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Advisory Board Minutes - October 2007



Sep 2007 Meeting Adjourned, Oct meeting opened
October 2007 Agenda
Minutes July 2007
Minutes: September 2007
EC AB Representative
EC 3rd Qtr Report
Call For Volunteers: Financial Management Committee
Friends OF USGenWeb Logo Discussion
Negotiations TGN/Rootsweb
Kudos For Project CC
Resignation Of Newsletter Editor
Temporary Appointment Newsletter Editor
Service Marks
October Meeting Adjourned


(Oct 1, 2007) By the NC
The September meeting of the USGenWeb Project Advisory Board is adjourned. The October meeting is convened.


(Oct 1, 2007) By the NC

Agenda: [please correct and add items as appropriate].

OLD Business:

-- Continuing discussions with TGN regarding masthead/banner
-- July Minutes
-- Friend of the USGenWeb Project logo and National page
-- TOS/Privacy/Copyright statement proposal - [brought by a member].
-- Financial Management Committee Motion [07-12]re-visited
-- Appointment of Board Parliamentarian.

NEW Business:

-- September Minutes
-- Election Committee 3rd Quarter Report
-- Grievance Committee 3rd Quarter Report

(Oct 2, 2007) By the NC
The October Agenda is amended to include these two items:

-- Advisory Board Representative to the Election Committee
-- Newsletter Committee 3rd Quarter Report


(Oct 4, 2007) By the NC

The issue with the July minutes has been researched. The following is Linda Haas Davenport's reply:
Di questioned: "Friends of the usgenweb affiliation and logo issue were originally part of the July Agenda. What happened to it?"

Answer: The agenda posted to Board-L for July does not contain that item. The July agenda is posted at:

I don't find any reference on Board-L to adding the topic to the agenda. However, it does appear on the Aug agenda.

(Oct 6, 2007) By the NC

Having heard no further objection, the July minutes are approved as presented and are available at:


(Oct 10, 2007) By the NC

The September Minutes have been posted for review to the national website at:

If there are no objection or corrections the minutes will stand approved as of October 12, 2007, 12:00 pm EST.

(Oct 12, 2007) By the NC

Having heard no objection, the September minutes are approved as presented.


(Oct 2, 2007) By the NC

The Advisory Board Representative to the Election Committee, Greta Thompson has indicated her willingness to continue on in this role.

If there is no objection, this reaffirmation will stand approved as of October 4, 2007 at 12:00 pm.

(Oct 4, 2007) By the NC

Having heard no objection, Greta Thompson will continue to serve in the role of Advisory Board Representative to the Election Committee.

Thank you Greta for agreeing to continue in this role.


(Oct 2, 2007) By the NC

TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: October 01, 2007


July 1: The election process began. A question asked by a candidate concerning the statistics of elections (i.e. number of total voters, voters by region and the percentage that number and percentage that actually votes). When this was placed before Larry Stephens, programmer, he re-programmed the system so that each election will now show the figures to the Election Committee chair for inclusion in the quarterly report.

July 3-4: A high number of bounces were received by the EC.

July 4: Election Committee members began sending out requests for 3rd quarter updates to the membership lists.

July 31: Election Committee Statistics from the National Election 2007

Eligible Voters overall: 1770

Voted 484 (27.34463%)

170 bounces, pw resend requests, and/or problems voting.
11 bounces from 2nd pw send after locating a new email addy.
8 password resends that had new email addresses (these were requests from the member)
16 actual password resends
13 second bounce notices
22 Spam filter bounces
30 removals from project(s)
32 bounced the Election 2007 password send and the Newsletter

The Newsletter was sent out the day before passwords for the election were sent. This increased the number of bounces for the Election Committee to work.

93 total bounces
14 - SPAM filters
61 - Bounced the Newsletter only

Spam filters have been a cause of many of our members not receiving their newsletter and/or password. This is a reminder to members using spam filters to set them to accept the below email addresses. If you prefer to not receive the newsletter, you can access your membership records online at <>, then click on "No Newsletter".

If your ISP is the type that blocks mass mailers, it is recommended that you click on the "No Newsletter". The newsletter can be accessed online at: <>

Newsletter - <> AND <>

Registration site and voting password - <>

August 3: Results of the National Election 2007

The EC declares a run-off between Bill Oliver and Tina Vickery.

National Coordinator:
Charles Barnum 17 (3.51239) - withdrew
Don Kelly 45 (9.29752)
Daryl Lytton 94 (19.42148)
Bill Oliver 132 (27.27272)
Tina Vickery 196 (40.49586)

The EC declares Scott Burow the winner.
National Rep - RAL
Scott Burow 291 (61.78344 )
Don Tharp 180 (38.21656 )

The EC declares Concetta Franco Phillips the winner.
Concetta Phillipps 130 (100)

The EC declares Jan Cortez the winner.
Jan Cortez 11 (100)

The EC declares Gail Meyer Kilgore the winner.
Gail Meyer Kilgore 58 (54.2056)
Nancy Thornton 31 (28.97196)
Darrell Schulte 18 (16.82242)

The EC declares Jason Mendenhall the winner.
Sundee Maynez 4 (40)
Jason Mendenhall 6 (60)

The EC declares Suzanne Shephard the winner.
Joyce Reece 54 (31.95266)
Suzanne Shephard 115 (68.04733)

The EC declares Sherrie Bradley the winner.
Sherrie Bradley 16 (100)

The EC declares Bettie Wood the winner.
Kenneth Thomas: 47 (31.97278)
Bettie Wood: 100 (68.02721)

The EC declares Cyndie Enfinger the winner.
Special Projects
Cyndie Enfinger 78 (100)

The EC declares that the Amendment has passed. Amendment:
For: 353 (75.10638)
Against: 117 (24.89361)

August 19: The runoff election for National Coordinator polls opened today. The runoff election will run through August 24th.

