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Advisory Board Minutes - September 2004

Approved October 23, 2004

Call to Order - September session

(9-1-04) The September Meeting of the Advisory Board of The USGenWeb Project was called to order by National Coordinator Shari Handley. The posted agenda was as follows:

1. Call to order
a. Recording Secretary
b. Parliamentarian
c. Webmasters
2. Reading, correction, approval, or disposition of minutes
3. Confirmation of Newsletter Editor
4. Amendment of Election Committee Procedures
5. National Coordinator's Message
6. Other Business - Conduct
7. Mediators
8. Clarification of EC Tenure
9. AB Representative to EC
10. RAL replacement
11. Call For Election Committee Volunteers
12. Advisory Board Preference Poll
13. Adjournment

National Coordinator Shari Handley's Report:

The July minutes have already been approved. Reading and approval of the August minutes will be moved to such time as they are ready.

I am pleased to report the following:

- Greta Thompson will continue as Recording Secretary
- Roger Swafford will continue as Parliamentarian
- Mike Jarvis and Julie McGrew-Ayres will continue as Webmaster and Assistant Webmaster

Approval of Minutes - August 2004 Minutes (9-10-04) By general consent, the minutes of the August 2004 meeting of the Advisory Board were approved as written.

Motion 4-16 - Confirmation of Newsletter Editor


(9-2-04) Representative Don Kelly moved and Cyndi Enfinger seconded

to accept Sharon Rhodes as Editor of The USGenWeb Newsletter.

There was no discussion.

(9-6-04) The motion passed with 12 "yes" votes, 0 "no" votes, no abstentions, and 2 members not voting.

Those voting YES: Angie Rayfield, Linda Blum-Barton, Cyndie Enfinger, Darilee Bednar, Bettie Wood, Jan Cortez, Kathi Jones-Hudson, Don Kelly, Larry Flesher, Teri Brown, Denise Woodside, David Morgan

Those voting NO:

Those abstaining:

Those not voting: Richard Howland, Gail Meyer Kilgore

Additional Comments:



Motion 4-17 - Amendment of Election Committee Procedures

(9-9-04) David Morgan has moved, and Larry Flesher has seconded, that the Election Committee Procedures be amended by adding a second paragraph into Section A, Article 3 which reads,

"EC members who are seated initially to fill unexpired terms may volunteer for a full two-year term at the end of the partial term. Upon the completion of one partial term and one full two-year term, members must sit out for one year before reapplying for a seat. Members who first serve a full two-year term may not apply for a replacement term without sitting out a year.",

and adding a third paragraph into Section A, Article 2 which reads,

"EC members may serve as Chair or Publicist/Secretary for a maximum of two consecutive years."

The motion passed with 11 "yes" votes, 0"no" votes, 0 no abstentions, and 3 members not voting.

Those voting YES: David Morgan, Angie Rayfield, Linda Blum-Barton, Cyndie Enfinger, Bettie Wood, Darilee Bednar, Larry Flesher, Teri Brown, Kathi Jones-Hudson, Don Kelly, Jan Cortez

Those voting NO:

Those abstaining: Those not voting: Gail Meyer Kilgore, Richard Howland, Denise Woodside

Additional Comments:


Other Business - National Coordinator's Message

(9-1-04) National Chair Shari Handley posted the following message:

Welcome to the new Advisory Board term! I'm looking forward to working with everyone. I hope that you all will have patience with me, as I have some pretty big shoes to try to fill. I'd like to start out by going over the standing procedures by which we will conduct business:

Below are the current "Standing Procedures" in effect for the Advisory Board.

PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY This Board will use The Standard Code of Parliamentary Authority, by Alice Sturgis as its parliamentary authority, modified to adapt to the particular needs of conducting a meeting via an email list.

The Advisory Board of The USGenWeb Project will meet monthly. The meeting will be called to order on the first working day of each month.

The Order of Business shall be:

Call to order
Reading, correction, approval, or disposition of minutes
Reports of standing committees
Reports of special committees
Unfinished business
New business
Announcements, "good and welfare"

This Order of Business will be flexible, depending on the amount and nature of the business to be conducted at any given meeting. The Chair will publish an agenda for each meeting in advance of the meeting. Board members should advise the Chair of items they want included.

