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Advisory Board Minutes - May 2011


May 2011 Session
May 2011 Session Opened
Motion 2010/11-11 Approve the Grievance Committee Slate
Motion 2010/11-12 Motion to Adopt Revised Grievance Procedures
Motion 2010/11-13 Correct Typos in Motion 2010-11/12
Announcements: 4th Quarter Report
Announcements: Discussion of updates to the Election Committee Procedures
Announcement: Disciplinary Hearing Being Convened - Daryl Lytton
Announcement: Reminder regarding Registration and Nomination in preparation for the National Election

The April 2011 meeting of the Advisory Board is adjourned and the May meeting convened.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project
Information about the USGenWeb Project at
Advisory Board Agenda

Approval of Minutes 23 May
Having heard no objections, the minutes stand as approved.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
The minutes of the April 2011 session of the Advisory Board are posted at for review. If there are no corrections or objections, they will stand approved at 8 a.m. EDT 23 May 2011.

Motion 2010/11-11  Approve the Grievance Committee Slate 1 May
With 13 members voting, motion 2010/11-11, Approve the Grievance Committee
Slate passes.

Those voting to approve the proposed slate: Alice Allen, Ann Allen
Geoghegan, Bill Oliver, Cyndie Enfinger, Denise Wells, Jeff Kemp, Larry
Flesher, Les Shockey, Linda Lewis, Nancy Beach, Pat Asher, Pauli Smith and
Tina Vickery.

Those voting to reject the slate: none.

Those not voting: Dale Grimm.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Motion 2010/11-12  Motion to Adopt Revised Grievance Procedures 2 May
Moved by Pat Asher and seconded by Larry Flesher and dated 2 May 2011, the
motion reads "I move we adopt, by general consent, the revised Standard Rule
Section V. Grievance Procedures, as currently proposed at "

Are there any objections to this motion?

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

9 May
By requirement of general consent, having heard no objection, this motion
has passed.  The Grievance Procedures, as posted at are approved.  The
section(s) of the Standard Rules will be updated to reflect the changes
included in this document and the Secretary of the Grievance Committee will
be instructed to update the procedures posted at .

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Motion 2010/11-13 Correct Typos in Motion 2010-11/12 16 May
Moved by Denise Wells and seconded by Pat Asher and dated 16 December 2011,
the motion reads: "I move that the corrections to the recently approved
Grievance Procedures be made as detailed in Concetta Phillips' email."
Specifically, change section V.F.1.3 to "A transcriber or an accepted
contributing researcher, within 30 days of incident, or discovery of
incident." Additionally, change section V.F.6.3 to "To assist the parties
in identifying the source of the dispute, the options for resolution, common
ground between the parties, and to explore the possibility of an amicable
agreement for resolution of the dispute that will benefit both parties and
The USGenWeb Project." Lastly, change the first sentence of the fourth
paragraph in section V.F.7 to "If an amicable agreement is achieved between
the parties in the mediation process, the members of the team shall retire
to closed session to insure that the resolution is appropriate in view of
the goals and requirements of The USGenWeb Project."

Are there any objections to this motion?

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

20 May
Having heard no objections, motion 2010-11/13 is declared. The webmanager
and Grievance Committee are instructed to implement these changes to the

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcements: 4th Quarter Report 1 May
This also includes the 1st Quarter Report from the Grievance Committee.

Forwarding [below] for the record.  Are there any corrections?  If not, the report
will stand approved as of 4 May 2011 at 6:00 am EDT.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

Grievance Committee 4th Quarter Report of Activity:

Grievance 2010/03-01  Resolved 11/9/2010
Grievance 2010/05-12  Rejected 12/14/2010
Grievance 2010/12-15  Rejected 12/16/2010
Grievance 2010/12-17  Rejected 2/2/2011
Grievance 2010/02-27  Received 3/12/2011 after 2nd Appeal

Grievance Committee 1st Quarter Report

Grievance 2010/02-27  Still awaiting a full team to hear this grievance.

John Quigley, Chair, USGenWeb Grievance Committee

Announcements: Discussion of updates to the Election Committee Procedures 3 May
Discussion on the agenda item to discuss the updates to the Election
Committee Procedures is open on ABCHAT ( is now
open.  I'll be sending the proposed updates to that mail list momentarily.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcement: Disciplinary Hearing Being Convened - Daryl Lytton 19 May
For the record, a disciplinary hearing is being  convened to hear the
following charges:

A disciplinary hearing is being convened with the following as the charges:

1) Mr. Lytton has violated the USGenWeb Grievance Procedures by publishing
both redacted and unredacted versions of confidential emails exchanged
during the grievance process. He has also published on mailing lists
confidential information regarding issues, decisions, and the identities of
participants in the grievance process.  His breaches of confidentiality are
in violation of the Grievance Procedures, Section E.

