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Advisory Board Minutes - November 2005


November 2005 SESSION

(Nov 2, 2005)  The November 2005 meeting of The USGenWeb Advisory Board was called to order by the National Coordinator.


Announcement of Thanksgiving Recess Nov 23-26, 2005
Call for Volunteers - AB Representative To The EC
October Minutes
Report - Newsletter Committee
Announcement - Executive Session
Announcement - AB Use of BOARD-L and ABCHAT-L
Procedures for Aliases
Announcement By The EC - Election Results Special Project Representative
Statement (Report) FGS 2006 Committee
National Webmaster Position
Announcement - Grievence Procedures Committee
Confidentiality Agreement - Parliamentarian
Call For Mediation Volunteers
Welcome To New National Web Master
Announcement - Thanksgiving Recess
Motion 05-24 - Confirmation Of New EC Member Slate
EC First Quarter Report
EC Second Quarter Report


(2 November 2005) Announced by the NC: "At this time the AB plans to recess for the Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 23-26. This recess is subject to change if necessary."


(2 November 2005) Call for volunteers by NC

(7 November 2005) Volunteering: Bettie Wood, George Waller, Sundee Maynez
Call for vote by NC noting that simple majority will prevail.

Bettie Wood - Suzanne Shephard, Jan Cortez, Linda Blum-Barton, Angie Rayfield
George Waller - Jeffrey Scism, Darilee Bednar, Mike St. Clair, Sundee Maynez, Karen De Groote-Johnson, Larry Flesher
Sundee Maynez -

(8 November 2005) With 4 voting for Bettie Wood, 6 voting for George Waller, and 0 voting for Sundee Maynez, George Waller is appointed AB Representative to the EC.

OCTOBER MINUTES (4 October 2005) Without objection, the minutes of the October 2005 meeting of the Advisory Board were approved as written.


(4 November 2005) Report from the Newsletter Committee
From Sharon Rhodes, Committee Chair and Editor
Month of Oct 2005

The Newsletter e-mail list was activated and a call for volunteers was issued during October. Ten members responded and I am talking to each of them. The November newsletter will go out between the 10th and 15th of November under the old format. The Newsletter Committee will be working on an expanded format for the December newsletter. We hope to add several regular sections. For one the Committee is interested in featuring two or three outstanding project websites in the newsletter each month. The NC asked the SCs (via the SC list) to submit any outstanding sites. Another will be a records article akin to the 'New Deal' article several months back.


(4 November 2005) By the NC: "The AB is currently in Exec discussing a state issue that has been brought to our attention."


(8 November 2005) By the NC. The AB will continue to use ABChat for informal discussion, and Board-L for formal business.


(8 November 2005) Discussion moved by NC to ABChat.


(9 November 2005)

*Please forward to all USGenWeb Project members and lists*

The USGenWeb Election Committee is pleased to announce the
results of the USGenWeb Project Special Project
Representative Special Election - 2005.

Special Projects Representative
Two year term ending - 8/31/2007.

Enfinger 38 86.363
Barnum 6 13.636
44 100.000

The EC declares Cyndie Enfinger the winner.

The Election Committee would like to thank all candidates
and voters for participating.

Tina S. Vickery, Chair
The USGenWeb Election Committee


(12 November 2005)

From: D. Joshua Taylor
To: 'Linda Haas Davenport'
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 10:24 PM
Subject: FGS 2006 Committee Statement (Report)

The FGS 2006 Committee is a volunteer grass roots committee
comprised of five committee members, plus speakers. All committee
members and speakers are USGenWeb members from various areas of
the project.

The purpose of the Committee is to provide a track and a booth at
the upcoming FGS 2006 Conference in Boston.

Committee Members:
D. Joshua Taylor - Chair
Ellen Pack - Speaker and Personnel Coordinator
Tina Vickery - Booth
Shari Handley - Activities Coordinator
Lela Evans - Brochures - Publicity

Speaker names will be released in conjunction with the program
announcement by FGS.

As a courtesy, the FGS 2006 Committee has been in contact with
the NC, advising the NC of our efforts and progress, and we will
continue to provide updates as appropriate.

The Committee has also advised the USGW membership of our
activities via posts to appropriate USGW mail lists, a web page
linked from the National Website, and announcements placed in the
USGenWeb Newsletter. Those updates and announcements will also
continue as appropriate.

While not a committee of the Advisory Board, we look forward to
the support of the entire USGenWeb Project community, as we plan
this milestone celebration of our 10th anniversary.



(13 November 2005) NC announced that current National Webmaster Mike Jarvis has resigned due to other commitments. Mike recommended assistant National Webmaster Julie McGrew-Ayres. NC called for discussion.

(15 November 2005) NC places a Call for Volunteers for a new National Webmaster and/or assistant webmaster.