The existence of a quorum (9) will be determined each time a vote is taken.

All voting will be via email to the Board-L list. When a vote is called, members will have 48 hours to respond and have their vote recorded, however results of votes will be announced once a quorum has been reached and enough votes have been cast to insure the passage or failure of the motion.

The requirement for recognition by the Chair before speaking is suspended. However, the Chair may limit this blanket permission when a member demonstrates they are likely to make inappropriate posts to the Board-L list.

The Chair will make every effort to Use General Consent to expedite the meeting.

This Board will make full use of the concept of "Informal Consideration" as outlined by Sturgis, except that this "Informal Consideration," including all discussion on the Board-Exec list, will be considered to occur outside of the regular Board meeting. Official votes may not be conducted on the Board-Exec list. This frees the participants to conduct straw votes on Board-Exec to determine the sense of the group. Informal Consideration will allow the members to discuss issues and frame motions without concern for the details of procedure that must be followed in the regular meeting.

This Board will operate as an Assembly. Members can speak only to a motion that has been made and seconded. (Sturgis, pp 240-1)

Let's all work together to have a productive year. Remember - we're all in this together, and we all have the same goal . . . the betterment of The USGenWeb Project. Let's have fun and do our best!

Putting on a pot of coffee and sending around a plate of brownies,

Additional Comments:

Board members responded with appreciation for the brownies and some concern about whether they were getting an equal number. This problem was resolved with a shipment of Macadamia Nut cookies from Hawaii, a second plate of brownies from Texas, and a third plate from the NC.

Other Business - Conduct

(9-1-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the following message:

Isaiah posted this on his first day of office back in 2002, and it applies today as well . . .

Here are some observations by Alice Sturgis regarding conduct during a meeting:

"Debate must be fundamentally impersonal . . . A motion--its nature or consequences--may be attacked vigorously. But it is never permissible to attack the motives, character, or personality of a member either directly or by innuendo or implication. It is the duty of the presiding officer instantly to stop any member who engages in personal attacks or discusses the motives of another member or is discourteous in word or manner. . . It is the motion, not its proposer, that is the subject of debate. Meetings must discuss measures, not people."

"A member who fails or refuses to speak in an orderly and courteous manner may be denied the right to the floor and, if necessary, may be ejected from the meeting by order of the presiding officer or by a vote of the assembly."

Our Board meetings on Board-L and other conversation there, our debates on Board-Exec, and discussion on any Project lists that I manage will be conducted according to the standards set forth by Alice Sturgis.

Additional Comments:



Other Business - Appointment of Mediators (9/6/04) National Coordinator Shari Handley made the following announcement:
The following AB Members have indicated their willingness to serve as mediators.

Darilee Bednar
Jan Cortez
Cyndie Enfinger
Bettie Wood
Denise Woodside

If there is no objection, I declare the Advisory Board has elected the above-named members as its Mediators to serve until August 31, 2005.

Webmaster Mike, please post the names of the mediators in alphabetical order on the National Website.

Secretary Greta has randomly drawn these five names to determine the order in which conflicts will be assigned. This order will remain confidential to the NC, Secretary and Mediators.

Thanks all!

Other Business - Clarification of EC Tenure (9-6-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the following correspondence from the Election Committee:
The EC will soon be filling positions that are now vacant, and the positions of members whose terms expire at the end of the year. However, before we begin that process, we need to clarify the length of time any member may serve consecutively and, secondly, the length of time an officer may serve consecutively.

The regular term is two years after which any member must wait a full year before reapplying to serve on the committee. Some members join the committee in order to complete a term for a someone who has resigned early. When that partial term ends, the question arises, may that member apply immediately for a full two-year term? Our current procedures do not provide a direct answer.

The present procedures do touch on a similar issue in the section (A, Article 3., par. 1) that applied to the first years the committee existed. In that case, those members who were seated for a one year term only were allowed to apply for a regular two year term without sitting out a year.

The current EC feels that precedent can and should be applied to the present question in the interests of preserving continuity and benefiting from the experience a seasoned member offers.

