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Advisory Board Minutes - December 2006



(December 3, 2006) By the NC
The December 2006 meeting was opened by the NC

Election Committee Slate
Motion 06-20: Election Committee Slate
Announcement: EC Change of Server
Annoucement: Complaint About the Archives
Newsletter Committee: 3rd Quarter Report
Board Mail Not Working


(December 4, 2006) By the N.C.
As the EC needs time to get new members acquainted with the software and the registration process, I believe it prudent to take this matter up as soon as is possible.

The EC has submitted it's proposed slate of members for the coming term which is quoted below.

Is there a motion for approval or disapproval of the slate of members for the EC?

Scott Burow
NC - USGenWeb Project


TO: USGenWeb Advisory Board
FROM: USGenWeb Election Committee
DATE: November 29, 2006
SUBJECT: Confirmation Request for New and Replacement EC Members

The EC respectfully submits the following Slate of prospective EC Members for your approval/disapproval, per Election Committee Procedures Section A, Item 2, par. 2:

"From the list of volunteers, the EC shall select new or replacement members for the EC. This list of volunteers shall then be submitted to the Advisory Board for approval and confirmation. The Advisory Board shall not be allowed to "pick and choose" any individual committee member. Should the Advisory Board disapprove the slate of members in its entirety, the process shall be repeated."

Should the AB approve of the submitted Slate, the EC requests immediate seating of all new EC Members in order to have time to properly train new members, and to elect EC officers for the year 2007.

1. Representative at Large
Two year term 31 December 2006 - 31 December 2008
Christine Sweet-Heart
Qualifying positions:
MAGenWeb CC three counties

2. Northeast/North Central
Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Wisconsin.
Two year term 31 December 2006 - 31 December 2008
Martha A. Crosby Graham
Qualifying positions:
CAGenWeb ASC, and CC five counties
SP Biography Projects six states
SP National Migrations two states

3. Northwest/Plains
Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming.
Two year term 31 December 2006 - 31 December 2008
Linda Ziemann
Qualifying positions:
IAGenWeb CC three counties
IAGenWeb LSP Iowa Old Press

4. Southeast/Mid-Atlantic
D.C., Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
Two year term 31 December 2006 - 31 December 2008
Everette Carr
Qualifying position:
MSGenWeb CC Attala County

5. Southwest/South Central
Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah
Two year term 31 December 2006 - 31 December 2008
Linda K. Lewis
Qualifying positions:
KSGenWeb LSP cemeteries and two counties

6. Archives/Special Projects
Two year term 31 December 2006 - 31 December 2008
Bryant W. Walker
Qualifying positions:
SP FM state of Louisiana

Respectfully submitted,
The USGenWeb Election Committee


(December 4, 2006) Motion made by Mike Peterson seconded by Bettie Wood
I move the Election Committee's proposed slate of members including:
Christine Sweet-Heart,
Martha A. Crosby Graham,
Linda Ziemann,
Everette Carr,
Linda K. Lewis, and
Bryant W. Walker
be approved for immediate seating on the Election Committee with each term expiring 31 December 2008.

(December 5, 2006) By the N.C.
Call for discussion was issued

(December 10, 2006) By the N.C.
Call for voting was issued

(December 12, 2006) By the N.C.
Voting concluded. EC Slate is accepted
Members voting to accept the EC slate: Alice Allen, Cyndie Enfinger, Greta Thompson, George Waller, Jan Cortez, Larry Flesher, Mike Peterson, Paul. Buckley, Phyllis Rippee, Sundee Maynez, Suzanne Shephard,
Members voting to not accept the EC slate: Karen De Groote-Johnson, Linda Blum-Barton,
Members not responding: None


(December 12, 2006) Forwarded by the N.C.
FROM: USGenWeb Election Committee
DATE: December 5, 2006
SUBJECT: EC Technical and Administrative Upgrades

In mid-October, the EC was informed by Larry Stephens that he was no longer comfortable using the Indiana University server to support the voting software used in our national elections due to the large number of required password Emails. A search was initiated to locate an affordable server that would meet our technical and security requirements.

After several weeks of exploring coldfusion servers, on November 12, 2006 the EC members voted unanimously to allow Larry to move the software to HostMySite, as shared/increased space on an account currently used by Larry and his wife in her business. The EC felt that Larry's experience with the server was invaluable from a technical, security, and reliability standpoint. Use of this server would also eliminate the need to pay a setup fee, as the account is already in service. Forthcoming, for approval by the AB, will be an agreement that will cover ownership of the data, etc.

The annual cost was affixed at $96, a competitive figure comparable to or lower than other servers considered. The fee has subsequently been generously covered by an anonymous donor (who has no access to or vested interest in the server.)

The domain that had been gifted to the EC several years ago, but which was used only to house the registration form, will be pointed to the new server. Except for the EC Web Site ( and the EC mail list (Rootsweb), all EC applications, including registration, will fall under domain. Software under that domain will be accessible only by Larry, thereby maintaining the appropriate distancing of the EC from the software, passwords, voting, etc., in the same way distancing was accomplished via use of the IU server.

