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Advisory Board Minutes - May 2003


Approved 8 Jul 2003


Future of the Project (4/29/03) NW/P CC Rep Bill Oliver presented the following motion:

"I move that the NC, subscribe all the SCs and ASCs of the USGenWeb Project and the AB members, to a private email list, for the purpose of discussing and deciding the future of the Project. The one item on the agenda to be - whether to continue in the present form, a revised form, or disband the National Organization. Further, that the discussion and decisions be limited to two weeks, at which time that decision be put to a vote of the eligible voters of the Project. Further, that the EC be instructed to prepare for the said referendum."

The motion was numbered 03-11. Discussion ensued.

The motion failed with no "yes" votes, 10 "no" votes, no abstentions, and 2 members not voting. (5/15/03)

Those voting YES: none

Those voting NO: Vicki Shaffer, Tina Vickery, Robert Bremer, Jan Cortez, Don Kelly, Heather DeGeorge, Angie Rayfield, Larry Flesher, Phyllis Rippee, Jana Black

Those abstaining: none

Those not voting: Teresa Lindquist, Tim Stowell

Additional Comments:

The presenter resigned from the AB before the motion came to a vote, and Phyllis Rippee, who had seconded the motion, withdrew her second after the proposed amendment to it failed. Tim Stowell then seconded the motion. Jana Black called the question, and a vote was taken on the motion.


Future of USGenWeb - amendment (5/5/03) SW/SC CC Rep Phyllis Rippee presented the following amended motion:

"I move to amend motion 03-11 to read as follows: I move that the State Coordinators and AB members use the State Coordinator's list for the purpose of discussing the future of the USGenWeb Project. The only item for discussion will be whether to continue the organizational structure of the Project in its current form, a revised form, or to disband the National level. The discussion is to be limited to a two-week period, unless the NC calls for an extension of up to, but no longer than, an additional two weeks. At the end of this discussion, the pros and cons for change or maintaining the status quo will be presented to the general membership and the NC shall instruct the Elections Committee to conduct a vote of the general membership in regard to this issue. "

The motion was numbered 03-11 Amendment. Discussion ensued.

The motion to amend failed with 3 "yes" votes, 4 "no" votes, no abstentions, and 3 members not voting. (5/8/03)

Those voting YES: Don Kelly, Tim Stowell, Phyllis Rippee

Those voting NO: Vicki Shaffer, Tina Vickery, Robert Bremer, Jana Black

Those abstaining: none

Those not voting: Teresa Lindquist, Jan Cortez, Larry Flesher

Additional Comments:



Replacement SE/MA CC Reps (5/5/03) Three nominations were received and accepted for the two vacant Southeast/Mid-Atlantic County Coordinator Representative positions:

SW/SC CC Rep Jana Black nominated top poll vote-getter Bettie Wood
NE/NC CC Rep Jan Cortez nominated runner-up Heather DeGeorge
NW/P SC Rep Don Kelly nominated Angie Rayfield

(5/7/03) Voting commenced to choose the SE/MA CC Reps:

Those voting for BETTIE WOOD: Vicki Shaffer, Tina Vickery, Jana Black

Those voting for HEATHER DeGEORGE: Tim Stowell, Tina Vickery, Robert Bremer, Jan Cortez, Don Kelly, Larry Flesher, Phyllis Rippee, Jana Black

Those voting for ANGIE RAYFIELD: Tim Stowell, Vicki Shaffer, Jan Cortez, Don Kelly, Larry Flesher, Phyllis Rippee

Those abstaining: Robert Bremer (1 vote)

Those not voting: Teresa Lindquist


3 votes for Bettie Wood
8 votes for Heather DeGeorge
6 votes for Angie Rayfield

1 abstention
1 member not voting

HEATHER DeGEORGE and ANGIE RAYFIELD are the new SE/MA CC Reps(5/9/03)


Replacement NW/P CC Reps (5/13/03) Three individuals expressed an interest in filling the vacant Northwest/Plains County Coordinator Representative positions:

Gail Meyer Kilgore
Sharyl Farrell
Darilee Bednar

(5/15/03) Nominations commenced. Tim Stowell nominated Darilee Bednar. Don Kelly nominated Gail Kilgore and Sharyl Farrell.

(5/16/03) Voting commenced to choose the NW/P CC Reps:

Those voting for GAIL MEYER KILGORE: Angie Rayfield, Tina Vickery, Vicki Shaffer, Don Kelly

Those voting for SHARYL FARRELL: Angie Rayfield, Tina Vickery, Don Kelly

Those voting for DARILEE BEDNAR: Tim Stowell, Jan Cortez, Phyllis Rippee, Jana Black, Larry Flesher

Those abstaining: Tim Stowell (1 vote), Jan Cortez (1 vote), Heather DeGeorge (2 votes), Phyllis Rippee (1 vote), Vicki Shaffer (1 vote), Jana Black (1 vote), Larry Flesher (1 vote)

Those not voting: Teresa Lindquist, Robert Bremer


5 votes for Darilee Bednar
4 votes for Gail Meyer Kilgore
3 votes for Sharyl Farrell

8 abstentions
2 members not voting

DARILEE BEDNAR and GAIL MEYER KILGORE are the new NW/P CC Reps(5/18/03)


"Not in Good Standing" Declaration (5/15/03) SW/SC CC Representative Jana Black presented the following motion:

"I move that the USGenWeb Advisory Board declare Tim Stowell, Margie Daniels, Brenda Pierce, and Chuck Pierce be found members not in good standing within the USGenWeb Project for willfully and deliberately deceiving and knowingly participating in this deception of the members of the GAGenWeb and USGenWeb Projects by assuming the roles of "Phantom" County coordinators with the express intention of affecting the vote concerning the recall of Tim Stowell as State Coordinator of the GAGenWeb Project. Given the number of new AB members, supporting documentation will be re-posted to EXEC."

