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Advisory Board Minutes - August 2015


August 2015 Session
August 2015 Session Opened
Announcement: USGW Election Results, 2015
Announcement: Thank You from Denise Wells
Announcement: NGS 2016 Family History Conference
Approval of Advisory Board Minutes; July minutes

SESSION OPEN 01 August 2015
The July 2015 meeting of the USGenWeb Project Advisory board is adjourned,
the August meeting is convened.

Denise Wells
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project
Information about the USGenWeb Project at
Advisory Board Agenda

Announcement: USGW Election Results, 2015 03 August 2015
Congratulations to all of the winners!

2015 USGenWeb National Election Results:
The USGenWeb Election Committee would like to thank all of the candidates
and voters for participating in the election process. Below are the
results of the Election 2015.

Eligible Voters overall - 1108
Voted - 149 (13.45%)
National Coordinator - Voted 115 (77.18%)
Representative at large - Voted 115 (77.18%)
Eligible NENC CC - 359 - Voted 47 (13.09%)
Eligible NWPL SC - 21 - Voted 10 (47.62%)
Eligible NWPL CC - 243 - Voted 45 (18.52%)
Eligible SEMA CC - 325 - Voted 43 (13.23%)
Eligible SWSC CC - 290 - Voted 45 (15.52%)
National Coordinator:
Denise Wells - 115 (100%)
The EC declares Denise Wells the winner.
Representative at Large:
Patrice Green - 115 (100%)
The EC declares Patrice Green the winner.
Jeff Kemp - 47 (100%)
The EC declares Jeff Kemp the winner
Shirley Cullum - 10 (100%)
The EC declares Shirley Cullum the winner.
Mary Alice Schwanke - 27 (60.0%)
Billie Walsh - 18 (40.0%)
The EC declares MaryAlice Schwanke the winner.
Ann Geoghegan - 43 (100%)
The EC declares Ann Geoghegan the winner.
Linda Lewis - 45 (100%)
The EC declares Linda Lewis the winner.
SWSC CC 1yr Term:
Jane Colmenares - 41 (100%)
The EC declares Jane Colmenares the winner.

Thank you.

Gayle Triller
USGenWeb Election Committee

Announcement: Thank You from Denise Wells 04 August 2015
I  want to thank everyone who were candidates for this election. I realize
that only one region had a contest; however, I do want to welcome the 3 new
candidates who will be taking their positions on 9/1/15.

I'm truly not interested in any bashing of The Project because of the low
number of candidates or the numbers of those voting. It is what it is, and
our goal is to alter that. No matter the outcome, my entire goal is to
cause The USGenWeb Project to get spiffed up and updated as we move closer
to the 20 year anniversary for The Project.

I especially want to thank Billie Walsh for throwing her hat in the ring
and running for a position. Win or lose, we can each make a difference for
each and every county that we represent. Please keep up the great work you
are doing for your counties, Billie!

Okay, I don't want to, but I have to head to the office and then to another
doctor appointment later today. I think this doctor will be happy as I
think I have lost almost 30 pounds, that is an additional 15 from when I
saw him last.

I hope all of you have a great day. Thanks for all of your contributions
to USGenWeb, no matter what your contribution is.
Denise Wells
National Coordinator

31 August 2015
I would like to take a few moments to thank all members of our Advisory
Board for their service to The USGenWeb Project over the past 12 months.
And thank you for putting up with me and providing me your individual and
collective guidance. It has been truly appreciated.

Tonight we are saying goodbye to Betsy Mills, our Representative at Large,
who has been of tremendous assistance and council to me, and has grabbed me
by the ears a few times. Betsy, you will be truly missed on our Board.

Cyndie Enfinger has been on the AB for as long as I can remember for the
Special Projects; she did not run this year and no one was elected. Thank
you for your years of service, Cyndie. We will look at appointing someone
to this vacant spot on the AB soon.

Bill Oliver is another great volunteer who has been with the AB for a
while. Thank you so much for your service, Bill.

And last, but definitely not least, Pauli Smith who has become a great
friend as well as a wonderful member of the AB for several years.

Thank you to each and every one of you. Your partnership this past year
has been very much appreciated.

As we are getting close to the bewitching hour, I wanted to send out this
thank you and acknowledgement of your services for the entire time
period(s) you have worked with me on the AB and I look forward to retaining
each of you as a friend.

Denise Wells
National Coordinator

Announcement: NGS 2016 Family History Conference 24 August 2015
I'm very happy to announce that with the assistance of Joy Fisher and Karen
De Groote, we have now secured a double booth at the NGS 2016 Family
History Conference.

We are excitedly looking forward to celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The
USGenWeb Project. Karen has donated funds from a trust of her late father
to pay for one booth in honor of her late father, Virgil G. De Groote.

We would truly appreciate any donations towards the payment of the 2nd
booth and other expenses that will be incurred in order to represent The
USGenWeb Project at this Conference.

The conference runs from 4th through the 7th of May, 2016, and will take
place at the Broward County Conference Center in East Fort Lauderdale.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to have a track of talks sponsored by
our Project as that window has already closed.

We are looking for volunteers to assist in manning the booth for two hour
increments for each day. Also, ideas for displays and donations of
materials for our celebration will be gladly accepted and entertained. I
know there are lots of very talented folks out there in our group and I
look forward to hearing from many of you.

Any questions, just let me know. Let me know how you would like to assist
in this endeavor as we head into the new year.

Come help us help the Project! Thank you so much.

Denise Wells
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project
Information about the USGenWeb Project at
Advisory Board Agenda

Approval of Advisory Board Minutes; July minutes 03 August 2015
The minutes of the July 2015 Advisory Board meeting have been posted

Please take a few minutes to review them and submit any comments or
corrections. If no responses are received, the minutes will stand approved
at 8:00 a.m. EST, 10 August 2015.

Thank you.
Denise Wells
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

Adjournment 1 September 2015
The August 2015 session of the Advisory Board is adjourned and the
September 2015 session is opened.

Denise Wells
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

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