2) Since the establishment of the Grievance Committee in August 2007, Mr.
Lytton has filed multiple grievances with the Committee and Appeals to the
Advisory Board regarding his dismissal as Coordinator of OHGenWeb Adams
County in December 2005.  These grievances ask the Committee to
retroactively apply Bylaw Amendment XIV.E. which made their decisions
binding, to the non-binding recommendations of the Advisory Board rendered
in January 2006.  His refusal to accept the decisions to reject these
subsequent grievances and appeals as invalid and punitive to the current SC
and CC who were not parties to the original grievance, is a violation of
both the spirit and the letter of the law.

3) Mr. Lytton promotes the demise of the USGenWeb Project and maligns the
Project and its members on public websites, causing internal dissension and
the discouragement of genealogical researchers. These actions are in
violation of the fundamental principle of the organization, i.e. to provide
and promote free genealogical sites and resources to the general public and
violates Section II and Section IV, Subsection A of the Bylaws; and the
adopted parliamentary authority (Sturgis), authorized by Section XV of the
Bylaws (

4) Since 15 May 2003, Mr. Lytton has defrauded the genealogical community
the USGenWeb Project was created to serve, by soliciting financial
contributions via PayPal to, Inc. while falsely
claiming it is a "nonprofit public benefit corporation" (a public charity).
Such solicitation is in violation of Nevada Revised Statute NRS 598.1305,
prohibited deceptive trade practices, where Mr. Lytton currently resides,
and the California Corporation Code, where he registered the corporation.

5) Mr. Lytton represented himself as a spokesperson for the USGenWeb Project
and implied his personal project,, was an officially
endorsed USGenWeb project in a promotional announcement to Dick Eastman. Mr.
Lytton was not, nor ever has been, an elected or appointed spokesperson, nor
was his personal project an official or sanctioned project of USGenWeb

6) Mr. Lytton displays the USGenWeb logo on his personal project
USGenWeb-Search.Us without permission, in violation of the USGenWeb Standard
Rules, Section IV. Permission to Use a USGenWeb Logo.

7) Mr. Lytton has used false names (aliases) on multiple occasions to
represent himself as someone else in order to gain access to State projects
where he had been removed or rejected for membership.

8) Mr. Lytton harasses individual members of the USGenWeb Project and duly
elected representatives to the Advisory Board, makes libelous statements
targeted at individual members, and threatens law suits against members and
the USGenWeb organization, by private mail and on USGenWeb mail lists,
causing a hostile working environment for USGenWeb project volunteers.

Mr. Lytton maintains the following USGenWeb Project sites:

LaPlata County COGenWeb; COGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator
Derby City (CTGenWeb, New Haven County)
Hawaii County HIGenWeb

Larry Flesher will chair the hearing.  A private mail list will be set up
for the hearing; more information will be forthcoming.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcement: Reminder regarding Registration and Nomination in
preparation for the National Election
21 May
This is a reminder for members to register or update their registration in preparation for the National Election.
The registration site will be closed at midnight May 31st and will remain closed for the duration of the election.
Christina Palmer
USGenWeb Election Committee

31 May
Reminder - The USGenWeb Election Committee will begin accepting nominations
June 1st for: 
National Coordinator 
Representative at Large 
Special Projects Representative 
NorthEast/North Central State Coordinator Representative 
NorthEast/North Central County Coordinator Representative 
NorthWest/Plains State Coordinator Representative (1 year Replacement) 
NorthWest/Plains County Coordinator Representative 
South East/Mid-Atlantic County Coordinator Representative 
SouthWest/South Central County Coordinator Representative 

The nomination period runs two weeks. 

As a reminder to all registered, please make sure that your SPAM filter is set to accept: so you can receive your password to vote. 

The nomination form may be found here: 

Please note: The form will not be activated until 1 June. Nominations made outside of the two week period will not be considered. 

Please visit and bookmark the EC National 2010 Election Pages: 
For more information, and for the latest status on nominees and candidates throughout the nomination period. 

If you have a question, please take a few moments to read the Election FAQ. 

Voting will take place from July 1 through July 31. 

Thank you, 
The USGenWeb Election Committee

ADJOURNMENT Sherri Bradley adjourned the May meeting on June 2, 2011

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