At the same time the EC recognizes the importance of preserving reasonable term limits in order to prevent "homesteading" and with it the possibility of prolonged control of the EC by a clique. For that reason, the EC would recommend against members serving more than one partial term as a replacement and one full two-year term consecutively.

The current procedures do not address the issue of term limits for EC officers. Using the same precedent applied above, the EC would also recommend against any individual holding the position of Chair or Publicist/Secretary for more than two consecutive years.

Therefore, the EC respectfully requests that the AB amend the current EC Procedures by inserting into Section A, Article 3., a second paragraph that reads:

"EC members who are seated initially to fill unexpired terms may volunteer for a full two-year term at the end of the partial term. Upon the completion of one partial term and one full two-year term, members must sit out for one year before reapplying for a seat. Members who first serve a full two-year term may not apply for a replacement term without sitting out a year."

Under Section A, Article 2, the EC respectfully requests that the AB amend the EC Procedures by inserting a third paragraph:

"EC members may serve as Chair or Publicist/Secretary for a maximum of two consecutive years."

Ref: EC Procedures:

The EC appreciates the consideration of the AB at your earliest convenience, and will be happy to answer questions as needed.

Additional Comments:

(9-7-04) Representative Don Kelly replied:

Before we put this up for a motion, have we ever in six years had trouble with the current procedure we follow? If we ever had a problem, can we briefly review it? I'm just leery about changing rules where changes are not overtly indicated. Thanks.

(9-8-04) Shari Handley replied:

The EC procedures have already been amended several times as things came up that weren't dealt with in the originals. That is the case here, too. There is no direction given on this subject in the current procedures, and the EC just wants to tighten them up.

(9-8-04) National Chair Shari Handley posted this response to Don Kelly's question from Ellen Pack, Chair of the Election Committee:

To my knowledge, at least since I've been on the EC these past nearly two years, the EC has not until now encountered a situation where a current member brought in to finish out a partial term, of a few months or more, would like to stay on for a full term. The EC is not sure which way to proceed, because the issue is not addressed at all in the current procedures.

While discussing the above situation, the EC also realized that the current EC Procedures do not address the length of time an EC Member may serve as an officer of the committee.

The EC prefers not to "guess," or to make assumptions. Hence, the request for the amendments to the procedures.

Unless I'm mistaken, the EC in its current committee form has only been in operation for slightly less than four years, not six. I am unable to verify at this moment, because previous AB minutes are not currently available for the year 2000-2001, and the Board List archives are apparently no longer available for that period.

(9-8-04) Don Kelly replied:

Thanks Ellen. Stepping stones we walk on can be slippery when assumptions emerge. It does seem best to have written guidelines (P&P) to be thereafter followed. Thanks for the background.

Other Business - AB Representative to EC (9-6-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the following announcement:

Cyndie Enfinger has indicated her willingness to continue as AB Rep to the Elections Committee.Since there is no objection, she is hereby reappointed to that post.

Additional Comments

Thank you Cyndie for serving as the AB Rep to the EC. Glad you are willing to do it again.

Darilee Bednar
NW/Plains CC Rep

Other Business - RAL appointment (9-3-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the following announcement:

The Representative-at-Large office became vacant when I took office as NC, and so the AB will need to appoint a replacement.

I'm going to post notices to the -DISCUSS, STATE-COORD, BOARD-L and regional lists seeking qualified persons who are interested in the position. The Election Committee will then conduct a preference poll (thanks, EC!) so you can see which of the volunteers the membership would like to see in that office. You will then vote to appoint your choice of candidates.

(9-10-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the Final Slate of RAL Candidates:

Applications for the Representative-at-Large position on the USGenWeb Advisory Board have been received from the following USGenWeb members (in alphabetical order):

Charles Barnum
Scott Burow
Jason Mendenhall
Betsy Mills
Phyllis Rippee
Mike St. Clair
Sharon Tabor
Denise Wells

As soon as the Elections Committee is ready, they will conduct a nationwide poll of our members to determine their preference from among these candidates. The Advisory Board will use this information, along with the information provided by the candidates on their applications, in making their choice to serve out the current term as Representative-at-Large.

I will begin posting the candidates' applications this evening to help members get to know the candidates. Candidates are also free to put up a "campaign" page if they wish to, although this is not a regular election, but rather is a preference poll.

