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Advisory Board Minutes - January 2011


January 2011 Session
January 2011 Session Opened
Motion 2010/11-08 Update Internal Section Identifiers in Project Documents
Announcements: EC Report 4th Quarter 2010
Announcements: EC asks for Volunteers
Announcements: AB Seeking Input on Updated CC and SC Guidelines
Announcements: Agenda Deviation
Announcements: Resignation of NWPL SC Representative
Announcements: Announcements: Executive Session - Grievance Appeal 2010-02-27

SESSION OPEN 2 January 2011
With this note the January 2011 meeting of the USGenWeb Project Advisory
Board is convened.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Approval of Minutes January 12
The minutes of the December 2010 Advisory Board session have been posted at for review. If there are no
corrections or objections, they will stand as approved on 15 January 2011 at
6:30 p.m. EST.

January 18
Having heard no comments, the minutes stand as presented.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Motion 2010/11-08 Update Internal Section Identifiers in Project Documents January 4
Having heard from all but 3 AB members and no additional responses since
12/29/2010 and no objections noted, this motion is declared passed.

Jeff, please review all Project documents on the National site and ensure
that all internal references to other documents reflect the current
numbering format. If references within the Grievance Procedures are found
to need updating, please ensure that this information is noted so that it
can be relayed to the Grievance Committee Chair so that the Grievance
Committee site can also be updated.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcements: EC Report 4th Quarter 2010 January 4
Forwarding for the record. Are there any corrections? If not, the report
will stand approved as of 7 January 2011 at 3:30 pm EST.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project
Information about the USGenWeb Project at
Advisory Board Agenda
TO: National Coordinator and Advisory Board, USGenWeb
FROM: USGenWeb Elections Committee
DATE: Jan. 4, 2011

Christina Palmer-Chair

Gayle Triller-Dataset

Christina Palmer-SWSC#2-(Southwest/South Central)- Arizona, Arkansas,
California, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico,
Oklahoma, Texas, Utah

Lynn McCreary-NWPL-(Northwest/Plains)-Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa,
Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota,
Washington, Wyoming.

Nancy Lohr-NENC #1 Northeast/North Central)- Illinois, Michigan, New York,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont.

Jane Colmenares-NENC #2 Northeast/North Central)-Connecticut, Indiana,
Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Wisconsin.

Mary Hatton-Sec./Pub.
Mary Hatton-SPAR (Archives)
Mary Hatton-SPIP (Special Projects

Terri Buster-SEMA-(Southeast/Mid-Atlantic)-Alabama, D.C., Delaware,
Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, New
Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

On Nov 30, 2010 the new EC slate was announced for 2011:

Terri Buster
Gayle Triller
Nancy Lohr
Jane Colmenares
Christina Palmer
Lynn McCreary

Members: 1926
Members registered to vote: 1439
Members not registered to vote: 467
Total Members removed completely from USGenWeb projects: 50
Members removed from projects only: 28
New Members registering for the first time: 1
New Registrations: 1
Members gave up projects: 78
Bounces: 1
Deaths: 4

Rosa Marie Rediger-SC of New Hampshire on Monday, 15 Nov. 2010.
Thelma Nation- NE-CC August 28, 2010
Sharon Pierce-Deceased Sep. 9, 2010-CC from LA, NC, and TX.- Cass Co. CC
Connie Street, CC of Louisa & Cedar Co's, Iowa on Oct. 25, 2010

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Hatton
Election Committee, Sec/Pub

January 10
Having heard no objections or corrections, the report stands approved.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcements: EC asks for Volunteers January 4
The Election Committee is asking for volunteers to fill several positions
that are available now. If you are interested, please contact any member of the EC

Thank you,
Christina Palmer
USGenWeb Election Committee

Announcements: AB Seeking Input on Updated CC and SC Guidelines January 18
A committee, made up of county/local coordinators, state coordinators, and
special project members, was formed last year to simplify the Guidelines
format, separate the requirements from the recommendations, and use more
inclusive language to communicate who each guideline applies to. Their
revision is the basis of this proposed guidelines document:

