliamentary Procedures [Special rule note on this item: SECTION II. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY.;
-- Implementing Bylaws reviews and putting together a new committee;
-- USGenWeb members serving on multiple standing sub committees;
-- Non responsive Advisory Board members;
-- Educational and Promotional Resources (continued discussion if warranted).

NOVEMBER MINUTES (14 Dec 2008) By the NC
The November, 2008 Minutes have been posted for review to the national website at:
If there is no objection or corrections the minutes will stand approved December 17, 2008, 8:00 a.m.
(19 Dec 2008) By the NC
Having heard no objection, the November minutes are approved as presented.

Appointment of Assistant Webmaster (4 Dec 2008) By the NC
The agenda item -- Appointment of USGenWeb Project Assistant Webmaster with input of Web Manager, Jeff Kemp has been opened on AB-Chat
(10 Dec 2008) By the NC
The Advisory Board is in Executive session to review the Assistant Webmaster position.

Announcements by Grievance Committee (16 Dec 2008) By the NC
From: "Dorman Holub" <
To: "Tina S. Vickery" <
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 12:17 AM
Subject: Grievance Committee Calls for Mediators and Arbitrators
The Grievance Committee chair solicits the project for volunteer mediators and arbitrators that we might address grievances brought before the committee.
If you have a desire to be a voluntary mediator or arbitrator, you are advised to read the grievance procedures :
Send an email to the Grievance Chair with your desire to be a mediator and/ or arbitrator.
Dorman Holub -
In the body of your email, please state your qualifications for either position and if you have had training to be either a mediator or arbitrator.
It is the desire of the Grievance Committee to begin hearing grievances beginning January 2008.

(29 Dec 2008) By the NC
For the record. I have asked our web manager to update to this link on:
----- Original Message -----
From: "Dorman Holub" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2008 6:27 PM
Subject: [USGW-GC] New Grievance Committee Website
The Grievance Committee has a website:
The Chair recognizes Shirley Cullum for her great job of putting the website together. Thanks Shirley.
Dorman Holub
GC Chair

Christmas Recess (24 Dec - 29 Dec 2008)
Board recessed for the Christmas Holidays

Motion 2008/09-06: Amend EC Procedures (29 Dec 2008) Motion by Sherri Bradley, 2nd Ann Allen Genghegan
"I move that the proposed EC Procedure changes presented by Scott (included below) be accepted by a vote of general consent.
"Over the last quarter the EC has reviewed and updated their procedures. The vast majority of the changes are grammatical or the removal of redundant material, however the one significant change in the procedures is the change of title of one of the RAL positions to the role of Dataset Manager. ...."
(See for full text of motion)
Are there any objections to this motion?
(29 Dec 2008) By the AB Members
Discussion and questions presented by the AB members. This motion will carry over into the January 2009 session

Recess and Adjournment (31 Dec 2008) By the NC
The December session of the USGenWeb Project Advisory Board December session is adjourned. The January session will be convened on January 5, 2009, with continuation of discussion of the Election Committee Procedures.

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