With the newly acquired server space and improved technology, it is now possible to create an online member dataset, housed under the domain, that will replace the outdated and manually maintained Excel files currently used by the EC for maintaining voter and membership lists. A change of this nature was attempted three years ago, but was unsuccessful due to technical difficulties.

In addition to alleviating the workload of the EC members, and increased reliability, the general USGenWeb membership will benefit from the dataset by being able to access/view/edit his/her own personal information (password protected, and subject to verification by the EC, per EC Procedures.) A further advantage is that such a dataset can work in tandem with the voting software, and the registration form. Additionally, registration will be considered global within the project, in that members will no longer have to re-register each time participation or email address changes.

The dataset will also be programmed to generate a complete membership list when needed for use with the national mail list (which will remain on the IU server.) The EC will no longer be required to manually prepare a list for each mailing.

Initial testing of the new registration form and dataset occurred during the week of November 10, 2006. On November 15, the current registration form was disabled, and the EC lists temporarily frozen pending completion of programming changes and debugging.

Development and testing is ongoing. While there is not as yet a target date for completion, it is expected that the general membership will be able to access the dataset and their individual records in the early part of 2007.

The EC would like to extend to Larry its deep appreciation for the tremendous assistance he has given the EC and the Project. None of this would be possible without his help.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Pack
Chair, Election Committee

(December 29, 2006) By the N.C.
With the consent of a quorum of the Advisory Board and after review by legal counsel, I have signed the below agreement on behalf of the USGenWeb Project as National Coordinator as part of the day to day activities of the project.

Scott Burow
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb Project
Agreement Between USGenWeb Election Committee & Larry & Sherry Stephens dba Basket Basics

1. Larry & Sherry Stephens (Owner) agrees to lend space on their website to the USGenWeb Election Committee (EC) for the purpose of a ColdFusion driven database application.

2. Owner makes no warranties of fitness for the website location (hosted on HostMySite) nor the ColdFusion programming.

3. Oversight and maintenance of the website, programming, elections and database are the subject of a separate agreement(s) between Owner and EC and are not a part of this agreement.

4. Owner retains title to the programming used on the website, however, if this cooperative effort should terminate Owner will make a reasonable effort to give the EC the program for their continued use while still retaining title to the coding.

5. EC retains ownership of the data and Owner will not use the data for any purpose other than that approved by the EC.

6. The dates of this agreement shall be January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007 and will be automatically renewed year to year unless notice of termination is given.

7. Either side may terminate this agreement for any reason by giving thirty days notice to the other. Notice will be given to the EC via email to the current chair of the EC. If Owner has not been advised who the current chair is within 15 days of any change of chair, or if Owner does not have a valid email address for the chair, this agreement shall be terminated with no refund due. Notice will be given to Owner at

8. In the event of termination of this agreement, other than as noted above, Owner will return any fees pro rata to EC.

9. Payment of fees will be due to Owner no later than January 10 each year. Payment shall be sent to Owner at *ADDRESS REDACTED FOR PRIVACY*.

10. The annual payment may be adjusted by Owner by giving 30 days notice to EC. Payment is based on host site fees with no margin for profit or overhead.

11. Payment for calendar year 2007 is $96.00.


(December 3, 2006) By Cyndie Enfinger
The Advisory Board received a complaint involving transcriptions posted in the Archives on November 29th. The AB brought this issue to the Archives Representatives who in turn investigated and worked to resolve the issue with the appropriate State File Manager. All parties have been contacted and the AB considers this matter to be resolved by the Archives Representatives and closed.


(December 13, 2006) By the N.C.
TO: USGenWeb National Coordinator and Advisory Board
FROM: USGenWeb Newsletter Committee
SUBJECT: Newsletter Report, 3rd Quarter 2006
DATE: November 3 2006

The July News was sent out to 2207 members.

The August News was sent out to 2160 members.

Incoming NC Scott Burow was subscribed to the Newsletter List. Former NC Linda Haas Davenport was unsubscribed from the Newsletter List. The September Newsletter was sent out to 2095 members.

Respectfully submitted,
The USGenWeb Newsletter Committee


(December 13, 2006) By the N.C.
Please forward to all project lists.

The Board list is currently not forwarding mail. Messages sent yesterday have not been received for almost 24 hours at this writing although they appear in the archives. The problem is being addressed but has not been resolved.

The AB will be moving all formal discussion to AB-Chat ( with copies to Board to make a record for the archives when it is functioning properly.

I was also advised yesterday that the archiver for AB-Chat is not working. This too will be addressed as soon as is possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and I'll advise the lists when things have been resolved.

(December 17, 2006) By the N.C.
It appears that the software glitch that was preventing Board mail from going through has been resolved.

The Board will move all formal discussion back to Board list.

Please forward to all appropriate project lists.



(January 1, 2007) By the N.C.
December 2006 meeting adjourned

The full text of all BOARD-L messages can be viewed in the threaded list archives for this list, located at

Donna Allen, Board Secretary

Please remember that minutes are a record of actions proposed and taken at the meeting, NOT all the detail about what was said by members or guests. If you have any questions or comments about the minutes, please write to Donna Allen.

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