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Advisory Board Minutes - November 2006



(November 1, 2006) By the NC
The November 2006 meeting was opened by Scott Burow, NC

October 2006 Minutes
Grievance Committee
Challenge: NV SC Election
Committee to Review Standing Procedures
Finalizing the Proposed Bylaw Amendment
Thanksgiving Recess


(November 27, 2006) By the N.C.
October's minutes are posted for review.

(November 27, 2006) By Greta Thompson
I suggest the following corrections:

Often the call for a motion isn't even seen by some members until after the motion and second has [should be: have] been made.

The RAL has suggested that a committee [be] formed to review...

I will make appointments to that committee after discussing the parameters and it's function with the volunteers and announce it at that time. [Suggest: I will make appointments to that committee and announce them after discussing its parameters and function with the volunteers.]


(November 2, 2006) By the N.C.
A call for volunteers for the Grievance Committee was issued.


(November 2, 2006) By the N.C.
As a challenge has been raised to the actions of the Presiding Officer regarding the NVGenWeb election, I hereby relinquish the chair to Mike Peterson, as Representative At Large, for the purpose of conducting a hearing into the allegations raised in the challenge.

Mr. Peterson will be acting NC of the USGenWeb Project and chair of the hearing.

(November 7, 2006) By Bettie Wood:
Also please make note that I am recusing myself from this action.

(November 7, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Announced the initiation of an investigation into allegation.

(November 8, 2006) By Acting N.C.
An outline of the steps to be followed for the investigation were posted

(November 8, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Mr. Fred Smoot,
In response to your correspondence below, which is being inserted into the Advisory Board record, and recognizing you are generally challenging the NVGenWeb State Coordinator Election of November 2006, I sincerely request, in accordance with Sturgis, p. 161, that you state the grounds for your challenge and your allegations with the inclusion of specific names, places, events, coupled with specific references, by paragraph, to cited standards, policies, rules, bylaws, guidelines, etc. In our attempt to be administratively efficient in resolving this challenge, I further request your specific grounds for challenge be received by me prior to 2:30pm 10 November 2006.
Mike Peterson
Acting National Coordinator
NC Mr. Scott Burow et al,

This is a challenge to the current NVGenWeb election for State Coordinator and covers an Advisory Board member's direct involvement in that election. Election challenges are not covered in the USGenWeb Project bylaws or other USGenWeb guidelines, so this challenge is being filed under guidelines provided in Sturgis. See page 161, "Challenging an Election" as found in "The Standard Code Parliamentary Procedure" by Alice Sturgis. Also note that I was informed by the USGenWeb Project National Coordinator Mr. Scott Burow on October 29, 2006 that "Sturgis (p. 161)" does apply to the NVGenWeb election.

This is a challenge that is separate from and in addition to my grievance of October 24, 2006.

1. That procedures required for carrying out a fair election were not observed, that actions conducting the election were unauthorized, illegal, and possibly politically motivated,

2. Provisions in the USGenWeb Project bylaws were not correctly interpreted or followed and that these violations could cause changes with the results of this election, and if allowed to stand, future elections.

3. The USGenWeb Project bylaws do not allow direct participation by the Advisory Board in XXGenWeb elections.

4. The USGenWeb Project bylaws do not allow direct unilateral participation by any Advisory Board member in XXGenWeb elections.

5. USGenWeb Project bylaws do not allow any Advisory Board member to personally count the votes XXGenWeb elections.

6. The USGenWeb Project bylaws allow the creation of a "Elections Subcommittee" (EC) however the bylaws do not designate the EC to conduct XXGenWeb elections.

7. The USGenWeb Project bylaws only require that State Coordinators be elected. The bylaws are silent as to how the XXGenWeb election should be conducted.

8. Even though some people believe that the Advisory Board should micro-manage XXGenWeb business, the bylaws do not indicate such.

9. NC Mr. Scott Burow and SWSC CC Rep Ms. Bettie Wood should recuse themselves from the challenge proceeding because their impartiality might reasonably be questioned because of their personal involvement in the NVGenWeb Project election.