Charles Barnum

*1. Your name Charles Barnum
*2. Your email address
*3. A listing of all positions you currently hold in USGenWeb
None, if elected positions is meant by the question.

*4. A listing of the URLs of all USGenWeb-affiliated web sites you maintain

CC Lincoln County NM
CC Washoe County NV
Co-CC Santa Fe County NM
Co-CC Rio Arriba County NM
Co-CC Torrance Co NM
~~See web site: The state list does not have my name listed for this county.
New Mexico FGS
New Mexico Digital Map Project
New Mexico Marriage Project CC Troup Co Georgia: I have applied for CC of Troup County Georgia. I have a completed web site ready to go online immediately including a county FGS project, surname registry, and query pages.

*5. A statement telling the AB why you wish to be considered for this position, and why you feel you would be the best candidate for it.

I believe every County Coordinator has a right to apply for every position in USGenWeb regardless of any other position he may or may not have held. I am qualified for this poition and request that I be given equal consideration.

"....and why you feel you would be the best candidate for it."

I do not know if I am the best candidate for this position. Probably 50% of all other members of USGenWeb would be better. But I may be better than the other 50% . That is for the AB to decide after considering all those who have applied.

Scott Burow

*1. Your name Scott Burow
*2. Your email address
*3. A listing of all positions you currently hold in USGenWeb

County Coordinator - Marion County, MO
County Coordinator - Ralls County, MO
County Coordinator - Richland County, IL
State Coordinator - The ILGenWeb Project

*4. A listing of the URLs of all USGenWeb-affiliated web sites you maintain.

*5. A statement telling the AB why you wish to be considered for this position, and why you feel you would be the best candidate for it.

I think that the county coordinators are the heart and soul of this project. We provide a service to people, we provide them information, help, and guidance as County Coordinators. We locate people to help our website visitors, lookup volunteers, and people with information. We supervise the websites, the message boards, and the mail lists, as well as generate, and/or coordinate the information that brings people back to our respective websites.

As County Coordinators, we stand at the grassroots level of the project. Without us, there wouldn't be much available to our visitors and users. Our voice needs to be heard, and respected, on the Advisory Board.

Since the last elections, I've been listening. These are things that I have heard County Coordinators talking about in the last year or so:

The problems of the past need to be resolved.

The infighting and bickering between differing areas of the project need to be settled.

The by-laws need to give some security to volunteers and county coordinators.

There needs to be improved lines of communication between the Advisory Board and State Coordinators and County Coordinators, and the rights and responsiblities of each need to be clearly defined.

Recent events at the AB level have caused legitimate concern for USGenWeb members. These concerns need to be addressed by the Advisory Board. The process needs to be out in the open so that the members of the USGenWeb are aware of what's going on at the AB level. The current distrust does no benefit to the project as a whole.

These issues I've heard about and these are the things that I would plan to work on should I be a representative on the Advisory Board.

The USGenWeb Project is the greatest organization for the genealogical community, and the people that I've met here are the most incredible and giving folk. This project has the potential to provide so much to anyone who needs or wants to research their family history, and the backbone of that whole process lies with the county coordinator. As RAL I'll be the CC's voice on the Advisory Board, and I'll do my very best to have their concerns and issues heard.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jason Mendenhall

Jason Mendenhall
State Coordinator IDGenweb Project
County Coordinator For the Following Counties in Idaho Project Bear Lake, Franklin, Oneida, Power
URLS USGenWeb sites. (IDGenweb State Page) (Bear Lake County, ID) (Franklin County, ID) (Oneida County, ID) (Power County, ID)

I feel I would be a great benefit to the Advisory Board, for a couple of reason. First I am forward thinking, and I am very supportive of this project. I believe It is one of the most fundamental Genealogical Research websites that researcher go to online. I will be a voice for all of the members as a whole to the Advisory board. Representative at large is a very important position on the board, because this person represents the membership as a whole not just on aspect. I believe that I can be a great asset to the Board this is why you should choose me for this position.

