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Advisory Board Minutes - June 2008



MEETING OPENED (Jun 2, 2008) By the NC
June meeting convened

MAY 2008 MINUTES (Jun 20, 2008) By the NC
The May Minutes have been posted for review to the national website at: If there is no objection or corrections the minutes will stand approved June 23, 2008, 8:00 am

(Jun 23, 2008) By the NC
Having heard no objection, the May minutes are approved as presented

(see July 2008 minutes for a corrected list)

Recently, the Advisory Board issued a call for Grievance Committee volunteers. Nine (9) individuals stepped forward to volunteer their time:

Darilee Bednar, Shirley Cullum, John Little, Joel Newport, Fred Provoncha, John Quigley, Joyce Reece, Nick Sierra and Diane Simard.

As National Coordinator, I will present this slate to the Standing Grievance Committee, requesting that they return to the Advisory Board by June 21, 2008, the volunteers they wish to fill the vacant slots on the committee for approval. Details of the above volunteer credentials as presented in their letters of interest will be included to the standing committee.

Due to the nature of this administrative task as National Coordinator, I will subscribe myself to the committee list to present the slate.

This is an extraordinary step for me to take as there are pending grievances against the Advisory Board and my subscription under those circumstances is prohibited.

If the Advisory Board receives no slate from the committee by June 21, 2008, the Advisory Board will select the slate and seat the necessary number of volunteers needed to satisfy the USGenWeb Project Bylaws.

(Jun 11, 2008) By the NC
My apologies to the Board and to Diane Siniard. I inadvertently mis-spelled her name in the list of Grievance Committee volunteers.

(Jun 21, 2008) By the NC
I inadvertently omitted Dorman Holub from the list of volunteers submitted to the Standing Grievance committee for consideration. Details of his credentials as presented in his letter of interest will be included to the standing committee.

Due to my error, I am extending the committee's timeframe to June 24, 2008, for the committee to return the slate of volunteers for approval.

My apologies to Dorman, the committee and the project.

(Jun 21, 2008) By Alice Allen
Since Joyce Reece is running for an AB position, should this information be passed on to the CG Committee? She can't serve both places, should she happen to win.

(Jun 21, 2008) By the NC
Any member of the Grievance Committee who is approved to serve on or who now serves on the Grievance Committee, and is subsequently elected to a seat on the 2009 Advisory Board would be required to tender their resignation immediately to the Grievance Committee effective September 1, 2008.

As the slate has not been yet been submitted for approval and we still have a few months before the results of the National Election is known, at this point the slate as presented to the Committee is valid.

ADJOURNMENT (1 Jul 2008) By the NC
The June meeting is adjourned

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