10. The Advisory Board as a group (with the exception of Paul D. Buckley) should recuse themselves from the challenge proceeding because their impartiality might reasonably be questioned because Advisory Board member Bettie Wood has kept the Advisory Board personally informed via Board-Exec of her personal involvement in the NVGenWeb Project election.


Fred Smoot
-- NVGenWeb Project
-- CC: Churchill, Pershing, and Storey Counties

(November 8, 2006) By Acting N.C..
A request to Fred Smoot asking for the grounds on which the Challenge was issued and requesting specifics per Sturgis, p. 161.

(November 8, 2006) By Scott Burrow forwarded by Acting N.C.
Scott Burow responded with a preliminary response to the Challenge:

(November 9, 2006) By Acting N.C.
A response to Fred Smoot's request to have until Nov 17th to respond to Mike Peterson's request of the 8th.

(November 9, 2006) By Betty Wood forwarded by Acting N.C.
Bettie Wood responded with a preliminary response to the Challenge:

(November 10, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Message from Fred Smoot objecting to the time imposed by Mike Peterson for a response

(November 10, 2006) By Fred Smoot forwarded by Acting N.C.
Fred Smoot responded to the request of Acting N.C. Mike Peterson for specifics of the Challenge:

(November 10, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Posting of a copy of request for specific information sent to Betty Wood, Scott Burow and Patricia Scott (prior SC of NV)

(November 10, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Posting of a message from Fred Smoot addressing item #9 of the Challenge.
Posting of a message from Fred Smoot addressing item #10 of the Challenge

(November 12, 2006) By Scott Burow forwarded by Acting N.C.-

(November 12, 2006) By Scott Burow forwarded by Acting N.C.
Scott Burow responded to the Challenge in three sections
[Response - section 1]
[Response - section 2]
[Response - section 3]

(November 12, 2006) By Acting N.C.
We are drawing close to reviewing of allegations and responses, discussions, and developing findings. Those Advisory Board members recusing should do so now.
Members Responding:
Not Recusing: Cyndie Enfinger, George Waller, Greta Thompson, Karen De Groote-Johnson, Larry Flesher, Phyllis Rippee, Sundee Maynez, Suzanne Shephard,
Recusing: Bettie Wood, Scott Burow
Not Responding: Alice Allen, Jan Cortez, Linda Blum-Barton,

(November 13, 2006) By Acting N.C.
In the matter of the Challenged NVGenWeb Election, the Advisory Board is now in closed session on Board-Exec reviewing evidence, discussing, and developing findings. Board members, Bettie Wood, Scott Burow, and Paul Buckley are, or will be, unsubbed on Board-Exec before discussions begin.

(November 13, 2006) By Paul Buckley
I call for a point of order. First, a motion to consider the challenge has
not carried. Second, a motion to enter into an executive session has not

November 13, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Noting the importance of arriving at a decision the Acting Chair offered Paul Buckley three options:
1] Recuse from the action, or
2] In September you were advised of the confidentiality of Board-Exec. You were asked by the National Coordinator if you would agree to honor that confidentiality, and in your response you indicated you disagree with that and did not want to participate in Board-Exec. If you agree that you will honor the confidentiality of Board-Exec, you can enter into the current deliberations, or
3. Submit your recommendations, concerning this investigation to me, and I will provide them to Board-Exec for consideration in discussions and findings.

(November 14, 2006) By Paul Buckley
I object and appeal the decision of the chair.

(November 14, 2006) by Acting N.C.
SEMA SC Rep, Mr. Buckley, is appealing the chair ruling to his Points of Order. His Points of Order and the chair ruling are appended.
If you agree with the chair ruling respond with "I agree." If you disagree with the chair ruling respond with "I disagree."
Agree: Alice Allen, Cyndie Enfinger, George Waller, Greta Thompson, Karen De Groote-Johnson, Linda Blum-Barton, Phyllis Rippee, Larry Flesher, Sundee Maynez, Suzanne Shephard,
Disagree: None
Not Responding: Bettie Wood, Jan Cortez

(November 14, 2006) By Paul Buckley
Procedural question: Is not an appeal of a ruling by the chair a privileged motion subject to member discussion before a vote?