We've put together a comparison chart of the old guidelines documents vs.
the new guidelines that is found at

The Advisory Board is seeking your comments on the proposed document, pro
and/or con. You can find contact info of all Advisory Board representatives
at Comments will be
accepted until 25 January 2011 at 5:00 pm EST, after which the Board will
make final tweaks to the document and bring the issue to a vote.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcements: Agenda Deviation January 18
With the CC/SC Guidelines document out for comment by Project members, I'm
going to request that we modify the agenda priorities to move the Proposed
Grievance Committee Procedure Updates to the top of the list of action
items. We'll need to have the CC/SC Guidelines document complete before we
set State Coordinator admin duties, which is the 2nd priority item so that
we can be sure to cover everything in one shot.

I have received the Grievance Committee's proposed updates to the Grievance
Procedures so I'm going to post them to ABCHAT and open discussion on them
while the membership reviews the proposed guidelines document.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

Announcements: Resignation of NWPL SC Representative January 28
Please consider this my resignation from the Advisory Board. For
several months I've no longer felt I could make a difference in the
USGenWeb. It seems lately, that the only thing on the AB's agenda is to
go after people and bring them down, or lay out more rules. The
*_Advisory_* Board no longer functions as its name says, but has become
more or less a dictatorial group. This isn't the USGenWeb I joined back
in 1998.

Sadly, I feel you are one of the people that is helping to destroy the
project. You are two-faced, saying things out of one side of your
mouth, then turning and saying or implying something else. As NC, your
dabbling in the grievances is reprehensible. Your micro-management of
everything is totally unwarranted. Your tenacity to show favoritism is

I would also warn others that if they should ever file a grievance, to
expect your hand right in the middle of it, something that is totally
against procedure.

I am no longer interested in serving on a Board whose sole purpose has
become self-satisfaction instead of encouraging a quality project. To
the members of the NWPL, please accept my humble apology for leaving my
post before the end of my term. I hope my replacement can achieve on
the AB what I couldn't.

Colleen Pustola
NWPL SC Representative

January 28
On behalf of the Board, I accept your resignation. I wish you the best in
all your future endeavors.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

January 28
With Colleen Pustola's resignation as the State Coordinator Representative
from the North West Plains (NWPL) Region, that seat on the Advisory Board is
now empty. (The NWPL region is made up of the following states: Alaska,
Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon,
South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming.) According to the Project's bylaws,
Section VI and Section IX of the Standard Rules, the following applies:

When a vacancy occurs on the Advisory Board:

USGenWeb Bylaws Article VI, Subsection H applies along with the following:

The vacancy will be announced on the Board mailing list and the appropriate
regional mailing list(s) within two days. Within five days the Advisory
Board will call for volunteers for the position. Volunteers must meet the
eligibility requirements for the position. Within fifteen days of the call,
volunteers must submit their names to the National Coordinator and/or the
Representative At Large. Within 30 days of the announced vacancy, the
Advisory Board will elect, by 2/3 majority, a replacement from the pool of

USGenWeb Bylaws Article VI, Section I lists the qualifications that must be
met by the nominees.

In compliance with the above stated reference, the vacancy is formally
posted here and a copy will be forwarded to the State-Coordinator's and
USGenWeb-NW mailing lists. Interested volunteers should submit a completed
Volunteer Form located at Volunteer forms
must be received by 8 pm EDT 12 February 2011.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

Announcements: Announcements: Executive Session - Grievance Appeal 2010-02-27 January 29
With this note the Advisory Board is in Executive Session discussing the
appeal of grievance 2010-02-27.

Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator

ADJOURNMENT Sherri Bradley adjourned the January meeting on February 1, 2011.

The full text of all BOARD-L messages can be viewed in the threaded list archives for this list, located at

Please remember that minutes are a record of actions proposed and taken at the meeting, NOT all the detail about what was said by members or guests. If you have any questions or comments about the minutes, please write to Suzanne Shephard, Secretary.

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