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Advisory Board Minutes - September 2009


September 2009 Session
September 2009 Session Opened
Renewal of Domains
Call to Order
Sustaining Special Rules
Appointment of Discuss list co-administrators
Appointment of Secretary for the 2009-2010 session
August 2009 Minutes
Appointment of the AB representative to the Election Committee
Appointment of SEMA SC representative to the AB

SESSION OPEN 1 September 2009 By the NC

Agenda 1 September 2009 by the NC
Renewal of Domains
Call to Order
Sustaining Special Rules
Appointment of Discuss list co-administrators
Appointment of Secretary for the 2009-2010 session
August 2009 Minutes
Appointment of the AB representative to the Election Committee
Appointment of SEMA SC representative to the AB

Renewal of Domains Renewal of Domains (September 1)
For the record, I have renewed the USGenWeb Project domains as follows: is renewed through 17 September 2010. is renewed through 26 September 2010. is renewed through 8 July 2011.
Sherri Bradley, National Coordinator
Confidentiality (September 1)
All board members have been subscribed to Board-Exec, Board and AB-Chat. The Board-Exec list is a confidential list. All postings to Board-Exec are required to remain confidential. It will be a list that we use for personnel issues. If you agree that you will honor the confidentiality of Board-Exec, please signify by responding with "Agree". If you do not feel that you can honor the confidentiality of Board Exec, please signify by responding with "Disagree".
Sherri Bradley, National Coordinator

Call to Order National Coordinator Sherri Bradley called the September meeting of the 2009-2010 to order on September 1.
At her request the Board members responded that they were present.

Sustaining Special Rules
Motion 2009/10 - 01
September 1
Cyndie Enfinger: "I move to sustain the USGenWeb Special Rules located at" Ann Allen Geoghegan seconded the motion.
September 8
With 12 Advisory Board Members voting, Motion 2009/10-01: “Sustain Special Rules” passes.
Those voting yes: Alice Allen, Ann Allen Geoghegan, Cyndie Enfinger, Dale Grimm, Denise Wells, Gail Kilgore, Jeff Kemp, Joe Markovich, Larry Flesher, Linda Lewis, Tina Vickery, W. David Samuelsen
Those voting no: N/A
Those not voting: Colleen Pustola

Appointment of Discuss list co-administrators September 18
From Sherri Bradley, National Coordinator:
It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Betsy Mills and Jo Branch as the Co-Administrators of the DISCUSS mail list.
1. Thank you Betsy and Jo for agreeing to serve the Project in this role.
2. The rules that were instituted Wednesday, June 27, 2007, by then National Coordinator Scott Burow still apply to all. They are as follows::
3. Any post that, in the opinion of the moderator(s), is inflammatory, derogatory, demeaning, or otherwise inappropriate will be subject to an immediate period of moderation of 5 to 10 days at the moderator(s)' discretion. This applies to all.
4. There will be no warnings and there is no appeal of the moderation.
5. Any second offense that would result in a second period of moderation will earn that poster a 30 day ban from DISCUSS.
6. Any third offense results in a permanent ban from the DISCUSS list.
7. Any post that questions or complains about a moderation that has taken place will secure for that poster a 5 day moderation period.
Please take a moment to welcome Betsy and Jo to their role.

Appointment of Secretary for the 2009-2010 session September 12
Ann Allen Geogehegan presented and Dale Grimm seconded, ”I move to confirm the appointment of Greta Thompson as Recording Secretary for the current term."
With 11 Advisory Board Members voting, Motion 2009/10-02: “Appointment of Board Secretary” passed.
Those voting yes: Alice Allen, Ann Allen Geoghegan, Colleen Pustola,Cyndie Enfinger, Dale Grimm, Denise Wells, Jeff Kemp, Larry Flesher, Linda Lewis, Tina Vickery, W. David Samuelsen.
Those voting no: N/A
Those not voting: Gail Kilgore, Joe Markovich

August 2009 Minutes 19 September 2009 (Sherri Bradley)
The AUGUST 2009 minutes have been posted for review to the national website at:
If there is no objection or corrections the minutes will stand approved September 23, 2009, 8:00 p.m. CST
23 September 2009 (Sherri Bradley)
One correction was requested and has been incorporated.
Having heard no further objection, the August minutes are approved as currently posted and are available at

Appointment of the AB representative
to the Election Committee
September 21
Cyndie Enfinger moved to appoint by general consent Ann Allen Geoghegan as the USGenWeb Advisory Board Representative to the Election Committee for the current term ending 8/31/2010. Joe Markovich seconded.
With no objections the motion passed on September 23.