Aug 19 - 24
54 bounces, pw resend requests or problems voting.
14 Spam filter bounces
13 password resends that had new email addresses
1 actual password resends
2 members with problems voting

The online registration site can be accessed at:

August 25: National Coordinator Runoff Results
Tina Vickery 256 = 55.411255411
Bill Oliver 206 = 44.588744588

August 27: A request was sent to USGW Mail lists for 2008 Election Committee replacements.
Below is the list of needed members:

RAL - 1 yr replacement
Term ending December 31, 2008

RAL - 2 yr term
Term ending December 31, 2009

NENC - 2 year term
Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont.
Term ending December 31, 2009

NWPL - 2 year term
Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota.
Term ending 31 December 2009.

SEMA - 1 year replacement
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee.
Term ending 31 December 2008.

SWSC 2 year term
Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana
Term ending 31 December 2009.

SPAR - 2 year term
State Archives.
Term ending 31 December 2009.

September 19: A second request for new Election Committee members was sent to all USGW mail lists.

September 27: As part of the 3rd Quarter report, here are some statistics from the online Member Registration Site

Total members: 2,103

Members accessing the dataset to update their own records since the online Member's Registration/Records became available on April 16th: 97 (4.612458392)

Duplicate online records created by members (all removed) - 58

Number of members having problems registering to vote: 2

New Members Added (some are already members of the USGW, but have added new projects): 71

Members marked as a chronic bounce and no new email located (they are still listed with their projects): 9

Members with new email addresses (3rd Quarter Reports) - 31

Members Removed as no longer being with the a USGW project (many still have projects in other areas): 108

The EC committee has contacted members that had problems updating their records. That information is being used to update the online Members Registration/Records site. A printable version of instructions is also being added.

Respectfully submitted,

B. Jo Branch, Chair
USGenWeb Election Committee


(Oct 9, 2007) By the NC

Call For Volunteers For Financial Management Committee

*****Please forward to USGenWeb Project lists*****

The Advisory Board is seeking five (5) volunteers in good status with demonstrated experience in organizational financial management to serve on a temporary fact finding group as approved by Motion 07-12. If you are interested in volunteering, please submit your name, project positions that you hold and a summary of your financial qualifications to Tina Vickery Your email will be shared with the entire USGenWeb Project Advisory Board. Emails of interest will be accepted through Wednesday, October 17, 2007.


Motion 07-12

"I move the Advisory Board establish a special fact finding study group which would:. (Full Text:

(Oct 30, 2007) By the NC

Prior to the Call For Volunteers For Financial Management Committee - Tue, 9 Oct 2007 12:33:05, some USGenWeb Project volunteers had indicated their willingness to be considered to serve on this committee. This evening I have contacted those individuals and have asked them to submit their name, project positions and a summary of their financial qualifications to me if still interested in being considered. Deadline for their response is November 4, 2007.


(Oct 12, 2007) By the NC

Friend of the USGenWeb Project logo and National page Discussion of this October agenda item is being conducted on AB-Chat


(Oct 13, 2007) By the NC

Update - Negotiations TGN/Ancestry/Rootsweb

--Please forward to all USGenWeb Project lists--

To all USGenWeb Project members:

Discussions with TGN/Ancestry/Rootsweb are on-going regarding several issues, and results will be shared as they progress.

We are currently waiting for a response from them on "clarification of TGN/Ancestry/Rootsweb TOS/AUP policies as it relates to the USGenWeb Project", that I mentioned in the last update.

The Advisory Board would like to thank the membership for their on-going questions, issues and patience.


(Oct 13, 2007) By the NC

Betsy [Mills] forwarded this to STATE-COORD, and I was also in receipt of it. Thank you Delaine [Edwards], for a hard job, well done! It is forwarded here with permission.<

----- Original Message -----
From: "Betsy" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007 10:37 PM
Subject: [STATE-COORD] Fwd: Kudos for a good job

I know none of us are in the USGenWeb Project for recognition, but it IS nice when it comes to us. Congratulations, Delaine Edwards, ARGenWeb CC, for a job well done!

Forwarded with permission:

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 21:49:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: OW Thomasson <>
Subject: Kudos for a good job

I love Genweb, and always look at the appropriate county site when I am doing research for a particular family or individual. The quality and quantity of information varies hugely, as I am sure you are aware. (Full text:


(Oct 25, 2007) By the NC

It is with regret that I announce the resignation of Denise Wells as our USGenWeb Project Newsletter Editor. I want to thank Denise for a job well done. The Advisory Board and I wish you much success with all your future endeavors.


(Oct 30, 2007) By the NC

The Board has asked Linda Haas Davenport to join the Newsletter Committee to facilitate the production of the October/November newsletter. This is not a permanent appointment. Thank you Linda for agreeing to serve in this temporary role.


(Oct 30, 2007) By the NC

The USGenWeb Project service marks have been updated with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to reflect the owner as the USGenWeb Project, and the correspondent of record as the current National Coordinator.

This task will be included in the transitional activities that are passed to future National Coordinators of the USGenWeb Project.


(Nov 1, 2007) By the NC

The October meeting of the USGenWeb Project Advisory Board is adjourned. The November meeting is convened.


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Please remember that minutes are a record of actions proposed and taken at the meeting, NOT all the detail about what was said by members or guests. If you have any questions or comments about the minutes, please write to Linda Davenport, Secretary.

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