Betsy Mills

1. Your name Betsy Mills
2. Your email address

3. A listing of all positions you currently hold in USGenWeb ARGenWeb State Coordinator
Lamar County TXGenWeb County Coordinator
Delta County TXGenWeb County Coordinator

4. A listing of the URLs of all USGenWeb-affiliated web sites you maintain
ARGenWeb -
Lamar County, TX -
Delta County, TX -

5. A statement telling the AB why you wish to be considered for this position, and why you feel you would be the best candidate for it.

I have been a member of USGenWeb since July 1996. I served on the Advisory Board for several years and feel I can offer insight into many of the problems still facing the AB. Since I have worked with many of the people in the Project in every state, I feel I know and can represent everyone in the Project. I am fair and honest and try to consider every aspect of a problem.

Thank you for considering me.

Phyllis Rippee

1. Phyllis Rippee
3. CC, Wright County, MO

5. Served on the AB for almost three years. Know the procedures and rules of decorum. Will abide by them. Have listened to the ideas presented by the general membership for ways to improve the communications between them and the AB, as well as ways that could enhance the presentation of data for the researchers who come to our sites. Also believe that I can be of service in helping to compose motions and procedural rules that may need to be made. I can make only one promise...that is to do my best to serve the best interests of the Project.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mike St. Clair

Name: Mike St. Clair

County Coordinator - Taney County Missouri and Grainger County Tennessee
URLs: and
(note that the latter is a brand new assignment and I have just started my work there)

Why I wish to be considered:

Although I haven't been one of the pioneers of the USGenWeb Project, I have been one of the pioneers of the concept of helping genealogists by using the Internet and some of it's predecessors, such as the GBBS and Fidonet systems. I see the great potential of this Project to help genealogists in their research, as it has helped me personally and as I have seen it help countless others I have worked with as neighbors, friends, family, and members of classes that I've taught. I would like to give something back to the thousands who have been contributing of their time, talent, and energy over the years by serving them on the AB. One of my personal goals in life is to contribute to the advancement of genealogical computing and USGenWeb is currently the area I see with the most untapped potential. I have great admiration and respect for the many of the current board that I've become somewhat acquainted with over the last couple of years. I truly believe this would be a fun group to work with.

Why I would be a good choice:

I'm going to start by saying I don't know if I would be the best candidate, not even knowing who the other possibilities are, which is why I changed the title of this section to "why I would be a good choice."

I am an experienced genealogical researcher and understand the value, the sources, and the difficulties of the broad range of records that are of value to genealogists. Having worked on my own genealogy, as well as having helped others over the course of 37 years (that's NOT my age but my tenure as a researcher), I'm seasoned and have learned much about what works and what doesn't, what's available and what isn't. In this time I've spent many years in two of the major record centers in our country, Washington DC (16 years) and Salt Lake City (20 years), and have learned how to use the records available in both places. I've also been able to research in the state archives of half a dozen states, the county archives of dozens of counties, and libraries and archives of many universities and other organizations. I think my experience as a researcher would be helpful in serving and representing the members of the Project.

I have substantial experience with the technology that supports genealogists and this project as a practicing information technology professional. I currently provide technology planning and support for a small startup company. My employer is pioneering an innovative approach for our country's public schools that is similar in some fashion to what USGenWeb is pioneering for genealogists. We provided support for a fee to school systems who primarily use one vendor's computing products but we are also developing an open source system that is being made available without license fees. The hope is to help stimulate a movement of the open source concept into other areas such curriculum development and sharing. I work with computers, software, networks and the Internet every day and am experienced in helping find and solve problems, and coming up with solutions that prevent future problems. This includes developing, learning, and taking advantage of standards in the technology arena. I have a good understanding of what works, and what developing technologies are bringing. I think my experience with technology would be helpful to me in serving and representing the members of the project.

I have worked with many other national volunteer genealogical organizations in technology roles. This not only gave some insights into how such organizations work, but put me into close contact with many of those who are currently in leadership roles in such organizations. It's not clear to me that USGenWeb has spent any time on developing relationships with other organizations that could work cooperatively with us to help us accomplish our objectives. Over time I think this would be a good thing to do, and I believe I could help that to happen should the Board buy off on the concept. Those I have worked with include: The National Genealogical Society (I've spoken at several of their national conferences, I was their first webmaster and have been elected a Fellow of the NGS, one of just a few dozen nationally), Federation of Genealogical Societies (I was an early webmaster there and helped promote making many of their materials available on the Internet for free), Board for Certification of Genealogists (first webmaster), Association of Professional Genealogists (first webmaster), GENTECH (early webmaster, speaker at conferences, on several conference committees, program chair for one of their national conferences).