(November 15, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Response to Paul Buckley's Procedural Question: ... would you prefer the chair withdraw the question completely from the board and allow your motion to die for a lack of a second, or allow the board to make the decision on whether the chair's ruling stands?

(November 15, 2006) By Paul Buckley
However one wants to phrase it and apply any accepted parliamentary procedures to it, the question was if discussion of the appeal was in order before the vote. The chair's answer and the member's question does not interrupt the proceedings unless the chair decides otherwise.

(November 15, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Mr. Buckley,The Advisory Board cannot have a debate/discussion without a seconded motion.
The Advisory Board has supported the chair ruling with ten (10) "I agree" submissions.

November 15, 2006 - The Advisory Board moved into closed session to consider the Challenge

(November 18, 2006) By Acting N.C.
Challlenged NVGenWeb Election - Findings

Allegation(s): On 7 November, a NVGenWeb County Coordinator filed a challenge with the National Coordinator to the NVGenWeb State Coordinator Election. Allegations included, in part, that USGenWeb Bylaws were violated, procedures not observed, and actions were unauthorized and illegal.

Findings: The Advisory Board finds no evidence to support the allegations. There is no evidence the election management or participating volunteers violated any bylaws/procedures or performed any unauthorized actions or illegalities. The result of the NVGenWeb State Coordinator election in November 2006 stands. The parties will receive notification of specific findings in the near future.

Advisory Board Members:
Alice Allen, Linda Blum-Barton, Jan Cortez, Karen De Groote-Johnson, Cyndie Enfinger, Larry Flesher, Sundee Maynez, Mike Peterson, Phyllis Rippee, Suzanne Shephard, Greta Thompson, George Waller

(November 18, 2006) by Acting N.C.
The AB is no longer in closed session regarding the Challenged NVGenWeb Election. Scott and Bettie will be re-subbed to Board-Exec.
Mike Peterson steps down as Acting Chair

(November 19, 2006) by Mike Peterson
Mike Peterson announced he will be out of town until Nov 27th


(November 21, 2006) By the N.C.
As NC I am appointing a special committee to review, consolidate, and revise the Standing Procedures located at:

The committee members will be Mike Peterson and Alice Allen. The committee is to begin its task on December 1, 2006.

The committee will be provided the mail list for committee members to dialogue. The list will remain readable and archived for the membership during committee discussion, and unmoderated at the discretion of the committee to solicit member input.

The Committee is to draft and post to the membership the goals of the committee, and post routine drafts for public comments.

The committee is charged to consolidate the current temporary procedures, organize them into appropriate categories consistent with Parliamentary Procedure, and insure simplicity and consistency.

The Committee may recommend the addition of new SOPs that document presently undocumented procedures, and to remove redundant or unnecessary procedures.

The Committee shall return its report and recommendation to the Advisory Board by 1 April, 2007. Requests may be made to the Board to extend this timeframe if necessary.


(November 8, 2006) Announcement by Acting N.C. that discussion of the Finalizing the proposed bylaw amendment will being on ABChat.


(November 21, 2006) Motion to Adjourn
Moved by Bettie Wood, seconded by Suzanne Shephard. Move that we adjourn for the Thanksgiving Holidays, & "meet" again on the 27th of November.

(November 21, 2006) By the N.C. Requesting Bettie Wood to move to recess rather than adjourn. Both Bettie Wood and Suzanne Shephard agreed to changing adjourn to recess.

(November 27, 2006) By the N.C.
The Advisory Board is back in session.


(December 2, 2006) By Mike Peterson, R.A.L.
On Thursday NC Scott lost electrical power due to the severe midwest storms.
If there is no objection, the November meeting is adjourned and the December meeting is opened

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Donna Allen, Board Secretary

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