Appointment of SEMA SC
Representative to the AB
September 3
Sherri Bradley announced on the Board and SEMA lists that her election as National Coordinator had left the seat of the SEMA SC Representative on the Advisory Board vacant. In accordance with USGenWeb Bylaws Article VI, Section 8 she called for volunteers for the position and referred to Article VI, Section 9, which lists the qualifications that nominees must meet. Interested volunteers were asked to submit a completed Volunteer Form ( by 8 p.m. EDT, September 18.
September 23
After meeting in Executive Session to discuss the two applications received, Linda Lewis presented and Tina Vickery seconded the following motion: “I move to appoint by general consent Les Shockey as the SEMA State Coordinator Advisory Board Representative to finish the current term ending 8/31/2010."
The motion passed by general consent on September 25.
September 26
Sherri Bradley subscribed Les Shockey to Board-Exec, Board and AB-Chat, and he agreed to honor the confidentiality of Board Exec.

Announcements The following four messages from National Coordinator Sherri Bradley were forwarded to project lists on the dates given.
September 8

Unavailability of national site
The USGenWeb National site may be unavailable for a bit later tonight as it is completely reloaded in an attempt to contain the damage caused by a second hacker's attack in two days. If difficulties are encountered when trying to access the site any time before tomorrow morning, please give it a bit of time and try again.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but want to be sure that any residual effects from the attack are contained as best we can.
September 12
The hacker that has played havoc with the USGenWeb National site and some of the other Project sites is still at it. We thought we'd tracked down all of the files, but we seem to have missed at least one. Please let your Project volunteers know of the problem and urge caution.
When we have things under control, I'll let everyone know.
September 13
An update for you on the status of the hacker's attacks -
We are continuing to work through each and every file on the USGenWeb National site and other sites that have been hit by the hacker over the last couple of days (there were five states that the attacks seemed to be concentrated on). We believe we've found and removed all of the files that he/she had infected with a snippet of code that are the basis of many of the anti-virus program warnings you're seeing. Nevertheless, we're continuing to go through each and every file to ensure that we've removed every trace.
These attacks have been on files on the server itself. Unless you've actually downloaded an infected file in the past couple of days, it's very unlikely that your computer's security has been affected. Even then, the hacker just put a link into a frame that took the viewer to a site that was known to be a hacker's heaven. All of the changes were done only on the server. If you've been uploading files from your PC to the server, it's very, very unlikely that you've got a security problem - at least from only connecting to the server.
The reports that we've received today from folks about warnings from their anti-virus software seem to be from those who have cached versions of the infected pages that they're actually viewing. If you refresh the page, the virus warning is usually disappearing. It will take a bit of time for the anti-virus software to catch up - especially if the cached pages haven't been deleted and are being viewed again.
As I said, we're continuing to make our way through (often for the third or fourth or tenth time) to ensure that we've removed every trace of the hacker's attack. Once we're confident our sites are no longer infected, we'll contact Google and have them revisit the site so their warning can be lifted. We don't want to do that until we're sure things have been squared away, though, because the more times they visit and find an infected site, the higher the number of visits when infected and the worse the rating we'll end up with in the long run.
September 18
Final Update
With many thanks to Joy Fisher, Jeff Kemp & the techies at IX, we've managed to get rid of all of the hacker's files from the USGenWeb National Project site and the sites hosted at Google has been notified and asked to revisit the sites, so you should not be receiving any warnings any more when you visit the sites.
Thanks for everyone's patience while we've worked to ensure that the sites are no longer infected.
September 11
Call for Parliamentarian (forwarded to project lists)
The Board is now accepting applications from interested volunteers for the position of Parliamentarian for the 2009/10 term, ending 31 August 2010. Interested volunteers should submit a completed Volunteer Form located at Please ensure that you include a description of your experience with or training in parliamentary procedures in your application.
Volunteer forms must be received by 8 pm EDT 25 September 2009.
Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
September 13
Call for Interested Volunteers - Webmaster of the USGenWebNational Project Site
The USGenWeb Project is recruiting a web master and assistant webmaster to maintain its USGenWeb Project National pages. You will find an outline of the qualifications and duties in sections 2, 3 and 5 of Motion 2008/09-04, restated below.
If you are interested, please send submit a completed Volunteer form located at and be sure to include up to three reference URLs of sites you host for the Advisory Board to consider.
Applications will be accepted through 8:00 p.m. Sunday, September 27, 2008.