I am a long time proponent of making free resources available to genealogists through the Internet, starting in fact before the Internet existed. My efforts prior to becoming part of USGenWeb helped deliver resources like tools and education, rather than data, and one of my efforts remains very popular approaching 20 years after it was first launched (that one is called PAF Review). I think this experience will help me in all aspects of service on the Advisory Board.

I believe those in leadership positions such as the Advisory Board are both leaders and servants, but not masters. I'm especially good in the servant role, and am effective in being a peacemaker, and in persuading opposing parties to compromise. I know how to be polite to those who are angry, upset, even obnoxious, and I can listen through the strong words that come from strong feelings. I tend to get along with the nice people as well as the ornery ones. These attitudes and skills would be valuable when dealing with some of the issues that come before the Advisory Board.

Let me assure you that if chosen I will give this my best, and if someone else is chosen I will do everything in my power as a project member to help them and the project be successful. I greatly appreciate the service of those currently on the Board and think I would be a good fit with the current group. I'd be happy to answer any questions from any member of the board as they consider the candidates for this board vacancy.

If you want to learn more about me, you are invited to visit my personal home page at

If you'd like to check out some of the free resources I provide to genealogists, take a look at: - Genealogical Numbering Systems - Helps you find US counties - Resources for users of Personal Ancestral File - Ozark Conversations, part of the Taney County Missouri USGenWeb site

Sharon Tabor

1. Your name Sharon Tabor
2. Your email address

3. A listing of all positions you currently hold in USGenWeb County
Coordinator for Allen County KY (
List Administrator for KYALLEN
Assistant County Coordinator for Hart County KY
Contributor to Allen County KY research
Contributor to Barren County KY research ( & former Barren Co KY CC
Contributor to the USGenWeb Census Project
Participant in a new project at KYGenWeb - the Kentucky Vital Records Project (KVRP) - an effort on the part of numerous volunteers to provide online Death and Birth records. My position is to proof transcriptions prior to posting online.
Co-sponsor of a Tabor Surname research website providing information and data for 16 Southern States.

4. A listing of the URLs of all USGenWeb-affiliated web sites you maintain

5. A statement telling the AB why you wish to be considered for this position, and why you feel you would be the best candidate for it.

My involvement in genealogy has spanned most of my life, having tromped many a graveyard as a child and having sifted through courthouse and census records before the days of indexes. My tenure with the GenWeb project has been a busy 4 years with quality of information, rather than quantity, being my goal.

USGenWeb has been a major reference point in my personal ancestral search, and as Representative at Large, my desire would be to help USGenWeb continue to grow and retain it's strength in providing free genealogy materials for online researchers.

Prior to, and in addition to, my genealogical responsibilities, I have represented/led other volunteers in:

1989-1990 Docent Chair for the Blandwood Mansion in Greensboro, NC
1989-1990 Board of Trustees Greensboro NC Preservation Society
1989 Co-Chair for the North Carolina Triad Chapter of the March of Dimes Bid-for-Bachelor fund raiser
1990 Chairperson for the North Carolina Triad Chapter of the March of Dimes Bid-for-Bachelor fund raiser, which netted over $64,000 for birth defect research
1991 Co-Chair of the Davidson Co., NC Jaycee's Angel Tree Christmas project for needy children
1996-1998 Treasurer of the North Carolina Bed & Breakfast Association
2003 Head of Neighborhood Coilition for community ReZoning
2004 Head of Neighborhood Committee to research and petition for Historic Designation

Integrity, honesty, and impartiality are personal qualities that I bring to the USGenWeb project and all other projects of involvement.

Having spent 25 years in mid-management corporate, and self-employment, customer/consumer oriented careers, my experience represents the knowledge and ability to represent USGenWeb and it's members in a fair and objective manner.

Thank you for your consideration of my qualifications for Representative-At- Large at USGenWeb.

