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Advisory Board Minutes - September 2002


Approved 8 Jul 2003

Call to Order

The September 2002 regular meeting of the USGenWeb Advisory Board was called to order by National Coordinator and Chairman Richard Harrison at 12:25 p.m. on 9/3/02. The Chairman and acting secretary were present. There were no previous minutes to read or approve.

Officer Reports

- National Coordinator

In his "Call to Order" message, the NC welcomed new Advisory Board members, thanked Linda Davenport and the Election Committee, as well as Larry Stephens of Indiana University, for their work in conducting our recent election, and expressed appreciation to all the candidates who ran for office and to Tim Stowell for his work in regards to renewing our .org and .com domain names. He announced his choice of Shari Handley as Board Secretary, pending confirmation by the Advisory Board. He announced that he has contacted those eligible for the vacant NE/NC SC Rep to see if anyone was willing to be appointed to fill it, that George Waller, Massachusetts SC, has agreed to serve, and no other eligible person expressed an interest to do so. He requested that a motion be made to appoint Mr. Waller.


vacant NE/NC SC Rep seat

(9/3/02) A motion was presented by Bill Oliver, NW/Plains CC Rep, "that George Waller be appointed to serve as Northeast/North Central State Coordinator Representative until the next regularly scheduled election." The motion was numbered 02-13. Discussion ensued.

(9/4/02) Robert Bremer, NE/NC CC Rep, presented a motion to table Motion 02-13. The voting tied at 6 "yes" and 6 "no" (with 2 board members not voting). The NC cast the deciding "no" vote, and the motion to table failed (9/8/02).

(9/9/02) NC Richard Harrison contacted the Elections Committee and requested that they conduct a poll to determine if there would be any other qualified candidates for NE/NC SC Rep in addition to Mr. Waller, which one the qualified voters in that region would prefer if there were, and if they supported Mr. Waller if there were not. He asked for general consent to refer Motion 02-13 to committee so that other work could be accomplished while the EC conducted the poll.

(9/10/02) Mr. Oliver offered to withdraw Motion 02-13 so that procedures can be established for filling board vacancies before making a motion to fill the current open position.

The Chair ruled that the motion could be withdrawn only if there was no objection from other AB members, and declared that, if there were no objections in 24 hours, Motion 02-13 would be withdrawn. With no objections voiced, the motion was withdrawn (9/11/02).



board secretary appointment

(9/9/02) NW/Plains CC Rep Kathy Heidel moved "that the AB confirms the appointment of Shari Handley for Board Secretary". The motion was assigned number 02-14. Motion passed with 11 "yes" votes and 3 members not voting (9/10/02).

(9/10/02) NC Richard Harrison posted that he'd received information from Parliamentarian Roger Swafford that the proper title for this position would be Recording Secretary.


setting operating procedures

(9/11/02) A motion was presented by Bill Oliver, NW/Plains CC Rep, "that the AB discuss and formulate procedures of operation and procedures for the seating of board vacancies; further that this become our primary item of business".

The Chair ruled this motion out of order at this time, but added the matter to the current agenda.



(9/12/02) NW/Plains CC Rep Kathy Heidel presented a motion "that Pam Reid continue as the Webmaster for the National Website for this year". This motion was numbered 02-15. Motion passed with 13 "yes" votes and 1 member not voting (9/15/02).



Election Committee slate

(9/20/02) Jimmy Epperson, the SE/MA CC Rep, presented a motion that "the slate of Election Committee Volunteers submitted by Linda Haas Davenport and posted to Board-L by the NC on 9/19/2002 be approved." The motion was given the number 02-16. Motion passed with 11 "yes" votes, 2 "no" votes and 1 member not voting (9/23/02).


Standing Election Procedures

(9/23/02) Kathy Heidel, NW/Plains CC Rep, presented a motion "that the 'Standing Election Procedures Section A, subparagraph 1. Composition of the subcommittee' containing the sentence 'The National Coordinator and the Representative-at-Large to the Advisory Board shall both serve as ex-officio members of the EC.' be changed so that the sentence becomes 'The National Coordinator, as ex officio member, and one other Advisory Board Representative, chosen by the Board, shall serve as advisors on the EC subcommittee.' Furthermore, that all references to the 'Representative-at-Large' be changed to read 'Advisory Board Representative' with the exception of the reference in Section B. Duties of the subcommittee, subparagraph 1. To wit: Section A, subparagraph 2, paragraphs 6 and 7; Section A, subparagraph 3, paragraph 2; Section B, subparagraph 5, division 'e.' " The motion was assigned number 02-17. After some discussion, Jana Black, SW/SC CC Rep, moved to amend motion 02-17, but this motion to amend died for lack of a second. Voting then commenced on the original motion 02-17. Motion failed with 8 "yes" votes, 5 "no" votes, and 1 member not voting (9/28/02).




(9/28/02) Bill Oliver, NW/Plains CC Rep, presented a motion "that the items on the September agenda and the issues [which include the -ALL list and the RAL right to function as elected] mentioned that need completion be brought forward, discussed, resolved or solved by AB action until the agenda and issues are in closure, unless the time becomes 0001 hours, 1 September 2003. And, further, that Sunday has for some centuries been considered a day of rest, therefore, that no AB action not declared an emergency be done on day of the week." The motion was numbered 02-18 and opened for discussion.

Note: Since the vote for this motion will take place in October, it will be included in the October minutes.


Other Business

(9/4/02) Tim Stowell, SE/MA SC Rep, announced that transfer of the registration for the domain, making Go Daddy Software ( the registrar of record, has been completed.


Other Business

(9/9/02) National Coordinator Richard Harrison announced the appointment of Roger Swafford as Parliamentarian for the USGenWeb Advisory Board.


Other Business

(9/21/02) Tim Stowell, SE/MA SC Rep, announced that transfer of the registration for the domain, making Tucows, Inc. the registrar of record, has been completed. The transfer was arranged through BudgetDomain.Com (, a Registration Service Provider.


There was no adjournment. Business will continue without pause, although minutes for actions taking place in October will be a separate document.

The full text of all BOARD-L messages can be viewed in the threaded list archives for this list, located at

Shari Handley
Recording Secretary

Please remember that minutes are a record of what was done at the meeting, NOT what was said by members or guests. If you have any questions or comments about the minutes, please feel free to write to




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