The motion was numbered 03-12.

(5/21/03) Phyllis Rippee posted a motion to amend 03-12 by adding the names of Richard Pettys, Jr. and Kathleen Goggins. Tina Vickery rose to a point of order, saying that the amendment was not germane to the original motion. The motion to amend was ruled out of order because it came as a result of Mr. Pettys' request to be included in the motion, not as a result of any information of wrongdoing that had been alleged on the part of Mr. Pettys and/or Ms. Goggins.


To Close Debate on Motion 03-12 (5/31/03) NE/NC SC Representative Tina Vickery presented the following motion:

"I move to close debate and vote immediately on Motion 03-12."

The motion was numbered 03-12CD. NC Harrison asked whether there was any objection to closing debate on the motion. Since there was an objection voiced, it was necessary to vote on this motion to close debate.

The motion failed with 2 "yes" votes, 8 "no" votes, no abstentions, and 5 members not voting. (6/1/03)

Those voting YES: Tina Vickery, Jana Black

Those voting NO: Vicki Shaffer, Pam Reid, Jan Cortez, Don Kelly, Darilee Bednar, Gail Meyer Kilgore, Angie Rayfield, Larry Flesher

Those abstaining: none

Those not voting: Teresa Lindquist, Robert Bremer, Tim Stowell, Heather DeGeorge, Phyllis Rippee

Additional Comments:

Discussion of Motion 03-12 continued in Executive Session on the BOARD-EXEC list.

Other Business

Resignation (5/1/03) Jimmy Epperson announced his resignation as SE/MA CC Rep.

Other Business

SE/MA CC Rep Poll Results (5/5/03) National Coordinator Isaiah Harrison announced the results of the SE/MA CC Rep poll:

To The USGenWeb Advisory Board:

The USGenWeb Election Committee has released the following totals for the SEMA CC Rep Poll, which ended this morning, May 5, 2003.

Total votes received 158.
4 had a bad password (not anything close; if it's close, like an i instead of a #1, Larry will take it)
2 were duplicates
1 had nothing right - email address or password
151 net

Wood 53
DeGeorge 29
Rayfield 20
Courtney-Blizzard 16
Daniels 13
Matthews 10
Parker 10

Ellen Pack
Chair, USGenWeb Election Committee

Other Business

Call for Nominations (5/5/03) Once the poll results above were announced, the National Coordinator called for nominations from the AB for the replacement SE/MA CC Rep. Jana Black nominated top vote-getter Bettie Wood. Jan Cortez nominated Heather DeGeorge and Kelly Courtney-Blizzard. Don Kelly nominated Angie Redfield (sic - correct spelling is Rayfield). Ms. Courtney-Blizzard subsequently asked that her name be removed from consideration.

Other Business

Hosting Agreement (5/6/03) National Coordinator Richard "Isaiah" Harrison made the following announcement:

I am very happy to announce I have signed a Hosting Agreement with for our National website.

Over the past few months, the Advisory Board and I have been working extensively with Tera Phomsopha, a Account Manager, to establish a legally binding agreement for the hosting of The USGenWeb Project national organization home page. The AB has endeavored to examine every aspect of the agreement, two attorneys volunteered their time to advise us, and has worked with the AB to formulate an agreement that is fair and beneficial to both parties.

This confidential agreement was completed to make official, and lay out in writing, the verbal arrangements that had previously been made between the two organizations. The contract applies only to the National website, and will not affect any functionality of the website or organization. The contract does not apply to XXGenWeb sites, to Special Projects or to County pages.

Recently, there has been some discussion among some USGenWeb members regarding these contract negotiations. While the sense that "something was going on" was correct, much of what has been said exists only in the imaginations of the authors. Please realize that I was unable to publicly inform you of the negotiations prior to now for legal purposes. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Thanks to all those who made the effort to raise questions, massage language and explain fine points during this effort. I believe we can all look forward to a continuing positive relationship with


Richard "Isaiah" Harrison
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb Project

Other Business

Dissolution of Committees (5/12/03) National Coordinator Richard Harrison made the following announcement:

As there has been no report from the Standing Procedures Committee since March, and no activity on their list since March 22, and as there has been no report from the Grievance Procedures Committee since March, and no activity on their list since March 12, and because of the lack of progress for both committees, the committees are dissolved.

Thank you to those AB members who did attempt to make these committees work. We will need to find a more effective way of dealing with these needs.

Other Business

Tombstone Project Rep (5/27/03) The following note from Joy Fisher of the USGenWeb Tombstone Project was forwarded to the Board:

The TTP held an election to replace our long-ago resigned AB Rep. I am pleased to announce that Pam Reid has been elected. Please see that she is seated at your earliest convenience. This is a replacement until the next regularly scheduled election.
(5/29/03) NC Harrison formally announced the appointment, barring any objection from the AB. No objections were forthcoming.

The full text of all BOARD-L messages can be viewed in the threaded list archives for this list, located at

Shari Handley
Recording Secretary

Please remember that minutes are a record of what was done at the meeting, NOT what was said by members or guests. If you have any questions or comments about the minutes, please feel free to write to




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