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Advisory Board Minutes - August 2011


August 2011 Session
August 2011 Session Opened
National election results
Corrected results (added the SP Rep results as the only change)
Termination of the Disciplinary Hearing
Disciplinary hearing charge #4
Correction to Vote Tally
Call for volunteers to serve as web site manager
2nd Quarter Grievance Committee Report
Grievance Committee Call for Volunteers
MOTION 2010/11-17: Remove items from the agenda
Motion 2010/11-18: Extend Grievance Committee Terms
Approval of Minutes

SESSION OPEN 1 August 2011
July meeting adjourned, August convened.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

National election results 3 August 2011
Eligible Voters overall: 1432
# of voting members: 188 (13.128%)
Members Requesting Passwords: 253 (17.668%)

National Coordinator:
Sherri Bradley 118 (68.208%)
Gail Kilgore 28 (16.185%)
Billie Walsh 27 (15.607%)

The EC declares Sherri Bradley the winner.

National Representative-RAL
Collen Pustola 52 (30.588%)
Tina Vickery 118 (69.412%)

The EC declares Tina Vickery the winner.

Pauli Smith 41 (100%)

The EC declares Pauli Smith the winner.

Nancy Beach 48 (100%)

The EC declares Nancy Beach the winner.

Bill Oliver 10 (66.667%)
Sundee Anderson 5 (33.333%

The EC declares Bill Oliver the winner.

Jeff Kemp 58 (100%)

The EC declares Jeff Kemp the winner.

Don Kelly 15 (23.4375%)
Linda Lewis 31 (48.4375%)
Shauna Moyers 18 (28.125%)

There will be a run-off election between Linda Lewis and Shauna Moyers to determine the winner. More information will follow pertaining to the election.

Corrected results (added the SP Rep results as the only change) 3 August 2011

Special Projects:
Cyndi Enfinger 38 (100%)
The EC declares Cyndi Enfinger the winner.

23 August 2011
The USGW Election Committee would like to thank all of the candidates for participating in the Run-off election process.

The results of the SWSC CC Representative are listed below:

Linda K. Lewis 28 (66.667%)
Shauna Moyers 14 (33.333%)

The EC declares Linda Lewis the winner.

Termination of the Disciplinary Hearing 16 August 2011
The Advisory Board has been conducting a disciplinary hearing for the past several weeks. The most recent action agreed to by the members was to dismiss Charge #4 against Mr. Lytton.

Based on confirmation of the passing of the respondent, Mr. Daryl Lytton, this hearing is terminated.

Larry Flesher

Disciplinary hearing charge #4 17 August 2011
The final charge against Mr. Daryl Lytton considered by the Disciplinary Hearing was Charge #4:

4) Since 15 May 2003, Mr. Lytton has defrauded the genealogical community the USGenWeb Project was created to serve, by soliciting financial contributions via PayPal to, Inc. while falsely claiming it is a "nonprofit public benefit corporation" (a public charity).
Such solicitation is in violation of Nevada Revised Statute NRS 598.1305, prohibited deceptive trade practices, where Mr. Lytton currently resides, and the California Corporation Code, where he registered the corporation.

After much deliberation, the finding on Charge #4 is:

"The conduct exhibited by Mr. Lytton as outlined in Charge #4 is of concern to this hearing panel. However, the charged conduct may be subject to further action by State and perhaps Federal authority. Therefore, by majority vote, Charge #4 is dismissed by this panel without a finding of guilt or innocence."

The voting tally is as follows:

Voting to Agree: Sherri Bradley, Alice Allen, Bill Oliver, Nancy Beach, Ann Allen Geohagen, Les Shockey, Pat Asher, Linda Lewis

Voting to Disagree: Tina Vickery, Jeff Kemp, Denise Wells

Not voting: Cyndie Enfinger, Pauli Smith

The disciplinary hearing is now concluded.

Respectfully Submitted,

Larry Flesher

Correction to Vote Tally 17 August 2011
The undersigned has received a correction to the vote on Charge #4. Pat Asher voted to DISAGREE with the finding; she only agreed with the final wording of the finding.

The undersigned apologizes for the error.

Larry Flesher

Call for volunteers to serve as web site manager 19 August 2011
To comply with Section XI, Subsection B of the Standard Rules, the web manager position is now open for recruitment for the 2011/12 Advisory Board term. Duties and information can be found in Section XI of the Standing Rules at

Interested volunteers should submit a completed Volunteer Form located at Volunteer forms must be received by 8 pm EDT 1 September 2011.

