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Advisory Board Minutes - March 2011


March 2011 Session
March 2011 Session Opened
Motion 2010-02-27 Grievance 2010-02-27 Decision
Announcements: Call for Mediators and Arbitrators
Announcements: Inaccessible for a time

SESSION OPEN 15 March 2011
The February 2011 meeting of the Advisory Board is adjourned and the March
meeting convened.  

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

[I sent this the first of the month and didn't realize it hadn't come through
to the list, so am resending.]

Approval of Minutes 22 March
The minutes of the February 2011 session of the AB have been posted at for review. If there are no
corrections or objections, they will stand approved at 6:00 a.m. EDT 22
March 2011.

24 March
Having heard no objection to the February 2011 Advisory Board minutes they
stand approved.

Tina Vickery
Representative at Large

MOTION 2010/02-27 Grievance Decision 15 March
As a reminder, per the Grievance Procedures, Section V, E.9 at, the AB's role is to
determine if the Grievance Procedures were followed, not to rehear the
issues. The choices that the Advisory Board has are to affirm the
determination or to return the grievance to the Grievance Committee for
reconsideration, ensuring that the procedures were followed.  

The Advisory Board has returned the grievance to the Grievance Committee for

Affirm: Jeff Tina Vickery

Reconsider: Alice Allen, Ann Allen Geoghegan, Bill Oliver, Cyndie Enfinger,
Dale Grimm, Denise Wells, Jeff Kemp, Larry Flesher, Les Shockey, Linda
Lewis, Nancy Beach, Pat Asher, Pauli Smith 

Recuse: none 

Not voting: none
Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

15 March
My apologies to Tina and Jeff for mixing their names.
Tina Vickery voted Affirm, Jeff Kemp voted to Reconsider.
My thanks to those that pointed out my error.


15 March
Executive Session continues. With the close of the issue of the appeal of
grievance 2010-02-27, the AB is moving on to the next confidential agenda
item, the discussion of a proposed disciplinary hearing.
Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcement: Call for Mediators and Arbitrators 14 March
The Grievance Committee of USGENWEB hereby formally requests candidates for
the position of Mediator/Arbitrator. Candidates should have past experience
in their personal or professional lives that reflects the following

(1) An even disposition
(2) Reliability and timeliness
(3) An ability to suspend judgment and distance themselves from their own
views in order to hear other points of view
(4) An ability and willingness to propose solutions that are fair,
equitable and consistent with the policies and philosophy of the Project
(5) Good basic communication [writing by e-mail] skills and an ability to
compromise and get along with others.

Interested individuals should send the following information to John Quigley
Chair, Grievance Committee with the phrase
"Mediator/Arbitrator Candidate" in the subject line. John will then forward
the submitted material in confidence to the other Committee members for
review and selection. The necessary information is:

(1) Your name
(2) Your e-mail address
(3) Your current position(s) in the USGENWEB Project or an affiliated
Special Project--you must be a Member
(4) A brief statement of why you believe you would be qualified for this
volunteer position.

If selected, a Mediator will be asked to Mediate disputes, listen to
evidence and arguments from the disputing parties, develop and propose
solutions, and provide a logical rationale for their proposals.
An Arbitrator will be asked to help arbitrate disputes, listen to evidence
and arguments from the disputing parties, and make a judgment as to the
side which wins the case. Training and guidance from the Grievance Committee
members will be provided. The Committee will be reasonable in its requests
and time expectations of appointed Mediators and Arbitrators.--

John Quigley
Chair, USGenWeb Grievance Committee

Announcement: Inaccessible for a time 23 March
With this note I'm turning over the meeting to Tina Vickery, as RAL, until
I'm once again accessible on a regular basis. I suffered a minor accident
tonight and am/will be limited in the amount of time I will be able to spend
online for a few days.

27 March
I wish to express my thanks to Tina Vickery for standing in for me for the
last few days. Things have improved and I'm once again able to get online
so will be resuming as Chair of the meeting. 

My thanks, too, to each of you that sent your good wishes for my speedy
Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Adjournment Sherri Bradley adjourned the March meeting on April 1, 2011.

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