"Mike Jarvis the current web master for the National site
( is resigning. The appointment of Julie
McGrew-Ayres, the assistant web master, as the new web master is
being discussed on Board-L. With this change, if Julie is
appointed, the national site will need a new assistant web

If you are interested in this position will you please send your
qualifications and some examples of your web sites designs to
your regional reps or to me? If you have any questions I'll do my
best to answer them."
(17 November 2005) NC calls for vote on appointing Julie McGrew-Ayres new National Webmaster.

Agree: Suzanne Shephard, Mike St. Clair, Linda Blum-Barton, George Waller, Karen De Groote-Johnson, Jan Cortez, Darilee Bednar, Cyndie Enfinger, Jeffery Scism, Sundee Maynez, Larry Flesher, Bettie Wood, Angie Rayfield,
Not Voting: David Morgan

(19 November 2005) With 13 Agree votes, 0 Disagree votes, 0 Abstentions, and 1 member not voting, Julie McGrew-Ayres is appointed as web master of the National web site.

(19 November 2005) NC extends gratitude on behalf of the project to departing National web master Mike Jarvis.


(14 November 2004) By Angie Rayfield and Scott Burow

******* Please forward to all Project Lists *******

The Grievance Procedures Committee is beginning discussion of new
procedures for the handling of grievances and complaints within the
USGenWeb Project. All Project members are invited to subscribe to the
GPC list to follow the discussion and to provide feedback to the

To subscribe, send an email to with the


in the body of the message, with no other text. You may also subscribe
to the list in digest mode by sending your requestion [sic] to

Please join us!

Angie Rayfield
Scott Burow
Co-Chairs, Grievance Procedures Committee


(19 November 2005) By the NC. Parliamentarian D. Joshua Taylor asked to agree to maintain confidentiality of the Exec-List prior to being subscribed.

(21 November 2005) Response from Josh, "Yes Linda, I agree to the confidentiality of discussion held in Exec and on any other private AB list."


(19 November 2005) By the NC. Under Section A of the Mediation Procedures it is directed that the National Coordinator shall ask which members of the Advisory Board are willing to serve as mediators. The entire Advisory Board shall then vote to select five (5) of these volunteers.

Volunteers: Darilee Bednar, Cyndie Enfinger, Karen De Groote-Johnson, Linda Blum-Barton, Sundee Maynez, Jeffery Scism


(20 November 2005) By the NC: "On behalf of the AB I would like to thank Julie McGrew-Ayres for agreeing to serve as the new web master for the national web site. Julie and Mike Jarvis revamped the national web site not too long ago and they did an outstanding job. Julie is now busy working on several things that will not only improve the looks of the site but increase its usability. Welcome aboard Julie."


(23 November 2005) By the NC. AB enters into Thanksgiving recess, to reconvene Monday Nov 28th at 6:00 a.m.


TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb Project
FROM: USGenWeb Election Committee
SUBJECT: Submission of Slate for Confirmation

Per procedure, the Election Committee submits the following slate to the USGenWeb Advisory Board for confirmation:

"2. Formation of the Subcommittee:

As necessary to select new or replacement EC Members, the EC will publish a Call for Volunteers on the Election Committee's Webpage, USGENWEB-Discuss, STATE-COORD, USGENWEB-ALL, the Special Projects mailing lists, the regional mailing lists, and any lists or other avenue appropriate to reach the most volunteers including if necessary a personal e-mail to each project volunteer.

From the list of volunteers, the EC shall select new or replacement members for the EC. This list of volunteers shall then be submitted to the Advisory Board for approval and confirmation. The Advisory Board shall not be allowed to "pick and choose" any individual committee member. Should the Advisory Board disapprove the slate of members in its entirety, the process shall be repeated.

The Election Committee respectfully submits the following slate for confirmation:


Donna Allen:

Giles Co., TNGenNet
Amelia Co., VAGenWeb
Richmond Co., VAGenWeb
Rappahannock Co., VAGenWeb
Culpepper Co., VAGenWeb
Nottoway Co., VAGenWeb
McIntosh Co., GAGenWeb
Moore Co., TXGenWeb
Kleberg Co., TXGenWeb
Jim Hogg Co., TXGenWeb


Jo (Castleberry) Branch:

Parish Coordinator for Cameron, E. Baton Rouge and Evangeline Parishes, Louisiana
State Mystery Photos page, Catahoula, Evangeline, Jackson, and Winn Parishes, Louisiana.
State Archives Coordinator, LA


Debbie Gerischer
Iowa History Project
Assistant CC Scott County, IAGenWeb Project


Nancy Janyszeski:
Incumbent Election Committee member, eligible for full two year term.


Betsy Mills:
ARGenWeb State Coordinator
CC Nevada County, ARGenWeb Project
CC Clark County, ARGenWeb Project
CC Lamar County, TXGenWeb Project
Co-CC Delta County, TXGenWeb Project


Winona Solomon:
CC Bute County, MSGenWeb Project


Denise Wells:
Arapahoe County, ORGenWeb Project
Denver County, ORGenWeb Project
Broward County, Flense Project

Respectfully submitted,
Tina S. Vickery, Chair
USGenWeb Project Election Committee

(28 November 2005) NC calls for motion to approve.

