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Advisory Board Minutes - October 2011


Session Opened
Announcement: Thanks to the Grievance Committee Members
Proposed Agenda Item

SESSION OPEN 1 October 2011 - The September meeting of the Advisory Board is adjourned
and the October meeting convened.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcement: Thanks to the Grievance Committee Members 1 October 2011 - On behalf of the Advisory Board, I would like to take the
time to thank all of the outgoing Grievance Committee members for their
service to the Project. The GC is one of the most stressful jobs in our
Project, in addition to being one of the most important. To those whose
service has ended, you have our deepest gratitude for a job well done. To
John and Jo, who are remaining on the committee, thanks to you both for your
past service and for being willing to stay on for another term.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Proposed Agenda Item 1 October 2011 - For future consideration/discussion. What is the
possibility of exploring the idea of running a contest or asking for
submissions for a logo that people can use on their none GenWeb Project
sites to show their support of us? I personally think that a logo, separate
from the official USGenWeb logos that can only be used on official sites,
could be a perfect way for people to link to and show their support for us,
and still be easily identified as not being officially members.

Pauli Smith

-- The suggestion has been added to the agenda.

Sherri Bradley

Adjournment November 2
The October 2011 meeting of the Advisory Board is adjourned.

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