Section 1: The USGenWeb Advisory Board (AB) will appoint the webmaster and an assistant webmaster from the Project membership to maintain the USGenWeb National website. The webmaster and assistant serve as trusted technical assistants to the Advisory Board. In addition, one AB member will be appointed to work with and act as a liaison between the AB and the webmaster and assistant, to ensure the National site is in compliance with the Project by-laws and that the duties outlined in this document are fulfilled. The National Coordinator (NC) will also work with the webmaster and assistant to ensure that their responsibility for day to day operational management of the project site is fulfilled.
Section 2: Selection of the Webmaster - The USGenWeb Advisory Board (AB) will issue a call the last two weeks of September for interested individuals to serve as the webmaster and assistant webmaster of the National site. From this call, the newly seated AB will make their selections at the beginning of the term, at the same time the remainder of the appointments are made. The AB shall determine if those currently in place shall continue, or if one or more of the new respondees shall be selected. The qualifications for both positions are:
(a) The individual must have been a member in good standing of the USGenWeb Project for a minimum of 6 months.
(b) The individual must have a strong demonstrated knowledge of HTML, CSS (cascading style sheets), SSI (server side includes), and FTP software.
(c) The individual must be able to devote approximately 8 to 24 hours per month to their duties as webmaster, spread out across the month.
(d) The individual must respond to requests for updates in a timely manner. This is defined by responding to the request within 48 hours and completing the requested update within one week. These time limits do not apply if the webmaster and/or assistant have notified the board they will be unavailable for a period of time or if there are extenuating circumstances such as a natural disaster in the area where the webmaster and/or assistant reside The second limit does not apply if the scope of the change is large and if the webmaster or assistant have notified the board that it will take longer. If the webmaster or assistant have notified the board it will take longer than the stated week, they must provide an expected completion date for the change.
(e) Additional knowledge and/or skills such as php, databases and search engine optimization may be desirable but are not required.
Section 3: Duties & Responsibilities of the Webmaster and Assistant Webmaster:
(a) Makes website changes requested by the advisory board or the National Coordinator. Changes may include, but are not limited to adding additional or updated links, updating the identity of committee members and/or state SCs or ASCs and formatting and posting of committee minutes.
(b) Finding and correcting broken or erroneous links by running a link checker monthly.
(c) Reviewing server logs for errors and taking any needed corrective action.
(d) Keeping a log of all changes made to or other actions taken in regards to the National site. This log must be available for review by the AB members at all times.
(e) Watching, reporting on and taking steps to improve the performance of the National site's performance.
(f) Receiving reports on website problems from site visitors, pro-actively detecting problems that arise whenever practical and reporting the problems to the web host provider, either directly or through the designated process in place at the time, and work with their support organization to correct the problems.
(g) Providing quarterly reports to the AB regarding the site and actions taken and changes made by the webmaster and/or assistant.
(h) Notify the assistant/assistant webmaster, AB representative and NC if they will be unavailable for periods of more than 48 hours so that others can cover the duties and complete any necessary updates.
Section 4: Responsibility of the NC or Designated Individual with Control Panel Access:
(a) Provide the codes/passwords to the webmaster, assistant webmaster and the AB representative so the stated responsibilities can be carried out.
(b) If the webmaster and assistant don't have direct access to site error logs, do whatever is required to make them available to the webmaster and assistant so that their duties can be carried out.
(c) If the webmaster and assistant don't have direct access to the support organization of the webhosting service, serve as the interface to report problems to the web hosting service and in working with their support organization to correct them.
Section 5: General Requirements:
(a) The financial information of the account holder must be protected at all times.
(b) The website must be designed such that it is portable between web hosting services in the event that a move is necessary or desirable.
(c) The ability to hand code a site in HTML format is not necessary. Pages may be created using website designing software, but the software must not be specific to the web host, causing the transfer of the site to be impossible, nor should the software insert scripts that are not portable between web design applications.
(d) The webmaster and/or assistant webmaster may be replaced for failure to comply with Sections 2 and 3, above.
(e) The webmaster and assistant webmaster will only be granted ftp access to those portions of the National site for which the Advisory Board have assigned them responsibility.
September 18
Call for Grievance Committee Volunteers (forwarded to project lists)
The Grievance Committee chair solicits the project for volunteer mediators and arbitrators that we might address grievances brought before the Committee.
If you have a desire to be a voluntary mediator or arbitrator, you are advised to read the grievance procedures:
Send an email to the Grievance Chair with your desire to be a mediator and/or arbitrator. In the body of your email, please state your qualifications for either position and if you have had training to be either a mediator or arbitrator.
Diane Siniard
Grievance Committee Chair

Adjournment Sherri Bradley adjourned the September meeting on October 1, 2009.

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