Denise Wells

1. Denise Wells
3/4. county coordinator for the following counties and their URLs.
Denver County, CO - since August 2003
Arapahoe County, CO - since August 2003
Broward County, FL - since June 2004

I am also involved in the WorldGenWeb in various capacities. I am the country coordinator for Northern Ireland and county coordinator for 3 counties in Ireland - Cavan, Longford and Clare. I have had Cavan and Longford for over 2 years now and Clare for a shorter period of time.

5. I would be a great person for this position because I am totally committed to the provision of great websites full of vital information that will make a difference in each and every researcher's journey through their family tree. I have been involved in genealogy for 20 years and love each and every person who feels the pull to travel through time with their families. I have managed mail lists and websites for several years now, either my own websites or those for USGenWeb or other online projects. I have made some great friends through genealogy in many different venues and am very supportive of the huge number of volunteers out there who take time out of their own lives to help others by putting together information, data, and websites to assist others. Being the Representative-at-Large would be a way for me to honor and support the hundreds of volunteers who make the USGenWeb a wonderful, viable site for everyone. It would be my privilege to serve the volunteers and what they are up to with each and every website that endeavor to create for researchers everywere.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my request for nomination.

Other Business - Call for USGenWeb Project Election Committee Volunteers (9-14-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the following announcement from the USGenWeb Election Committee:

To all USGenWeb Project members:

The USGenWeb Election Committee is looking for six volunteers who would like to serve on the committee. The "job" includes developing a working relationship with Project members, SCs, and/or Archives personnel to maintain current Project Membership and Registration Lists, and to assist in all polls and elections, especially during the months of June and July when the EC hosts the USGenWeb Project's Annual Election.

Volunteers will have the satisfaction of joining an excellent team to handle a difficult and important responsibility.

The following seats are currently open:

Northeast North Central Region - Two Year Term
January 1, 2005 -December 31, 2006

Northwest Plains Region - Two Year Term
January 1, 2005 - December 31, 2007

Southwest South Central Region - One Year Replacement Term
January 1, 2005 December 31, 2005

Archives/Special Projects - One Year Replacement Term
January 1, 2005 - December 31, 2005

Archives/Special Projects - Two Year Term
January 1,2005 - December 31, 2006

RAL (Representative At Large) - Two Year Term
January 1, 2005 - December 31, 2006

NOTE: You do *not* have to be a member in any of the above regions or projects to be eligible to serve in a particular seat. Final determination of placement will be made by the EC.

Any member of the USGW Project who is eligible to register to vote is eligible for membership in the EC, the exception being that no Advisory Board member may serve as a working member of the EC. An EC member who is elected to national office may continue to serve on the EC until seated on the AB. Members do not have to be registered to serve.

The EC is looking for team players who will check and respond to mail daily, and recognize the confidentiality aspects of the work. This is a busy but harmonious committee, and the work is very rewarding!

If you are interested in volunteering, please send a note to: Ellen Pack <> with the subject line, "Volunteer EC". Please include a brief description of your current USGW participation, including URLs of any sites you maintain, plus any other information you would like the EC to have.

Selected volunteers will be included on a slate that is presented to the Advisory Board for confirmation. The process can take awhile, so please be patient :-)

More information about the EC is available at:

Thank you for your time, and please consider volunteering!

Ellen Pack Chair,
USGenWeb Elections Committee

Other Business - USGenWeb Project Advisory Board Preference Poll (9-30-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the following announcement on behalf of the Election Committee:

*Voting in the Advisory Board Preference Poll for the vacant RAL (Representative At Large) Seat on the *Advisory Board will begin October 1, 2004 12:01 am CST and will end October 8, 2004 11:59 pm CST.

*Please contact the EC immediately if you have not received a password by October 2, 2004.

*The USGenWeb Project Election Committee

Update and Adjournment (9-27-04) National Coordinator Shari Handley posted the following announcement:

The Advisory Board has been conducting a hearing in closed session which has been taking up much of its time. The hearing, the first of two, is about 2/3rds complete and will continue without adjournment until it is completed.

If there is no objection, I will adjourn the regular September 2004 meeting of the Advisory Board. We will reconvene on Friday, October 1


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Greta Thompson, Recording Secretary

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