2nd Quarter Grievance Committee Report 26 August 2011
Forwarding for the record. This is the 2nd quarter report, which covers April-June 2011. Are there any corrections? If not the report will stand as approved on 29 August 2011 at 6 p.m. EDT.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Grievance 2010/02-27 presently in Mediation
Grievance 2011/04-01 Rejected as being a request for changes not truly a
Grievance 2011/04-28 This is a request to rehear the rejected 04-01
Grievance 2011/06-28 Received and in review process

John Quigley
Chair, USGenWeb Grievance Committee

29 Aug 2011

Having heard no corrections, the report stands as approved.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Grievance Committee Call for Volunteers 26 August 2011
The Grievance Committee is in need of new members, we are short one member,
and one other member is staying on until a replacement can be found for her.
If accepted you will serve for 2 years, until August 2013.
Interested individuals should contact the Grievance Committee Chair, John
Quigley at, providing the required information to be
considered for the position.
John Quigley
Chair, USGenWeb Grievance Committee

MOTION 2010/11-17: Remove items from the agenda 27 August 2011
Moved by Alice Allen and seconded by Ann Allen Geoghegan and dated 26 August 2011, the motion reads "I move that the following two items be removed from the agenda, by general consent:

1. Discussion of what the consequences should be for breaking
confidentiality of the grievance process

2. Grievance Appeal - 2010-05-12
Jeff Kemp has previously withdrawn item #1 since the revisions to the
grievance process covered this item. As stated here by NC Sherri, this
appeal is now a moot point with the passing of the grievant."

Are there any objections to this motion?

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

26 August 2011
With all members stating that they have no objection to these two items being removed from the agenda, the motion passes. These two items will be moved to the archived agenda items.
Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Motion 2010/11-18: Extend Grievance Committee Terms 28 Aug 2011
Moved by Denise Wells and seconded by Alice Allen and dated 28 August 2011,
the motion reads "I hereby make motion to extend by general consent the
terms of the current GC members whose terms expire on August 31, 2011, for
an additional 30 days, through and including September 30, 2011, to allow
the GC to obtain potential replacement GC member volunteers for the upcoming

I also move, by general consent, that should an acceptable slate of
volunteers are approved prior to September 30, 2011, that the expiring
members' terms are then immediately terminated upon the installation of said
new slate of GC volunteers."

Are there any objections to this motion?

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

28 Aug 2011
With 13 of the 14 AB members weighing in on this motion, thus meeting the
requirements to form a quorum, and none having any objection, per the
requirements of general consent, the motion is declared passed.

The terms of all current Grievance Committee members with the exception of
Clarissa Lloyd are extended to 30 September 2011.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Approval of Minutes 29 Aug 2011
The minutes of the June 2001 meeting of the Advisory Board have been posted
at and are ready for your
review. Are there any corrections or additions? If no corrections are
identified they will stand as approved on 31 August 2011 at 8 p.m. EDT.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

29 Aug 2011
I believe that the reference to the Session Open should state May adjourned
and June convened.
Family tree magazine month reference should be changed to September 2011,
not 2010.
That is all I see
Denise Wells

29 Aug 2011
The minutes of the July 2011 Advisory Board session have been posted at Please take a bit of time
and review them for corrections and/or additions. If there are no
corrections or additions, they will stand approved at 8 p.m. 31 August 2011

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

29 Aug 2011
Moved by Pat Asher and seconded by Denise Wells and dated 29 August 2011,
the motion reads: "I move we approve by general consent

a) That Tina Vickery be appointed to create an on line form for soliciting
volunteer speakers, and that she compile and publish a list of those
volunteers on the domain;

b) That all members shall be notified by direct mail of the purpose and
location of the form so interested members may volunteer;

c) That the compiled list of volunteers shall temporarily be named the
"Speaker's Bureau" and be published for a trial period of six months;

d) At the conclusion of the six month trial period, that this project be
evaluated for interest and response and a determination made as to whether
the project can and should continue;

e) If the evaluation is affirmative, that a standing Promotion & Education
Committee be created to oversee this and other education and promotional
projects of the USGenWeb as appropriate, the committee to consist of a
number of volunteer members to be determined, but to include at least one
member of the Advisory Board in addition to the NC as ex-officio member."

Are there any objections to this motion?

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

29 Aug 2011
I have no objection to a-d, but unfortunately have an issue with e.

Isn't overseeing educational and promotional projects what the AB should be
doing? Do we really need to create a committee for this if these projects
have a Project Manager? If we approve this project at the end of 6 months,
we are forced to create a committee by this wording even if one really isn't
SP Rep.

29 Aug 2011
With Cyndie's objection, below, the motion cannot be dealt with by general
consent. The floor is open for discussion. If you have no discussion,
please indicate with "no discussion". Discussion will continue until 31
August 4 pm edt unless concluded earlier.
Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

29 Aug 2011
Cyndie, would you be amenable to the exclusion of Section e? Cyndie, would you be amenable to the exclusion of Section e?
Tina Vickery

30 Aug 2011
Yes, I have no objection to the exclusion of section e and would agree to
the motion without section e.
SP Rep.

Adjourment Sherri Bradley adjourned the August meeting on September 1, 2011

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

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