(29 November 2005) Moved by Jeffrey Scism

"I move to accept the slate as indicated herein."

Seconded by George Waller.

Motion numbered by the NC, and opened for discussion.

(30 November 2005) EC forwards qualifications for Nancy Janyszeski.
CoCC Bucks County PA
CC Northampton PA
Current member: EC

[Motion carried over to December Meeting.]


(29 November 2005)

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
SUBJECT: EC REPORT First Quarter, 2005

January - 2005: The USGenWeb Election Committee issued a call for two volunteers who would like to serve on the committee.

USGenWeb Project Election Committee contacted all State Coordinators and Archive/National Special Project Coordinators to request current membership lists for their respective Projects.

The Election Committee was directed by the Advisory Board to ". . . conduct a poll of the membership to establish the wishes of the membership as to whether one or multiple logos should be used by the Project." The Elections Committee accepted registrations for this poll from January 12, 2005 thru January 26, 2005.

The Election committee presented a draft proposal for the wording of the upcoming Logo poll. The Advisory Board voted in late January for the following wording:

"(1) Should The USGenWeb Project have only one official logo design, which each member site shall be required to display prominently, or should there also be additional approved logo designs from which members can choose? One Logo Multiple Logos

(2) If this poll determines that most respondents want multiple logo choices, then how many alternative logo designs should be available to choose from?(in addition to the one "official" logo): 1, 2, 3, more than 3"

February - 2005: Passwords were issued for the USGenWeb Project Logo Poll Voting took place February 23, 2005 through March 9, 2005.

March - 2005: The USGenWeb Election Committee announced the results of the USGenWeb Logo Poll:

One logo 279
Multiple 283

1 alternate 127
2 98
3 153
more than 3 136

Respectfully submitted,
USGenWeb Election Committee

(This report was corrected and resubmitted in Dec)

(29 November 2005)

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
SUBJECT: EC REPORT Second Quarter, 2005

April - 2005: The Election Committee was contacted by OHGenWeb Project to conduct their State Coordinator Election. After extensive discussion with the OHGenWeb leadership, the Election Committee declined to conduct the election. The election was subsequently handled by OHGenWeb Project volunteers and Sandra Quinn was elected State Coordinator.

The Election Committee was contacted by ARGenWeb Project to conduct their State Coordinator Election. The Election Committee conducted this election and Betsy Mills was declared winner in early May, 2005.

The Election Committee issued a project-wide announcement of registration period for the upcoming National elections.

The Election committee submitted a potential slate of new Election Committee members to the Advisory Board. That slate was accepted on April 25, 2005.

May - 2005: The Election Committee issued a call for temporary volunteers to assist in the upcoming National Election period. No temporary volunteers were seated.

The Election Committee issued two project-wide reminders of needed registration for the upcoming National Election.

The Election Committee was notified by the Advisory Board of the inclusion of a state-sponsored Bylaws amendment to be included on the national ballot.

The Election Committee made a Project-wide announcement of the upcoming nomination period for Nationals. The EC began accepting nominations for Advisory Board Representatives Wednesday, June 1, 2005 12:01 AM CST, concluding on Tuesday, June 14, 2005 11:59 PM CST.

June - 2005: The Voter list was frozen in accordance with EC Guidelines, and remained frozen until conclusion election, with the exception of updating email addresses and other corrections.

The opening of the Nominations period was announced, and the EC began accepting nominations. Nomination Period Wednesday, June 1, 2005 12:01 AM CST Tuesday, June 14, 2005 11:59 PM CST.

Eighty-eight nominations were received during the nomination period.

The final slate of candidates consisted of:

National Coordinator
One year term ending - 8/31/2006.

Davenport Haas, Linda
Hall, Sherri

Representative at Large
Two year term ending - 8/31/2007.

Mills, Betsy
St.Clair, Mike

NENC - County Coordinator Representative
Two year term ending - 8/31/2007.

States: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin

Scism, Jeffery G.
Sweeney, Bob

NWPL - State Coordinator Representative
Two year term ending - 8/31/2007.

States: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming

Maynez, Sundee
Mendenhall, Jason

SEMA - County Coordinator Representative
Two year term ending - 8/31/2007.

States: Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Shepard, Suzanne
Smoot, Fred

SWSC - County Coordinator Representative
Two year term ending - 8/31/2007.

States: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah.

Holt, Trey
Wood, Bettie

Final preparation and testing of the ballot was conducted and registered list was submitted to Larry Stephens for issuance of passwords in late June.

Respectfully submitted,
USGenWeb Election Committee


(2 December 2005) November meeting adjourned without objection. December meeting to be convened 3 December 2005.


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Ellen Pack, Recording Secretary

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